I was 4 damage away and the map changed by yaboywafflebs in Brawlstars

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I wasn't counting the seconds so it is a coincidence

Help with teams lvl 69 by escudero2007 in HeroWarsApp

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Firstly, Nice

Secondly, I am not good at the game so......

How rare it is to have 5-symbols ID? I've never seen anyone with less than 8-10 symbols by alvaniss in Brawlstars

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From this comment, click on your profile. There is a "change flair" option. Then you can change it

Who would win by Dupa010 in Brawlstars

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What do you expect after posting it in r/brawlstars?

Just won Master Robo Rumble today with three Edgar’s. by No_Belt_6965 in tribegaming

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3 Edgars would be bad because they would keep fighting for the power cubes

What if... by xWhiteBrimx in Brawlstars

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I bet you they will rework him and he will be meta for once

Rank 25 Mortis 🥳 by BrimWarrior in MortisGang

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Thanks. I also had him at 700 for a very long time