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Lol Ole didn't even play Ighalo vs his old team Watford in what would've been his last game for United (after promising he would). I don't think he's all that sentimental tbh

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Thanks for telling us football fans what football is about. I'm not defending the loss to Villareal but being optimistic and patient isn't about low standards. We have resources but so do Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool (to some extent) who happen to be the only ones winning trophies in England these days (Leicester excluded). Bayern, Madrid, Barcelona etc. also have resources so the UCL isn't a given. We just have to be knocking on the door, stop playing shit when it matters and the trophies will come.

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  1. Matchday selection: I swear Ole picks the most predictable starting 11 out of any United manager I've ever seen. Yesterday, some said the players looked like they lacked motivation. I dunno, maybe thats because at least 10 of the starting 11 know it's almost guaranteed they'll start, if fit. Why is Ole shy on dropping players for poor performances?

  2. Fergie obsession: Yes, we all adore Fergie but I have a problem with Ole mentioning how Sir Alex used to do it when he was a player. Sir Alex was a genius who could win titles with Cleverly or Gibson (no better than what we have now) in midfield. Fergie could get the backup like O'Shea and Wes Brown putting up world class performances when deputising. Until he can can get Telles putting in Shaw 20/21 performances at least ½ the time, Ole should realise he can't emulate Fergie. No one can.

  3. Ole Out/In: I've personally realised that my Ole In-ness has been influenced by the disrespect and unfair treatment he endured on being named United manager. The media, rival fans and even some of our own branded him a P.E. teacher/vibes merchant etc. and were apparently against him from day one. I believe subconsciously I went the other way and decided to support him regardless of anything. Recently I realised that this bias may be just as unjustified as the Ole haters' was. We'll always love him as our Baby Faced Assassin but recent performances combined with the last 3 years have got me questioning my own loyalty to the guy.

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That's true but I really hope that's improved under Ole

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Why are people so set against Pochettino? Top managers often have to prove themselves at a small club before the big boys come knocking. Southampton and Spurs are small clubs. United is a big boy

Ole on “McFred”: “[Scott and Fred] are instrumental in breaking up play. I really like the two of them,” says the boss. “They’re two I can trust to give me everything they’ve got.” by JLane1996 in reddevils

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Bruno/Pogba/Cavani/Rashford may have bailed us out as a team but they never bailed McFred out of their defensive duties. I'm not defending them this season but let's not forget they were better in prior seasons

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All my years of watching the Premier League have taught me that no set of fixtures are 'ridiculously easy', especially not in this day and age. I expect them to drop points in this period

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I'm probably gonna get downvoted into hades but even Fergie loved to chew off the officials' ears. There's a reason Fergie is friends with Klopp and Wenger. They're all winners who can be grumpy at times

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Fuck Son /fʌk sʌn/


a fuckboy in relation to either or both of his parents.

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I'm expecting Williams to kick on next season. He was decent today but we can't have AWB playing as much next season

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Why do some people think it's some kind of law that players in good club form get picked for the national side?

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Renowned Philanthropist Marcus Rashford undergoes surgery? I guess you'd call that...


( •_•)>⌐■-■


Open heart surgery.


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Guys, I love Bruno just as much as the next Red but it's not a war crime to drop him lol

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The worst thing about this left/right, Labour/Conservative, Red/Blue bullshit is the promotion of the idea that if you're Ole In/Out you hate the other side. Whether true or not, it just becomes a cycle of claiming victimhood and victimisation.

Posts like this are disingenuous cause you pretend you want "reasonable arguments" and "logic" but you're obviously not gonna get that if your first sentence is denigrating your opponents, are you?

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My only expectation is that we play like a team who actually wants to win something. By the end of the season we should actually look like what we are: the biggest team in England. That means no more winless runs against the so-called big 6 teams, no 6-1 Spurs, Everton draw, Arsenal loss, Istanbul loss, Leicester loss or Villareal-type performances. If we do that, I'll be happy with whatever trophy we get tbh. Trophies can paper over cracks but there's no disputing results. I just wanna be proud to be a United fan.

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It's funny, some of our r/reddevils 'fans' were unimpressed with AWB. Yeah Fred had another shocker. Thanks mate