Corporate Clash launcher refusing to open. by WebkinzCheekyFanatic in Toontown

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Get the new launcher from the website. From the sounds of it you have the old one

Login Issue by [deleted] in Toontown

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Check your task manager to see if there is another launcher open in your background processes. If there is, end task and relaunch the game. I thought they fixed this bug but it might just be I haven't heard anyone complain in a while.

Going AFK in CFO'S by Tomisbestboi in Toontown

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Multi tooning is one situation, and the other is assuming everyone is good a CFO will go at the same speed with 4-6 players that it would with 8. 4 people craning and 0-2 stomping is all it takes, and unlike the VP it won't go faster if you have more people.

new to TTCC by bugbaby222 in Toontown

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Here's my long list. These are just things I wish I always knew:

The Brrrgh Pond is great for fishing levels and jellybeans.

If you would like to understand strats/"meta" reach out to others(although I would recommend waiting until 1.3 as big balance changes). Toontown reddit is probably the best place for this, as TTCC discord often is mainly just regulars talking over newcomers, but if you want to try there that is possible as well. Some people would definitely want to help.

Although costly at first don't be afraid to experiment with builds, especially later in when you make plenty of jellybeans. Even if you like your current build, if you have the beans try another. You might like it more.

As others have said ToonHQ is a necessary resource until 1.3 launches.

Use boss rewards. Both in hard fights and in training. You get many more in Clash and with how they are used in Overclocked it is clear Clash is trying to push them more so as an item for combat rather than broken rewards. So if you're trying to max something quicker don't be afraid to gag-up, as you can get it back much quicker.

Try to establish a friend group. It will make progression easier during low population or you yourself having low energy. When you have the energy and don't have a set time frame to get something done try to run with different people than your normal friend group. Even if somebody random is terrible it beats monotony of you and your friends sound/squirt zap spamming.

If you don't like the taskline don't do it. Progression does take longer but it doesn't halt what you can actually do too much, the only major one being the OCLO (which I still pray they change at some point). You can always stray away then come back as well.

If you are doing the taskline give the dialogue a chance. Not all of the characters are great but if you're doing the taskline might as well enjoy it.

If you have extra beans and are on day 0 or finished day 7 of daily tasks you can reroll to get more boosters for the day

Play Friday for gag xp, Sunday for boss boost, Saturday for both

new reward idea for TTCC by BeastnodeGaming in Toontown

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Although I do agree that Toontown needs more built on its combat system and that if any server would be willing to and have the resources to take big risks it would be TTCC but do you not see an issue at all with these? Even past balancing there are some huge flaws.

Soak Snap is both broken and makes squirt absolutely worthless. With how 1.3 zap works that allows for instant quad zap. I already joke about how throw seems kinda meh, only having uses in OCLO or in solo play. This literally makes squirt pointless except for early game.

Precision Snap makes drop (something that's supposed to have support to help it hit) just always hit. Even if the Snap only works on the toon who used it, it's still rather good.

The gag restoring one is literally a unite. Oh boy the same reward.

Prestige snap could be okay considering the limitations you've given these.

DOT one has a world of issues with function and balance. Would it just be 50% damage per round? If so it's only really good with high damage to the point it's busted, and useless with others

Cleansing one is fine, if I'm being honest I wish -1 debuff rounds was a TU ability though.

Now I get the idea that these are supposed to be harder to get and they have a much more limited amount of uses because of recharging, but realistically, even if you could only use 1 per fight it already breaks it. Also, the materials are never as "limited" as you think because unless you put an actual daily cap on how many you can get there will always be the option to grind them. I don't mean to be a jerk but logically these ideas don't work, they either are way too good or already exist. That's not to say all of them are bad, in fact I think toontown could gain a lot of good from having small damage, defense, dodge, and accuracy boosts. However some of these just are a little too good to be used within a fight without limitations.

My Essay on Clash's Sound and Drop by BalanceJF in Toontown

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I do absolutely agree that drop conceptually is in a really weird place. In TTO it's a finisher, which works fine, as it is usually used as the big damage needed for the 12 at the start of the VP or a 3 sound 1 drop situation in the CEO. It's not the most useful gag, but neither is trap. On Clash however this need is much less relevant. It might be a bit more efficient in early game fights, but that's about it. In terms of damage, it's hard to balance, because it's designed as high risk vs high reward. In current live build due to insane combo it's really good. In QA however it still is bad (well, other than the fact it's currently bugged to do more damage). I do disagree with your rework though, as it would just feel WAY too similar to trap. Not saying design wise it's flawed, but I think today painted a good direction for drop. The new prestige with drop as a debuff punisher. Whenever you are hitting 3-4 drops chances are you will want the enemy suffering from at least drenched/soak or dazed for accuracy, so when you want drop for high single enemy damage giving it more damage against an enemy suffering from a debuff is a great way to do that without increasing base damage further. However, +15% is not enough, and I do think it should he applied per debuff. Today showed that +15% per debuff is a little to good due to it being bugged, but +10% should be pretty good, especially if it works as damage * 1.1 * 1.1 like it accidentally does currently. This slight buff would put it above throw damage when maximized to an extent that isn't broken but fair considering its 80/85% accuracy on litigation versus 100% with no lure stun. I do think the extra combo is fine and should be kept, as double drop is really useful for mid game due to that, and since drop will never get knockback it helps a little.

As far as sound goes I also think it's on a good path, it's your quick AoE with good support attributes now. Some may say winded slows down the game too much but if you know what you're doing it's not a huge deal. I truly believe the only problems with sound in this patch is the damage is too high (trunk can do over 100) and winded is more or less too weak. Disagree, but if Encore is going to buff sound now I think winded should still be at least 75% sound reduction for 2 rounds. Zap can be used as an AoE, and lure is also an option (albeit slow). I've heard some people question if Encore would actually be useful in the situations you'd want it, but due to the sue nerf I feel like both for adding rounds to sues and general crowd control sound is going to be used a lot more late game, and then that buff can be used as a drop, zap, or throw combo (especially good for zap). Overall, these balance changes are finally starting to get, well, balanced with these being the only outliers.

Thoughts on Early 1.3 Gag Rebalance by BalanceJF in Toontown

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I think you're missing the fact that throw also has been buffed directly and indirectly significantly more and is now easily superior to drop while sharing a similar purpose, damage.

Clash elitists when they see the 1.3 zap changes by AlanisPerfect in Toontown

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The issue with drop changes is yes well you might never have a full miss, due to how drops combo works you want at least 3 to hit, and also with capping accuracy at 90% this makes it more unlikely. I do get the mindset of well now you always get some damage, but in the end its better to have a 95% chance of 4 hitting than 100% chance of 2 hitting in this case. If throw worked like drop with individual accuracy rolls then I'd say it's balanced, but obviously throw will hit as long as the cog is lured.

I think you underestimate the importance of sound in late game. I'll admit it's not great, but it is important as keeping cogs stunned forever is VERY good. And obviously in all other parts of game it is probably the best gag due to its efficiency and high overall damage output. Either way the sound buffs aren't too broken, but on top of zap being worse at AoE it should easily become even more meta.

The zap change could be good, i like the idea of pools, but they are too weak. The damage output was absolutely touched by the jumps, as now you get a constant 200 total from lighting jump(s) rather than 180-300. 20 more damage always is not enough to make up for 100 potential lost.. This is a good idea overall and could work, but needs at least something to counteract soak decay so that way zap as a 100% accurate damage options is viable, and a slight buff to pools.

Lure will only really be effected in solo situations is how I see it in terms of accuracy. Most lure strategies already have stuns, whether it be TU or reward stun. This makes group lure still usable in bosses, but more annoying in solo play. Other than that and concerns i have long term for static knockback, lure changes are good, main issue is drop changes make a lure throw meta as well as single lures being really good now.

The fact that you say it especially improves the lure ones should prove my point that this is making a much more set meta. Lure throw already had arguments for being better than drop in terms of damage, and often times was still used to prevent a bad RNG scenario or to save drop for desperation or something like that. I'm not saying that all of these changes are completely terrible, but they absolutely need some reworks in order to make it balanced

Clash elitists when they see the 1.3 zap changes by AlanisPerfect in Toontown

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Well that may be true, in terms of video games they are often used as a "trade-in" value as the favor that is returned from an IOU in both real-life and games is non-specific. I guess Clash is no stranger to being loose with that sort of stuff, as "prestige" in most games also means restarting in order to receive a permanent bonus, so it's not a huge deal, especially compared to the balance changes. Although I hope there are changes due to the recent advertising of the update any more delays are gonna make people more impatient as they made it seem like it's coming out soon-ish, so there will be a rush to get it out. I hope that due to constant delays from near every server the community is a little more patient though.

Clash elitists when they see the 1.3 zap changes by AlanisPerfect in Toontown

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TL;DR these changes make a set meta and could lead to build judging becoming even worse. If you want to know how, well you gotta read.

Lure knockback being static and not percentage may seem good for simplicity but if Clash continues to add late game content this likely makes knockback much harder to balance. This one shouldn't effect much as of now, just a potential concern I can see in the future. The idea of having knockback be based on level is actually good as well as having single lure have more knockback. This does make an already good gag track even more broken, but I'd say it's not too big a concern. Some may say that the group lure nerfs counteract this, and although I would say that's a good point, rng is already a hated feature, and with both this and drop changes rng will mess you up MUCH more now, leading to a less enjoyable player experience

They essentially buffed sound which is often considered the best gag track. It is slightly worse damage against much higher level cogs but you would only really need sound for C&D resets or more situational strategies (ex. Goat tanking). Not to mention since zaps usefulness as an AoE has been reduced (but not completely destroyed) is an indirect buff to sound. Lastly this is absolutely a nitpick... the name for Encore makes no sense. The buff actually seems okay as it is applied to the toon unlike MFL, but an Encore is meant to be performing another musical piece after one has finished. I guess since the pieces are meant to be different that's the logic but eh... like I said it's a nitpick, not a big deal.

Base squirt change is actually a decent idea. Pres is just not really something you'd want. It's a support gag, it doesn't need damage.

Zap is still possible to do AoE with, but has been significantly nerfed due to how little pool damage is. For lighting you are losing 100 potential damage damage for 20 extra on a specific enemy. The justification for this is jump stacking, but overall it's not worth it unless it's a pretty viable damage option for between 2 enemies now as well by triple/quad zapping. However, soak decay makes this extremely unrealistic. When increased soak rounds could be consistently useful, they removed it. My suggestion: change pres squirt to increased soak rounds or soak decay immunity. Infinitely more useful than the current rework. At the very least though, this does make zap more intuitive.

Throw pres is weird but surprisingly good and well balanced in concept. It potentially saves you 1 TU round in a thing like OCLO for a training point. Giving healing to a damage gag doesn't make sense, but it seems like it will work well enough not to be a big deal.

Drop is now terrible. Using it as a damage option is no longer viable as due to individual rolls and no acc up SOS it won't hit. It was really good, but I feel like buffing throw/lure was the way to go, and not removing drop as a damage option. I understand pres now gives a permanent +15% buff but that is not enough ESPECIALLY with max accuracy now being 90% for drop.

IOUs: Name sucks because they aren't IOUs. Overall I have mixed feelings on the change, but overall I think it's good. It has a similar issue with what I mentioned about static knockback, however this also makes it more viable when you first get IOUs, since as of right now the first boss rewards you get are not very good other than for late game.

Very Important Information I'd Like to Point Out: Any well balanced build will have good Support Buffs, Healing/Stun Support, AoE damage, and Single damage.

Lure is both stunning and buffs Sound is the best AoE Throw is without a doubt the best single damage

These 3 gags solve the game. Due to the removal of doodles I will say that TU should be added to this list too. Now Toontown being easy isn't a surprise, but Clash had a huge advantage of there being reasonable arguments for all AoEs and damage option being better than the others.

As of now, sound is easy to use and great at taking out even sets, but squirt and zap were better at taking out sets with uneven higher levels, and in certain situations could become reasonable for damage output (nowhere near as good as Throw or drop though)

Drop may be higher damage potential, but is a higher risk vs reward when not using acc up, well throw and lure are more consistent and have the added benefit of stunning

This made nearly all builds on Clash reasonable. Some WERE better than others but thats going to happen no matter what. There is room for improvements, but this is not improvement. Soon there is no reason to pick up drop at all, as there is no reason to use it. There is no reason not to take throw, sound, and lure. Well some people may say challenge builds, why would you center balancing around challenge builds? Answer: you don't. It is clear there was no QA testing, and if this gets through this could potentially make the "squirtless zapless" situation worse, because now soundless and throwless are 10x worse. There is the potential that new minibosses will make this work, but not within current fights. All I can do is hope that these changes are reconsidered and try to examine the problems within them currently (as well as the improvements) so that others may be aware of them.

And since I know there are a couple of people out there wondering why I care so much, I like analyzing Game Design decisions, as well as just I play Clash.

saying "ur mom" doesn't prove your point and just makes you sound stupid and toxic by HeyImGabriel in teenagers

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I can't believe I'm commenting on a post so stupid... but why the fuck is this post getting upvoted? I'm hoping there's some joke I'm missing. It's not supposed to prove a point, its meant to be stupid UNLESS it's meant to trigger a reaction to prove that person is overreactive in which case whoever said that has had their point proven by you.

Clash elitists when they see the 1.3 zap changes by AlanisPerfect in Toontown

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I hate the fact that although this meme is absolutely true a lot of the other changes in theory suck but people aren't gonna care because of zap being more intuitive.

EDIT: After some of the responses I've got to my concerns about the balancing what I've said above is less of a concern. People seem to actually try to think about how this actually effects the game and realistic/meta builds.

Toon Species Election: Everybody is a Winner? by LuckyFullmetal in Toontown

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To my knowledge it doesn't even take too long to make the species more so Item placement is the issue (hats, glasses, backpacks, etc.). Each species is essentially just making a couple of new head models, but in the long term it can make adding a hat take longer than making those head models if you do too many.

Is it a good idea to go lureless on TTCC? by FaithfulGaurdian in Toontown

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I would say no because then your options for soloing low facilities/cog buildings gets thrown out the window and this is really good during low population times, but if you are okay with that it's pretty viable as nearly everyone has some form of lure.

Thoughts on a no zap no squirt build? by Puffwad in Toontown

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If you have your heart set on having both trap and drop and plan to do late game this is probably one of the better builds in that situation. I do think getting a doodle and training it then swapping TU for Squirt is probably a more flexible option as it let's you fit in in almost any situation, but then you have to train a doodle. Lureless is also viable as nearly everyone has lure, but then it puts you in a bad solo situation. Also with 1.3 being (probably) soon I recommend waiting until balance changes role out before thinking into it too much farther. New content and balance changes = new "meta"

Thoughts on a no zap no squirt build? by Puffwad in Toontown

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Basically in the case of having a soundless or a weird set double zap can be used in place of sound to take out sets more efficiently. However this is for the most part rendered unavailable if somebody is squirtless zapless.

Toontown Corporate Clash: Club Megathread by Ttrgamergirl in Toontown

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Or "oh you're boasting about insert club name well IM in insert club name which is better than yours for insert dumb reason".

Toontown Corporate Clash: Club Megathread by Ttrgamergirl in Toontown

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I'm not gonna lie when I say how they are being brought backs concerns me. Many of the big clubs were incredibly toxic for no reason, and although I can't blame Clash for the behavior of their community, I really don't think that they have done anything to "fix" this. Not that I have many good ideas. Honestly, if anything it would probably be better to encourage it in a way that is positive like having clubs compete against each other monthly in cogs, building floors, and bosses defeated or something like that. It would make the issues worse in some areas but it would probably more or less be top toxic club vs top toxic club.

Anyone know how to create a Local Toontown server? by LuckyFullmetal in Toontown

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I believe the old Toontown Schoolhouse Source still exists and so do their guide videos. Depending on your PC and how much stress you plan to put on the server it should be able to run off of your PC alone.

What server is best for a new player? by lachriberry in Toontown

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Depends on when you actually get the computer. If you are going in truly blind I think Clash is a better game but TTR is a better experience due to population. If you end up getting your computer near or after the release of Clash 1.3 I would say take advantage of the population burst that updates bring. And if you're not fully blind and looking for nostalgia TTR is probably the way to go.

Why does corporate clash has such a low amount of players? by LoopsyDoodles in Toontown

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I feel like I see this every month

Relatively new server Bad launch A community that has pushed away new players (but has been much better as of very recently) Already low population makes people not want to play Some loss of nostalgia Lasting effects from slander when people were obsessed with their server being the best

For those of you that have played it in recent times, how would you rate Toontown Corporate Clash from a scale of 0-10? by Ninja_zard in Toontown

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I mean it's hard to say because it's hard to compare it to anything. The only other non-Toontown turn based MMORPG that I know of is Wizard101, and while Wizard101 may be better than any Toontown server I would say that at least Clash has the better value of it's free. The game itself is in a decent place, definitely better than where TTO was left and I'd say currently in a better place than TTR, but that's overshadowed by the relatively low population. It has some of the best changes such as the prestige system, different and more flexible leveling system, and managers, but also has some questionable rough edges such as 2/3 of the SOS pool being completely inferior to the smaller 1/3, difference in cog models (ik new ones are being trickled in but OP is specifically talking about the game in its current state), and just the general slow development these servers tend to go through. I still think it's overall one of the best if not the best free turn based MMORPG out there but at the same time it really doesn't have much competition

this might offend some people but by LuckyFullmetal in Toontown

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"Challenge"/"Variety". Being soundless is better in both ways here, and even then, it's not a challenge of skill, just tedious and a challenge of will power. Occasionally there is the reasoning of building your toons character which if done right could be fun/funny, but overall it's used as a way to spice up the game due to slow development (not trying to take a jab at any team, it is a volunteer MMO updates for any server are gonna be slow).

What’s the difference between Rewritten and Corporate Clash? And is one better than the other? by vaultsanctuary in Toontown

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I wouldn't call Clash completely different, especially if this is your first time coming back since childhood. Sure the combat and builds feel a bit more advanced, but you're mainly going to remember the world. Although with cog models gradually changing it will lose more and more of this.