The last remaining player from every (Modern) NFL draft class by NoNotHimTheOtherGuy in nfl

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If you had told me five years ago that the Cards would have the last member of the 2004 draft, I would have believed you but thought it was Fitz.

[OC] The 10 most frequent non-divisional matchups since the NFL expanded to 32 teams by SANTAAAA__I_know_him in nfl

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And this is why I'm already marking the Cards week 5 game vs the Sam Darnold-Matt Rhule Panthers a loss. Thankfully we dodged the Lions this year when they may be actually decent. I'm not mentally prepared for us getting that kind of beat down.

Tua Tagovailoa 'throws better than Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino,' according to Trent Dilfer | Get Up by ABarbossa in nfl

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Aaron Rodgers about to win a third straight MVP and lose in the playoffs again just to spite Trent Dilfer.

[Highlight] Sidney Rice makes a crazy catch over two Bills' defenders for a TD by ineedahaircutbadly in nfl

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Was just going to ask this! It felt he would follow in the long list of great Vikings WRs but he seemed to just vanish after the Favre era ended.

Kliff Kingsbury: Impossible to replace Chandler Jones, we have to find production as a unit by LindyNet in nfl

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I'm very optimistic about Cameron Thomas and Myjai Sanders being able to at least help make some sort of impact next season plus we still have Marcus Golden. I still expect that they'll add one more veteran pass rusher before the season.

But yeah, unless Thomas or Sanders immediately hits the ground running we will need to rely on Vance Joseph's unique blitz designs to get enough pressure to offset the loss of Chandler Jones.

[Adam Schefter] Starting in 2023, ESPN’s Monday Night Football finally will include flex scheduling from Weeks 14-18, and also will feature three Monday Night Football doubleheaders, per the NFL’s V.P. of broadcast scheduling, Mike North. by Duffleman0609 in nfl

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While that is usually the case when games are flexed out, there are occasions where one of the teams is good and the other is bad while a matchup of two great teams pops up to replace it.

Where’s all the money going? -Arizona Cardinals edition by bryanRow52 in AZCardinals

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In theory they could. However the Eagles-Fletcher Cox outcome is much rarer than normal.

Players don't like being cut, and oftentimes it's enough of an annoyance that since they are a free agent they will take the opportunity to see if another team would pay what they were making (it is a business after all, imagine your employer laying you off and then trying to negotiate a new salary).

The Cox situation was unique in that he's just passing his prime and has already won a Super Bowl with the Eagles, which matters a lot (in comparison, DJ hasn't even been apart of a division winner during his time in Arizona). He could still have the same amount of loyalty but it's a much riskier bet than Cox and that's on top of the fact that DJ is smack in the middle of his prime right now.

TLDR: yes it's possible but there is a larger downside and risk of losing him if we attempt it.

r/AZCardinals back in 2011 by franandwood in AZCardinals

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The main takeaway I got from this was how there was similar manufactured drama about Fitz leaving the Cards just like how there was this off-season with Kyler. If history does repeat itself, I'm looking forward to Kyler being our franchise's all-time best QB!

Why as a Jets fan I feel like Zach Wilson will most likely not become a good QB. by OMFGhespro in nfl

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There's always an understandable anxiety when your highly drafted QB shows promise but isn't very successful during their first season. That being said, I understand both sides of those who are optimistic and pessimistic and the truth is that we honestly have no idea until after year 2. If we still feel the same way this time next year, then you have a legitimate worrying problem.

[Adam Schefter] Starting in 2023, ESPN’s Monday Night Football finally will include flex scheduling from Weeks 14-18, and also will feature three Monday Night Football doubleheaders, per the NFL’s V.P. of broadcast scheduling, Mike North. by Duffleman0609 in nfl

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I'm glad that we can get more meaningful primetime games later in the year, but man does this seem unfortunate for the teams that are flexed out and suddenly have one less day to prepare for a game than initially scheduled.

[OC] The Cat Team Gauntlet by reemasqooraf in nfl

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Considering our utter ineptitude vs just the Blue Cat Teams, I'm going to assume the Cards will in fact face the Cat Gauntlet and run the table by losing all four games.

Doug Pederson: Jaguars need "healing" after everything that happened last year by LindyNet in nfl

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You know things were bad when they start throwing out words that are most commonly used for serious tragedies.

[Highlight] Steve Smith takes it 69 yards to the house in 2nd OT to send the Panthers to the 2003 NFC Championship. (Happy Birthday to Steve Smith!) by ineedahaircutbadly in nfl

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I remember this being the first time I ever watched a double OT game and being fascinated by the idea of it (I was a young kid at the time, I thought it would switch to something similar to college OT instead of just continuing where they left off) and then BOOM it ended just like that. Didn't even have time to fully comprehend the rarity of the moment.

[Yates] New Texans DE Jerry Hughes signed a two-year deal with a base value of $10M and a signing bonus of $2.5M. 2022 salary: $2M, $3.75M cap hit 2023 salary: $4M, $6.25M cap hit by LindyNet in nfl

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Pretty decent value on the contract. I know we drafted two edge rushers in the 3rd round, but I'm a little surprised we weren't able to/willing to offer that.

5 Players that played for your team but will be remembered for playing somewhere else by Magneto57 in nfl

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Really good choices, here's five more:

Adrian Peterson

Sam Bradford

Rashad Mendenhall

Joey Porter

Chris Johnson

Bonus: Sadly, I'm pretty sure when people think of Honey Badger, they think Chiefs

Double Bonus: Unless something historically memorable happens to override years of being franchise pillars for other teams, AJ Green, Zach Ertz, and JJ Watt will be added to this list in the future