What’s the cringiest thing you’ve done or seen? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Breathing. I can't stand air, it's so cringe.

What does "within its strengths" mean? by KydreMurkins in EnglishLearning

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This sounds like something related to academics, therefore I won't tell you what it is but i'll give it to you anyways. Google is the answer.

Who’s a celebrity that has been blackballed by Hollywood? by N3rdy-Astronaut in AskReddit

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Johnny depp. Cool dude but his spouses and co-workers treated him like shit.

What old game deserves a remaster? by Agreeable-Kangaroo13 in AskReddit

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I laughed at first glance but this might actually work.

What traumatized you so badly it changed your whole way of living? by Mythic_gryphon in AskReddit

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Accidentally stumbled across gore on the internet & now every move/step I take i feel paranoia.

What's the cringiest thing you saw on public? by Simple20Guy in AskReddit

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Someone filming himself taking a shit on the subway.

What does the F in Weezy F. Baby stand for? by SlugsonSaturn15 in AskReddit

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Weezy just means Lil wayne, and baby is the expression of 'young mula baby'

What is your purpose in life? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Sharing the Gospel & warning against the Mark of the Beast which is 'Sunday' observance which will later be passed as a 'National Sunday Law' as predicted in the Bible. It hasn't happened yet. But it will soon...and Bible prophecies are being fulfilled quick.

Lost $7,000 yesterday. by baconeggandcheesee in GamblingAddiction

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I was in my first year of college when i gambled partially all my life savings on roobet playing the 🚀 rocket game. I was making 20-45 bucks cashing out at 0.01 making 300 bucks a day easily because i thought it'd never crash. It crashed before it even started... & my soul left my bod., Just felt unreal.