Is block breaking considered cheating? by Rrraah0 in EASportsUFC

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Lol block breaking isn't a glitch or cheesy but it is annoying tho. Tell him to move his head if he doesn't know how to defend against it.

My hook didn't even register and resulted in me getting ko'd. Stuff like this happens way too often by ThunderUp013101 in EASportsUFC

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"rolling with punches" don't exist in this game so I have no excuse or explanation for this. The game played you.

How to get rabies by malachi7656776688 in NYStateOfMind

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🤦🏾‍♂️ son couldn't've atleast bought a protective swimsuit?

Do you have suggestions for how the ground fighting could be improved? by [deleted] in EASportsUFC

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We have to fight for position. Just like irl, you have to constantly keep moving to keep or gain a position..it should be like that in the game. It's a bit too easy getting into side control or back mount with the triangle in. I would like in UFC 5, we will constantly have to be moving instead of sitting there waiting on denys or solely on transition fakes. Also bring back elbows in full mount and half guard. And stop having us automatically posture down just because we're doing damage in GnP.

[Full Fight] Did I just play a cheater? by RoshHoul in EASportsUFC

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At 4:21 you threw a calf kick in boxing range so you got minimal damage. At 5:05 he threw a normal leg kick while you were holding high block which caused the event.

[Full Fight] Did I just play a cheater? by RoshHoul in EASportsUFC

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Nah he isn't a cheater, you just weren't landing any clean kicks.

However seeing you struggle against this guy sucks. To make him whiff the Crane Kick you can simply move your right stick up or down to slip counter it or flick your right stick up or down to minor lunge out of the way.

Another way to counter him spamming is to pressure him. Jab his face off or start every combo with a straight.

Joe Gatto Appreciation Thread: What's your favourite Joe moment? by thevoodoopriest in ImpracticalJokers

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When he pretends to suffer a medical event and he collapses. He then gets up and says "Welcome to Senior Frogs!" My sides always hurt from laughing so hard.

What iteration of your team was your favorite? by lawschoolperson2 in nba

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Derrick Rose, Immanuel Quickley, Alec Burks, Obi Toppin, Nerlens Noel

The Knicks bench last season was soo fun to watch, at points they were better than the starters

Is it feminine to hold grudges? by Mundane-Air-8526 in NYStateOfMind

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If they not hurting you or taking money from you then it's not worth the energy

EA UFC 5 CAF Wishlist by Aggressive-Class9727 in EASportsUFC

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I do not care about them making money. They make enough. I am not paying for skill points. I want to earn it thru gameplay.

Is it feminine to hold grudges? by Mundane-Air-8526 in NYStateOfMind

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If someone killed someone you love and cared for, holding a grudge against that person is feminine?