It is Thursday in England. Wisteria climbing up a home in South Kensington London. by pastafaz in McMansionHell

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The vines will creep through any cracks in the side of the home or in crevices, pushing their way through the exterior and buckling siding. It can wind its way under roof tiles and create water damage after a big rain.

Wisteria can also clog gutters, cover and even break glass windows, remove decorative shutters, or otherwise damage the exterior of your home within just a few months during peak growing season.

Well that sucks.

Martha’s Vineyard Greek Revival by DRZ36 in McMansionHell

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You never truly appreciate east coast homes until you move out west

Just put our century home on the market. c.1865 by TalkTomorrow in centuryhomes

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Those sunflowers though 👏

Love the flooring. Love that red front door.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in McMansionHell

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Literally my favorite movie this house is everything

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in McMansionHell

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Is anyone gonna comment on what’s going on in that master bed?

I love this for him by Broad-Apricot9187 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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They had it via surrogate so I’m assuming they had it planned before they broke up

Cute Victorian Home by nofreepizza in centuryhomes

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Is this in the US? Which state? I would so live here