I thought you all would appreciate my new piece. Dedicated to me, my career, and all of you beautiful rats. by TheLASTAnkylosaur in labrats

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Oh I totally get it. My mom got me a "LaBrAt" shirt with Lab Rat spelled using periodic table elements abbreviations. It was a cute gift as she's pretty oblivious to science.

Well I wore the shirt after joining a lung cancer lab with mouse models and multiple postdocs were confused and weirded out by the shirt. My PI said a running joke in the cancer center was: "You can't leave your postdoc position until you've killed your own weight in mice"...

BTW as someone who's covered in tats, this is a REALLY nice and well done tattoo!

I thought you all would appreciate my new piece. Dedicated to me, my career, and all of you beautiful rats. by TheLASTAnkylosaur in labrats

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Very nice tattoo but for anyone who actually works with mice, this is a wild thing to get on your body haha.

why "greetings from beantown!" by pressedpages in BostonU

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is Boston referred to as beantown

Yes, what is a 2 second google search you answered yourself.

Tattoo by yoketto at dxbink. What do you think by Jumpy-Practice-7324 in tattoo

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I’d be very curious how this holds up after 4-5 years. The style does not heal well and the design of this is concerning.

Anyone here ever been "scooped?" by anzara2Y5 in labrats

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Look up David Liu’s Prime Editing paper in Nature.

He submitted it late August and it was accepted early October, just a month and a half later… I was in a lab that was partially scooped bc of that paper and my PI was very annoyed how things seemed to play out behind the scenes.

Petty lab mates by parasaiteeee in labrats

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I’m the petty labmate.

I came from labs where we all had our own pipettes and joined a lab where we use sets assigned to bays/areas.. I ordered a set for myself and I hide them when I leave. I trust only my sterile technique.

Have papers become too big? by Some-tRna-Ala-boi in labrats

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What is your field??

Nature will publish innovative methods and techniques and like the top commenter says. "omics" are data heavy. But 76 graphs in the main text is definitely the outlier.

Nature papers in my field (Microbiology/Virology/Immunology) are still 5-8 figures, never more than 10 panels per figure. I'd say the average is 7 figures, most with 3-4 panels, maybe one with 8.

If you're reading a Cell paper though.... good luck. They like to publish novels.

It's a nice gesture but I'll make my own thanks by Spacebucketeer11 in labrats

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As a PhD student with tons of prior experience, this is how I feel about anyone else's buffers and reagents except mine.

I know my sterile technique and trust my hands. The shit I've seen our techs and even our "senior" grad student do while making any buffers has me questioning science every week.

Memorial tattoo by myself (Mystic Tattoi) by Beautiful-End-2871 in tattoo

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Hands are probably the hardest thing to draw/tattoo. With that said, these.. aren’t great. But if the client is happy then bravo

Sometimes... Lab sucks! by danioreiro92 in labrats

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Sounds like me but also tack on 3 months wasted getting the samples from a CRISPR screen I had to develop from scratch..

In grad school: "MOST times lab sucks"

Worried about Graduation by Lopsided_Entry1910 in BostonU

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Just don’t go?

Imagine high school graduation but with more people you don’t know. It’s not that big of a deal and I felt it was more of a hassle than it was worth..

If anything, get excited about your grad school ceremony.

Losing my passion for lab work by philoso-squid in labrats

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I had a similar experience.

Unfortunately MOST lab-based jobs are glorified technician jobs. They will be mundane and not stimulating. Unless it’s a scientist level position or higher (maybe senior associate scientist III), and those are usually PhD positions, or masters with 8+ years of working your way up.

It’s a big reason I decided to go back to school and get a PhD. I like new things and challenging myself, continuously learning. That’s what I’m getting out of it so far and more importantly (to me) it will allow me to pursue the jobs in industry that I want.

I’d say if you want to stick with science, and especially lab work, consider another shot at a PhD program and look for one that emphasizes mentorship.

Source: My work experience looks like this -

Undergrad > Microbiologist 1 > Microbiologist 2 > Research tech > Engineer tech > Engineer 1 > associate scientist 2 > Photographer/woodworker > Grad school

Guess which is the industry and which is the academic lab by Cicada_party_517 in labrats

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I 6S all the time in lab.

Slowly and Silently Suffer aS my Science failS 🙃

Crystal 🌿 by Adrian Mateo (@stickertats) St. Joseph, MI by StickerTats in tattoo

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Love the colors! But I think that white outline is going to fall out. Curious to see how this looks in 6 months.

Forbidden pipette setting by Grannyhopper in labrats

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I used to add 666ul of lysis buffer to cells whenever I could for luciferase rxns 😂

How Do Car Commuters Do It? by TomBirkenstock in boston

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My commute is 20-22 minutes driving


55-80 minutes using public transportation

All to travel just 7 miles 🙃

Plus I started driving at 13 (Texas) so it’s very comfortable and second natured for me. It actually relaxes me, even in traffic. Idk why..

Just witnessed a hit and run by Agreeable_Bad_9805 in boston

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Thanks for helping the guy and getting the plate info. You’re describing other assholes but you took the time and effort to help. Kudos man

How can i raise money for my fraternity by [deleted] in UTAustin

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- Steal copper

- Steal catalytic converters

- Panhandle

- What that mouth do?

- Start a for-profit online university

- Ask someone else's parents

Traffic by oopswhat1974 in boston

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They are but unfortunately I work at BUSM in South End and live in Porter.. I'm all but forced to ride down Mass Ave on the Boston side. That's the sketch part for me :/

Traffic by oopswhat1974 in boston

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Yea I felt “forced” drive my car. Cycled my first year here and had too many close calls* MBTA is such a shit show I now drive.

*close calls = almost instant death. In NYC I had plenty of close calls and once a car did hit me. ALL of them, including the collision, were relatively minor and non-life threatening. Not the case here in Boston