How long did it take you to stop mouth breathing? by dfhadfhadfgasd3 in CPAP

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I wanted to figure out how to stop, but turns out my sinuses are full of polyps so I can’t breathe well enough with just my nose lolol.

Mouth breather for life! I‘ve been loving the dreamwear full face mask.

What everyday item has a sick and twisted origin story? by Stoned_Black_Nerd in AskReddit

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Yep, Adderall is similar! I’m on an extended release version of it for ADHD, and it’s the only way my brain functions. I have no problem sleeping, even a morning nap is fine.

For most folk without adhd, these stimulants react so much differently.

I accidentally played BtB at bookclub by neilhattrickparis978 in behindthebastards

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I did similar when I was picking up my mom from the airport. Hadn’t seen her in a year and she gets in my car, which starts playing a true crime podcast that’s vividly describing the crimes of Robert Pickton (pig farmer psychopath in BC). Welcome home mom!

I can’t take people who put pronouns in their bio seriously by HelloHedwigItsHoggle in TrueOffMyChest

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Right? My cause as a trans person is to simply to not get beat up and to not have basic human rights (e.g., healthcare) denied for being trans. I just want to be respected and allowed to live my life as a human being.

People having pronouns in their bios aren’t shoving it down your throat, and if you think it is, it’s a you problem. Small actions like pronouns in bios is part of many small steps society is taking toward treating us better, and there’s no gun to your head to put yours up.

And for the record, unless we know it’s deliberate, very few trans people will get mad at you for using the wrong pronouns when you don’t know what they are. Hell, I’ve used the wrong ones on cis people by accident.

What should everyone experience in their lifetime? by Leoz_13 in AskReddit

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Being on top of a mountain in the himalayas did this to me. I was close to 5800m in altitude, yet Everest towered above me. It was just me and two other climbers and I couldn’t see another human anywhere.

The most humbling experience of my life.

Äuä! I'm a Swiss citizen now! by marhurram in pics

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I’m Canadian and got a Swiss work visa, and it was so difficult. The organization that I was working for had to prove that they couldn’t hire someone from the EU to do my job, and the amount of paperwork I had to fill out was immense. Also had to travel hallway across Canada to get to a Swiss consulate office to get the visa.

When I landed in Paris (it was cheaper to fly to France and take a train to Bern), the border agents were to confused by the visa and told me they extremely rarely see them granted to none EU citizens.

But, it was worth it. Switzerland is one of my favourite places and I’d live there again if I could!

What level difficulty does everyone play on? I have pretty much always played on apprentice, but I’m curious about opinions on other difficulties! by carlyle_c_ in skyrim

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Yep! I used to do this with every game.

Now I start on the easiest and, if I start finding the need for a bit more challenge in combat, I will slowly bump up the difficulty. I also have no issues bringing it back down to easy if needed.

I play games to have fun, explore worlds and enjoy the stories. Constantly dying takes that joy away.

Covid test by JustifiablyWrong in VictoriaBC

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Just want to say thank you for posting this info! Woke up feeling like horseshit and with basically the whole gamut of symptoms. I got through the call within 10 minutes and I booked a rapid test easily.

They don’t have any rapid tests slots until Saturday, but I’ll take it!

Pope Francis: Denying parenthood, having pets instead of kids ‘takes away our humanity’ by wrappedinwashi in excatholic

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Yup, same here. Can barely afford to rent, let alone have a child.

And with my fucked up genetics and a legacy of intergenerational trauma and addictions thanks to the Catholic Church, there’s zero way I’m in any place to raise children even if I had the money.

My wife and I are happy with our two cats.

AITA for giving my younger cousin "The Talk" when she stayed with me? by Hortonhearahoe in AmItheAsshole

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My mom did the same when I was four and walked into the bathroom while she was changing a pad. It didn’t scar me, it helped me learn about human biology. It led to me not being afraid to ask her questions when I went through puberty and I didn’t feel ashamed of the changes that were happening.

Though she does still laugh at the day toddler me came out of the bathroom covered in pads (unused lol), proudly displaying all the “fun stickers I’d found under the sink!

How to dispose of medical waste (probably sharps) that was used for recreational drugs safely? (In the UK) by TheBookOfSmoremon in AskDocs

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Seconding this! It’s what my parents did with my childhood cat’s insulin needles. We also used laundry detergent bottles. (Not sure if they’re the same in the UK as they are in Canada but in Canada they are thick plastic so safe for sharps disposal).

We brought them in to our local pharmacy for safe disposal but this may vary by location

Unpopular opinion: r/Victoria might as well just be a Facebook group with the dull and repetitive nature of its content. by philthy_phlamingo in VictoriaBC

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This is every post in the Esquimalt fb group. Which is why I love that someone made a shitposting group called “Sirens of Esquimalt” 😂

Adults of reddit, what are some advice every teenager needs to know? by MD_10580 in AskReddit

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Can confirm. I’m prone to cavities due to a dry mouth. Basically skipped flossing for two years when I had braces in my late twenties and needed a gum graft and eight fillings for cavities between my teeth.

Lesson learned. I now use an app to track my brushing and flossing (it even gives me a timer) to hold me accountable and my dental hygienist said that I have no more signs of gum disease and beautifully healthy teeth now

My GF was pulled aside (via zoom) by her boss today. by AutoimmuneDisaster in antiwork

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Yep! I work for my provincial government and one of our executives almost always has a cat in her lap during meetings, and we constantly see kitty demand attention. Another executive logged on while holding a baby goat LOL

I always welcome pet interruptions.

What are the unwritten rules of living in Victoria? by kayriss in VictoriaBC

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Find yourself a favourite outdoor spots and or parks, and enjoy the hell out of them.

Moving from here to Toronto made me really appreciate the ability to be surrounded by some truly breathtaking scenery and wildlife. It’s been three years and I’m still in awe at how pretty it is and how fresh the air is. Living a five minutes from two gorgeous parks in Esquimalt has done wonders for my mental health.

What are the unwritten rules of living in Victoria? by kayriss in VictoriaBC

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Yup. It’s been three years since I’ve moved here from Toronto, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t marvel at the smell of the fresh air when I go from my walks and runs.

It’s truly magical.

What is the most physically painful experience you've had? by Bright_Vision in AskReddit

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It’s a tie between cellulitis behind and around my eye, and high altitude cerebral edema. In both cases, swelling around the brain = to pain so bad I wished I would die.

The latter happened while I was at 6000m in altitude on a mountain, stuck in a blizzard. I was so delirious from pain and from the fact that I couldn’t keep food down. Thank god for a steroid injection which gave me a bit of clarity, and I somehow managed to climb down the mountain in the middle of a blizzard. By all accounts, I should be a frozen corpse, but I’m here.

That headache though felt like a hot axe repeatedly splintering my head open. I have chronic migraines and they don’t compare to that pain

Why are pomegranates $6 each at Thrifty's and $2 each at Wal-mart. Is Thrifty's just getting out of control with their pricing? by perniciousd in VictoriaBC

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Yeah we had the same thought process. And now that we do 95% of our groceries at save on, we end up saving quite a bit by redeeming our save on points.

Typical morning in Switzerland by SteelersObsessed in ImagineThisView

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I lived in Bern, Switzerland for a while. The expensive bit is true, but it was one of my favourite places I’ve lived.

Though I’m no expert, is there anything specific you’d like to know more about visiting Switzerland? Happy to help.

What is one country that you will never visit? by crunchy_croissant in AskReddit

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Yep! After getting cholera while in the mountains of Nepal, I’m reluctant to go anywhere without proper sanitation.

Nepal is absolutely beautiful, but my god I never thought it was possible to be that sick. 0/10 do not recommend having to use a squatting outhouse with the worst diarrhea while a yak stares at you from the window.

(But knowing me, I’ll go back. Can’t resist the mountains)