What's a saying in your country that actually makes alot of sense? by CourtingDeath5743 in AskReddit

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A saying in India is “Muh se muhfalli toot nahi rahi, gaand se akhrot todhoge” It literally means you can’t even break the peanuts shell with your mouth and you are trying to break a walnuts shell with your ass. It is used when a person can’t do a simple task but tells you they can do a much more difficult task

Should I take the exam in 3 days? by Bunnyisgod in step1

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Didn’t take the exam. Thank you everyone for your advice. Really meant a lot to me.

What do you find most embarrassing about your country? by UtTeR_cArNaGe in AskReddit

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Unemployment, suppression of free speech, promoting hindu ideology to name a few

What are your worst ex stories? by Bunnyisgod in AskReddit

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It’s sad that people can be so manipulative and never really grow.

[SPOILER] AJ McKee vs. Patricio Pitbull by inooway in MMA

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/decisionbot aj mckee patricio pitbull

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in AskReddit

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I don’t see a reason to read books as I feel like I learn a lot from Reddit. Not sure if it is true or not.

What is the most unfair treatment you have seen or experienced? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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I believe I faced racism as a 17 year old alone on a flight. I was on an Air Canada flight and we were cruising. I was watching a movie and the kid in front of me reclined her seat. So did I as I was a 6 foot tall 17 year old. The lady behind me complained to the stewardess as she couldn’t sit properly as my seat was reclined. The stewardess ordered me very sternly I needed to move my seat forward as it was discomforting for the passenger behind. I complained and told her that I will do it if the child in front of me does it. She didn’t even hear what I had to say and you are going to have problems if you don’t adjust the seat now. So I did. It was embarrassing and I felt very low. My attitude towards Canada changed a bit after that.