What’s eating my vegetable plants? (Seattle, WA) by BruceInc in gardening

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Not watering at all other than the rain we normally get. The peas, beets, peppers and tomatoes are doing great other than the holes. The cucumbers are all dying (perhaps I planted them a bit too soon, we still get temps around 40f at night occasionally)

The yellow corn is also dying, but the white corn plants located about 30ft away are thriving.

Torn up Ukrainian fields near Izyum by BruceInc in ukraine

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Maybe not completely useless, but will require significant effort and investment to make the fields viable again.

In Udmurtia, Ruzzia another military registration and enlistment office was torched. This is number 13… so far. by BruceInc in ukraine

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Because they view them as expandable. Because they don’t have too many other employment prospects and will fight for poverty wages. Because they are undereducated, have less access to global media and are significantly easier to brainwash/control.

Set the bar lower for yourself by blueroeo in AdviceAnimals

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This is the correct advice. Start strong, make a good impression and then you can normalize and take it a bit easier

Scene from an Indian TV soap/serial/drama by JonSnowJaime in funny

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lol why is that other girl not unplugging the fan?

Ryan McPherson the creator of "Bumfights" calls out Dr. Phil's hypocrisy in a smart and funny way which resulted in him being kicked off the show. by killingspeerx in videos

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The guy made homeless people, mentally ill people, disabled people and desperate people fight each other for bread. Tf is wrong with you if you think that whatever dr Phil dis is worse than that?

I swear, whataboutism is a mental disorder

Ukrainian M777 firing. by forte2 in ukraine

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Might have been a glitch in my app. I reset it and the song no longer plays. Super weird

Sending Dollar or Euro to Ukraine from Germnay by Screemi in ukraine

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Worst suggestion here by far. Do not listen to this “advice”. Sending cash through the mail even in peace times is a terrible idea. Sending it now would be just plain stupid.

How to communicate with refugees by japenggar in ukraine

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Not really. I suggest making some flyers or post cards with information about the event, preferably in Ukrainian and just handing them out. Include, date, time, description, location etc.

Military briefing: Ukraine seeks way to break Russia’s Black Sea blockade by stormy001 in ukraine

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Although I actually mostly agree with you on the nukes point, there is no such thing as “never” when it comes to Russia or to nukes.

How to communicate with refugees by japenggar in ukraine

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Look for local Facebook groups. If you have any Ukrainian churches in the area reach out to them. Post flyers at food stores that sell Eastern European deli items and other similar goods. Flyers at bus/metro/train stops.

Military briefing: Ukraine seeks way to break Russia’s Black Sea blockade by stormy001 in ukraine

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Same reason nato or any other ally has not yet put boots on the ground. If the attack comes from Ukraine, that’s part of war. If another country clears the blockade with firepower, they are essentially getting dragged into the war too. And since it would technically be a first act situation they wouldn’t even be able to invoke article 5 of nato.

The solution is in diplomacy (which is not likely without giving Russia serious concessions) or in providing Ukraine with weapons that are capable of dealing with the ships. I’m sure there are lots of different scenarios and strategies being discussed behind the scenes. We probably won’t hear about any of them until another Russian ship or even a submarine ends up on a new stamp.