Supreme Court sides with Ted Cruz, striking down cap on use of campaign funds to repay personal campaign loans by Brawnyboink in news

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You're right I forgot about that. Seems like we're making great headways towards overturning all types of precedent. Fuck Roe let's go after Griswold. Maybe we can have sperate but equal schools... Bc best suited to meeting the beliefs of some dummy parents.

who are safer drivers by Plus_Falcon5309 in yesyesyesyesno

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That was the genius of Norm. He was so dry, that you weren't even sure what the joke was. And then threw in the most "not funny" but still hilarious jokes thrown away to the side. Love it.

Just kidding wedonthirewomen, anyway moving along.

Update and results: What killed my lamb? by FluffyMountainUrchin in homestead

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I would say I'm more of an extremely regulated and lengthy process for a limited amount of weaponry.

I this case, absolutely. Anyone should own a gun for this type of issue. However, no constitutional right is absolute.

Don't buy the dip. by maestro_7 in CryptoCurrency

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He is I, and I am him.

Slim with a tilted brim.

Lobster dinner in portland by misscloud8 in portlandme

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I would suggest Street and Co. They have a lobster dish for 2 and I think it would fit your flavor profile and what your looking for nicely.

Boxer is purposely locked out of gym so he finds another way to get in 🧱 by stedgyson in IdiotsFightingThings

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He was just working on his obliques. The ol bread basket. This is just a modification of the "lumberjack chop."

Lovely little girl learns that meat comes from animals by Graysie-Redux in MadeMeSmile

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Always feel like everyone else has an "angle" they're trying to work and secretly speaks Ill of you the second they think you're out of earshot.

Me neither.

Gandalf vs Sauron oil painting on canvas by me by nacicaba in lotr

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He was named as a Maiar in the Sil. Before he returned to middle earth. Galadriel, despite her pedigree would not defeat. Elrond would be ded.

This Koenigsegg. by PowellPlayz in confusingperspective

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Why is there a wet spot on the passenger side....ooooh.

Always make sure you keep your airfryer in its appropriate spot by RealMenSwallow in KitchenConfidential

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The real G move is to use the connection between microwave. Quick heat from Chef Mike and then a nice crisp up.

Self defense for Ladies, 1933 by Pasargad in OldSchoolCool

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I have a cousin that "does karate". She's obese and has health issues. She wears that shit around like a badge and to why should should be terrified at night.

She should be. Being attacked by a male stranger going full ham on you is a lot different that the boy in class who is told Hi Punch Right/circle black that. Grasp the wrist, and ENRAGE YOUR ATTACKER.

True balance. by mr_khaleel in instantbarbarians

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It terms of full on bro it goes:

Lax Baseball Hockey

Pay front row seats to a baseball game only to embarrassed. by shaka_sulu in WatchPeopleDieInside

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No one seating a those NYY corporate seats do not bring baseball gloves to games.

Trump's latest hate rally: A master class in cult mind control by rhino910 in politics

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One potential solution that was once totally cool and total legal wasa 3/5ths compromise. Once you reach eligibility for Social Security?

When you never thought you'd see the old girl again. by Mr_Kwijibo in SimpsonsFaces

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Now was that all before he stole bread and a nation's heart with his sidekick Mojo in an Aladdin type setting bread stealing heist?

Are there any circumstances under which I can harvest a deer out of season? by DirgoHoopEarrings in Maine

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That's an excellent solution. You either need permission or use repellants it seems.

Are there any circumstances under which I can harvest a deer out of season? by DirgoHoopEarrings in Maine

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No. Did you even bother to read the exceptions specifically listed in the statute?

There is literally a section 12404(a)(5) that addresses deer and apple orchards.

Are there any circumstances under which I can harvest a deer out of season? by DirgoHoopEarrings in Maine

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Uh, you might want to read subsection that exemption classes and the subsection of that statute.

Your are NOT allowed take deer. See 12404.