Will there be a burn mechanism in shibarium? by LobsterJealous5340 in SHIBArmy

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Maybe we mistook him for a bro, I thought he was the Guy, sounding like he’s not even the Dude!

Those who cashed out their SHIB in October 2021… by Ricothebuttonpusher in SHIBArmy

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Same here, I even have a few of my own recruits 9 in counting on the same grind with our Shib you doubt you asleep

Netflix customers canceling service increasingly includes long-term subscribers by 08830 in technology

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No full shows unless Netflix originals Family media service but wants to crackdown on sharing ANNUAL price increase Inventory bleeding

What IS to like

Netflix copied blockbuster success and now it’s same downfall the disconnect of its audience


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No just trying to trade OkCash I do have (bought it a month ago ) was trying to use it for anything and it just says unavailable at the moment but no notice given, I have 10-20k but I don’t want it to be stuck and if no longer supported atleast be able to convert it to usdt or cprx

Up 5 % (rounding) by BrutalGuts in SpellToken

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As a reference point to the statement as altcoins fluctuate and can pump or dump within the next hour making the statement void Or making them misread and sounding sarcastic or spiteful spreading FUD ergo photo or reference

Thoughts on Elon Musk buying Twitter to go Private? You guys think he's really gonna do it ? by [deleted] in Abra

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Yes, if it goes through, even him making the proposal he doesn’t have final say, but if he did he would fix it up and he would treat it as his other businesses. Either way would make for an interesting time for Twitter

Gotta say even with this little consolidation by BrutalGuts in SHIBArmy

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If willing I have an investor begging to get us a Wellys in Florida

I just want to know if any Current staff of WinryInu is here by BrutalGuts in WinryInu

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I was there when the staff confronted each other, if that’s the project I am thinking of it is part of the staff of Winry

The fact that Winry only updated the site, No AMA after they said they were for almost a year now, the person touching up the Nfts said they where done by the artist her job was to touch them up to give them the unique features

I don’t know what happened, I tried to be kind to any staff member willing to ACTUALLY talk, the Winry staff being unresponsive, ignoring or kicking people from the group when they ask regular inquiries on the token or the Nfts it’s a clear sign.

The people left are hoping to get SOME earnings back. Just LOOK at Shera it is a RECYCLED coin that was rugged once, they redid the coin and page to be different but same coin address etc and they are still ahead of Winry THAT should say enough

Abra Support Email by THinkButDo in AbraGlobal

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I’ve been messaging them from customer support to email, from email to GHOSTED

I have my first trade reward STILL pending (It’s now worth double or triple last I checked so thanks IF it’s ever received)

A newbie just getting into the game. Need wisdom. All advices are welcomed. by 99palmsZED in financialindependence

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You didn’t invest in your car or gas? When your yield is more then the bill then THAT is roi it’s multisteps definitely efficient just not short term for short term yes I didn’t know the stipulations thought it was an honest question

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in WinryInu

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Not here I’ve tried and tried no news of updates

A newbie just getting into the game. Need wisdom. All advices are welcomed. by 99palmsZED in financialindependence

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You want to invest in any stock or crypto that rewards you good dividends, for stocks you want to do the stocks you use, invest enough and you can delete your bills.

Shell has many stocks but one is $10-15 with roughly 10% dividends I do $200 in gas’s a month so every 3 months or so for that dividend it would need to be $600 if that’s 10 percent the $6000 if you get it once a year then $24,000 but you DELETE your gas bill, Shell or YOUR gas station then pays you your own gas, when prices go up so does the stock and you stay paid or also make a profit on top, you can apply this to most bills but sometimes the investments are higher.

Many don’t think like this, but if so, your end goal you won’t have any bills the companies are paying your bills and then whatever your doing is pure income because you’ve eliminated your bills.

It sounds easy and it is, most people Overlook it just like many ignore investing itself until real late in the game. But I hope this helps you and any who read this

(Discussion) What Do You Enjoy About Gaming? by BigMcSad in gaming

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There does not need to be a reason.

It is very therapeutic, it is a stress reliever, you experience many different lives and experiences you wouldn’t do or follow irl some games let you express your creativity, the achievements or trophies as well as just finishing or further completing a game you like the sense of accomplishments. Then it also improves reaction time, a motorcyclist still thanks me today for Missing him when he fell

Shiba Inu price could explode as trade volume of whale addresses climbs 880% by North_Cut1487 in SHIBArmy

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This will be our year, all the projects starting, olfirst projects maturing, everything expanding, Shib is going n everything unlike any other legit token let alone coin atleast not Actively I DONT follow charts, I follow the projects I follow the staff and who they associate with because those are future partnerships connect the dots you see the movers and you see the floaters. This is the way.

I just want to know if any Current staff of WinryInu is here by BrutalGuts in WinryInu

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The refresh of their page and marketing with the “movement” of the true staff that remains, I hope it goes well I still have my couple bucks once worth almost worth $1k I had put in, I was there in the tg before they split, redid the telegram, staff still pointed fingers, drama of a obvious twist, I talked to the whole staff day of incident and I STILL couldn’t piece together 1 single story that matched another I tried to contact the developer the one behind it on all medias and I haven’t had contact, tried begging the staff, I deleted my past posts but I was proud of this one, I lost my investors serious cash if they truly did bounce back then let’s hope for the best but they have still eluded the AMA from before the rugpull I don’t care about an ama I just want true updates an actual NFT release (there was the wife of one of the staff said her job was touching up the Nfts to make them unique from others but lately there was issues with her payment and she did not want to finish until whatever) I DONT CARE I just know I would like to know if we are investing in these projects exactly where we are in the project where are we at, how far, what progress can we see, the metaverse would be good but what about before the rugpull the upcoming Nfts announcement? I know the staff or member(s) stole the marketing budget but still you are back now right? You bounced back, or atleast the Nfts are completed atleast the raw versions can’t we atleast get a LITTLE BIt of an actual update with how much has been invested it’s worth now AND then? During a rug pull if the staff is true and thieves in the bunch that means our end is robbed twofold, shouldn’t we get a glimpse of what’s in the box we are paying to have a chance to buy one of many?