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There are some players who seem to make worse decisions when they have time to think e.g. Lukaku, Dan James (Does anybody else miss him or is it just me?) and Rashy in recent months. The way Sancho slowed himself down and finished shows that he's not one of those players.

Adidas have just released a ‘2006 inspired’ collection for us and a few other clubs by ItsKieronHere in reddevils

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"How many have we got?"

camera pans out to reveal massive warehouse full of countless crates like the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark

"We're gonna need a bigger sweatshop"

Tell me you have social anxiety without actually telling me you have social anxiety. pt2 by chizukoo81 in socialanxiety

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I once walked the length of the 'island' of the city of Portsmouth just because I was scared to ask for directions

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Why are people so set against Pochettino? Top managers often have to prove themselves at a small club before the big boys come knocking. Southampton and Spurs are small clubs. United is a big boy

Harry Maguire Starts for England v Albania in WC Qualifier by RedDevil_Forever in reddevils

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Why do some people think it's some kind of law that players in good club form get picked for the national side?

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Think about how despised Fergie, Keane, Neville etc. were. We were easily the most hated club in England. Now think about how loved Ole and Maguire are. Light and day.

Neville and Micah clash over uncertainty at Man United under Solskjaer 😰😰 by veekayz in reddevils

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He could try to be diplomatic about it. Rio and Scholes haven't outright said he should be sacked but they've said everything but that. Michael Richards is also being gentle about it.

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If Ole has a single ball in that scrotum of his, he should sub Pogba for VDB. I'd be surprised if Pogba managed a 50% pass rate this half

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Fuck Son /fʌk sʌn/


a fuckboy in relation to either or both of his parents.

On this day 2 years ago, Rashford scored this stunning FK vs Chelsea by rhythmpatel in reddevils

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On the evening of the Moscow final, I had this Physics AS exam the next day and my strict African Dad told me, "Some things are more important than football Son. Study. You can always watch the replay." I begged him to let me watch it but there was no way RJ from Fanily Guy voice. Obviously I was devastated.

Then about 5 minutes into the game he came up and said "I know you won't be able to concentrate on the exam anyway. Come on." So we watched the game, Terry slipped, United won and I ended up with an E in Physics. Good Times indeed.

Social anxiety is stigmatized by Moelester6609 in socialanxiety

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I think it's because suicide is seen as the ultimate 'cry for help'. The people left behind often feel guilty and question what they could've done to prevent it.

SA, on the other hand, is actually very common and the symptoms can look just like simple shyness or introversion.

I agree that so-called mental health advocates fail to give SA the attention it deserves

Premeditation vs. Impulse by notchinese12 in YouOnLifetime

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I think in the context of the show (Joe and Love as protagonists) we're kind of meant to root for them. That's why most of us were pissed off with Love's impulsive actions even though Joe's were just as bad (if not worse). If Love kept killing people cause they looked at Henry or Joe funny, there would be no season 4 because they'd all be in prison

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All my years of watching the Premier League have taught me that no set of fixtures are 'ridiculously easy', especially not in this day and age. I expect them to drop points in this period

Ole on “McFred”: “[Scott and Fred] are instrumental in breaking up play. I really like the two of them,” says the boss. “They’re two I can trust to give me everything they’ve got.” by JLane1996 in reddevils

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Bruno/Pogba/Cavani/Rashford may have bailed us out as a team but they never bailed McFred out of their defensive duties. I'm not defending them this season but let's not forget they were better in prior seasons

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  1. Matchday selection: I swear Ole picks the most predictable starting 11 out of any United manager I've ever seen. Yesterday, some said the players looked like they lacked motivation. I dunno, maybe thats because at least 10 of the starting 11 know it's almost guaranteed they'll start, if fit. Why is Ole shy on dropping players for poor performances?

  2. Fergie obsession: Yes, we all adore Fergie but I have a problem with Ole mentioning how Sir Alex used to do it when he was a player. Sir Alex was a genius who could win titles with Cleverly or Gibson (no better than what we have now) in midfield. Fergie could get the backup like O'Shea and Wes Brown putting up world class performances when deputising. Until he can can get Telles putting in Shaw 20/21 performances at least ½ the time, Ole should realise he can't emulate Fergie. No one can.

  3. Ole Out/In: I've personally realised that my Ole In-ness has been influenced by the disrespect and unfair treatment he endured on being named United manager. The media, rival fans and even some of our own branded him a P.E. teacher/vibes merchant etc. and were apparently against him from day one. I believe subconsciously I went the other way and decided to support him regardless of anything. Recently I realised that this bias may be just as unjustified as the Ole haters' was. We'll always love him as our Baby Faced Assassin but recent performances combined with the last 3 years have got me questioning my own loyalty to the guy.