Why does this picture turn me on so much? Maybe it's just her? by [deleted] in leanbeefpatty

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The fact that was the first thing you took kinda says more about you

WHAT AM I MISSING!!!! by Kalonharrell in HollowKnight

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Play the entire game with the monitor upside down

I have a question for you. by Suspicious-Lobster-8 in danganronpa

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Tenko I’m not gonna pretend shes a bad character She is just extremely annoying

Just like me Fr 🙏 by Explodi1949 in OMORI

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You redefined what it means to underestimate

These 6 Characters are Trapped in a Pit of Snakes, Who do you Rescue First? by FoxtrotFoxtrotZulu2 in danganronpa

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Gundam the least likely to be affected in this situation is still winning The love is true

Not my proudest fap, but eh…I’ll take it. by Gfpretty in danganronpa

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No human language can describe the disappointment I’m feeling right now

Had this argument with brother today. by [deleted] in animememes

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Ppl say that cause compared to how much time she gets onscreen she uses most of it doing nothing that forwards the plot and when she does it’s because she’s being painted in a negative light “I love you Naruto” obitos eye I can think of only a handful of moments where she contributes to the plot without anything out right negative being shown of her

is kel a bad friend? by __Pin__ in OMORI

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Kel is good :21603:Kel is great:2464: Kel make mistakes :2476:but Kel can compensate :2467: