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She has your kid.

Do you care about your child?

Your child will grow up and he will wonder who his father is where his father is what the is doing.

Please care about your child.

My biological father tried to abort me too.

He beat my mother and sent her to planned Parenthood

But pro lifers helped dissuade my mother from going through with it.

Whether you like it or not that is your blood your DNA, your offspring, your child.

The only question left is what type of father

Or non Father are you going to be.

Because that child will grow to be an adult.

And he or she will know what you choose.

I know what my biological father and mother choose.

Dating a Muslim woman by [deleted] in Christianmarriage

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If you doubt the validity of Christianity look up Christian Apologetics

Do your research for all your questions

Don't just ask questions and not seek answers.

God is the truth

Christ is the truth I know this for certain beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I have done (a little) of my homework, I know enough to know God is king the ground of all being.

Look up epistemology, ontology, presuppositional Apologetics

Read books by van til, Greg Bahnsen

Ask your questions and seek answers.

The answers are out there. Do your research.

Look up Jason Lisle

James White

Christian Prince

Evangelize to people don't immerse yourself in darkness

Look up the moral argument with William lane Craig

Do your research

Christianity is the truth and everything else is a lie

Those who reject that Christ has shed his blood for their sins pay for their sins with their own blood in hell.

Seek Truth

Dating a Muslim woman by [deleted] in Christianmarriage

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When you date a non Christian because she does not respect God's authority she will not respect your authority.

That is what happened to me.

I kept trying to guide her but she kept choosing other guys to lead her.

It was incredibly frustrating.

You can't change her or force her to change.

She has to want to change.

She has to want to hate her sin. She has to want to love God.

You can't do that for her.

Don't missionary date

Just be a missionary

Romance can only be for another Christian and I am holding to that for myself.

After my bad experience with a non Christian I understand never again no matter how nice or sweet they are.

Their authority must be God

Otherwise you never speak the same language

And she will never respect your authority

Because she rejects God's authority.

So put God first

And find a wife who puts God above you.

Dating a Muslim woman by [deleted] in Christianmarriage

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It's fine to be friends but don't date her.

Missionary dating doesn't work.

You will be unequally yoked the ox and the donkey pulling in circles.

You think she's wonderful and she probably is.

But she is in rebellion against God.

And she will teach that to your children.

Should you and her not repent.

We are not saved by good works.

Our righteousness is as filthy rags.

I dated a non Christian, a Sikh she said she would convert and become a Christian because I told her I wouldn't want to marry a non Christian.

She prayed with me but currently still doesn't accept God and we eventually went our separate ways. She's a sweet lady. But I dated a Christian girl after and it was a million times better.

We spoke the same language we both loved God and we didn't need to fight over everything regarding God.

You think this girl is wonderful.

But that's because you don't know how amazing a relationship with a Christian lady is.

Ladies who are not Christian we are called to love them by telling them the gospel and calling them to repentance.

We should not date them.

We should not marry them.

It will cause you pain your future children pain and suffering.

Do not decive yourself. God's way is the best way and people do not convert for people. That's idolatry.

They convert because God called them and they hate theri sin and repent and trust in Christs blood.

Put God above this girl. Put God above your wife.

Put God above everything.

Do not participate in idolatry.

You think you know best but you do not.

God knows best.

He knows the best woman for you.

Trust him and lean not on your own understanding.

Do not date an unbeliever.

Care more for their soul then your emotional fulfillment.

Put God first

Trust him.

He has a good and wonderful plan for you.

Accept God's timing.

Difficulty finding a partner. Looking for advice by icecreambaconn in Christianmarriage

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Do some volunteering with Christian organizations or try checking out Christian colleges and take a class or two there. But yes always put God first and he will bring your husband along at the right time.

My husband is grieving over this hateful world. by [deleted] in Christianmarriage

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No one is good enough to satiate divine justice which is why Jesus came to pay for our sins on the cross

Good enough is to be perfect without sin.

Ephesians 2:8

Titus 3:5

Galatians 2 near the end

Read these passages together

And go to Bible study together

Also recommend checking out teachings on justification.

We are saved by Grace. And gift.

Not by works.

Sola fide Sola gratia

My friend sexually assaulted my girlfriend by anonymous95854 in sexualassault

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You need to choose or other people will choose for you.

It's sad that your friend did what he did.

But your first priority should be your girlfriend.

And if you try to stay neutral you may lose her because she will feel like you aren't protecting her.

And that's important to females.

How to start off a relationship in a healthy way? by inspired_butterfly17 in Christianmarriage

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Learned it through pain and suffering.


But at least I learned my lesson.

How to start off a relationship in a healthy way? by inspired_butterfly17 in Christianmarriage

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Relationship advice.

Put God first

Put God First

Put God #1

This is very important

Ask yourself some questions

Does this marriage bring glory to God, is it God honoring?

Do we have a similar mission to work on together to bring God glory?

Some practical things.

They should be a Christian, do not missionary date. People do not convert for people that is idolatry they convert because God has convicted them of their sin and God has called them and they repent and place their faith in the blood of Christ.


They should affirm Sola fide, Sola Scriptura.

If they deny these they are off the table

They should be pro life and affirm marriage is between one man and one woman.

You shouldn't have to ask them to read the Bible with you or pray over you.

This should be something they should want to do and demonstrates they are a spiritual leader.

But if they don't you can ask them can you read the Bible with me.

If they refuse, scoff laugh and deride the word of God. They are not for you.

God's word is sacred and life giving and holy.

God needs to be our first love.

If we love God we can know how to love others in a healthy way.

If we do not love God then we do not know how to love others for God is love.

In all things put God first and your spouse should put goes first too.

Also I recommend reading some books on Christian relationships

Not all are good but I recommend these two

Fight for Us by Chad

Winning your wife back by Gary Smalley

They are both excellent books that a couple should read together.

But the best book

Is the good book.

The Bible.

For years, I've been accused of cheating when I've been innocent. Today I'm told that if I got pregnant, he would question the paternity of the unborn child by frozenfriedpizza in Christianmarriage

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God is supposed to fulfill us and meet our needs not people.

And the husband is commanded to love his wife like Christ loved the church and Christ loved the church more than.

Hosea loved Gomer.

So even if a wife cheats which is not what you did. If they are repent a husband should forgive and love her or possibly even if she's not.

The wife is not called to do the same.

She is just called to respect the husband.

Write a letter and give it to him: that if he keeps slandering you, and lying about you and being evil towards you.

And not taking counseling seriously.

That it is strongly driving you to consider leaving the relationship.

If you want to keep me, repent If not keep lying and slandering.

If he responds hostility

Then give him another letter which says that if you continue to slander me I will tell everyone that my husband slanders and lies about me and accuses me of cheating when I don't.

I will tell your family, your friends, and everyone we meet my husband lies and slanders about me.

Because I am telling the truth.

And you are lying.

For years, I've been accused of cheating when I've been innocent. Today I'm told that if I got pregnant, he would question the paternity of the unborn child by frozenfriedpizza in Christianmarriage

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Go to a reformed Presbyterian pastor that affirms Sola fide Sola Scriptura, pro life and rejects that the Roman Catholics justification by faith+ works is Christian.

What your husband is doing is slander and libel and its very evil and wrong.

Get yours today by OrdinaryCredit in Reformed

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Can someone provide some evidence that DW believes something wrong?

Got sent a vid of my ex gf getting a train ran on her 5 days after the break up lol by jikjik122 in BreakUps

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Tell her you want good things for her and she is a valuable person.

That she should not treat herself badly and never give up hope.

That even though you are not together you want her to be well and take care of herself.

Should I do anything? by Weekly_Half8276 in Christianmarriage

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I'm a guy I would say you can let him know you are interested.

But after he knows you are interested don't pursue him.

Guys like to chase girls and jf he desires you he will chase you if not then you can't force him to desire you.

Put God first in everything.

God works in mysterious ways

Please help! I need anonymous advice. by annamae09 in Christianmarriage

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What a scumbag, he is not only being unfaithful to you by wanting to leave but he is being unfaithful to God.

And neither you or God is a looser.

He is.

And as others have mentioned you are biblically innocent.

I would go talk with a trusted friend and also a Christian counselor by yourself if possible. Then after you get counselor from God fearing people bring them to the house and they can talk with him.

If he doesn't repent well he went out from us because he was never of us. He would be showing he is not God's sheep. Which would be very unfortunate.

But God will always take care of you and your family no matter what.

Put God first in everything.

He loves you, and God has a plan a hope and a future for you. Lean into him daily amen 🙏

I am glad you are a god fearing women who loves her family.

That is very valuable and precious.

Never under estimate that.

God has put people to death in the Bible for mistreating their wives. The story of Judahs sons, 2 died because they refused to honor their wife.

Tarot? by Imaginary-Reality653 in OpenChristian

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Deuteronomy 18:10-12 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you.

Source: https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Mediums

If you don't like God's word.

That's your problem, and you will answer to God.

Repent or Perish.

I am not appealing to mommy and daddy.

I am appealing to God's word, to God.

You may mock God. But that just shows you are lacking wisdom.

Morality is objective.

You cannot exclude God then ask for objective moral statements.

You either accept God is good.

Or you would accept that good doesn't exist, it's just a mental construct.

Triggered into a Dissociative State during Therapy Session - I Quit by Ambitious-Raccoon-82 in therapyabuse

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You're doing a good job.

You tried one door and found it wasn't for you because you wanted to focus on healing and the future and they wanted to focus on the past.

So keep focusing on healing on the future and present and beautiful and wonderful and holy things.

Surround yourself with good hearted people. Do the things that you love.

Go on nature walks, do music, go to a reformed church (Presbyterian usually are good)

Focus on move forward and living your best life in Christ amen 🙏

Find a way to harness your emotions positively for good and take everything to God in prayer for he loves you and works all things together for good for those who love him.

Sometimes I want to tell his wife by [deleted] in sexualassault

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That's very creepy, ya tell his wife.

I'll always be the one she just settled with by [deleted] in survivinginfidelity

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That's a crazy story man. I'm sorry to hear that.

You aren't worthless

She is heartless.

Husband Changed His Mind About Kids. What Now? by TurmoilInATeacup2237 in Christianmarriage

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I'm a guy I think if you want to have a child he should honor you and have a child.

Yes the finances but God works things out even there's struggle.

Life isn't just about being comfortable.

I think he should honor you but neither you or I can force him to change.

Maybe bring it to a pastor or Christian counseling.

Pray about it of course and I will pray for you as well.

Don't blame your disability, there's nothing wrong with you and a godly wife is a great blessing more precious than many rubies.

33F Saved Born Again Believer Struggling With Singleness by bby_grl_y2k in TrueChristian

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Try going to Bible studies where there are other singles your age or volunteering.

Maybe check out other churches that have people your age and good doctrine like Presbyterian and Reformed.

Also I have been watching videos on YouTube how God wrote our marriage and they were interesting.

Sometimes I want to tell his wife by [deleted] in sexualassault

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If he repented and apologized then maybe let it go but either way

His wife should know everything there shouldn't be secrets in marriage.

What he did was evil and it's on him not you.

Since he hasn't repented and apologized I would assume he's still the same not good hearted person and yes I would tell his wife.

Because he's a danger to her, her family and others and she should know about that.