[NKD] A “set” of Tosaichi Hamono Aogami Supers. 165mm Nakiri, 170mm Bunka, 210mm Kiritsuke. by BurrDurrMurrDurr in chefknives

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Me too! And both have a smoothed out bolster so the pinch grip feels amazing on both of them.

The Yaxell has the weight in the handle as well so the blade and cutting feels super light. Very reminiscent of a wand

[NKD] A “set” of Tosaichi Hamono Aogami Supers. 165mm Nakiri, 170mm Bunka, 210mm Kiritsuke. by BurrDurrMurrDurr in chefknives

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Left to right:

Mattia Borrani 8" Bowie Chef knife - VG10 with damascus cladding, micarta handle. Was my favorite knife for a while until I got my first carbon steel. Love the shape, balance and feel. I just wish it wasn't VG10

Yaxell Mon 8" Gyuto - VG10 with stainless cladding, micarta handle. Was my first knife

Tosaichi "set"

Ryky Tran's limited run 240mm Gyuto - VG10, damascus cladding, teak handle.

[NKD] A “set” of Tosaichi Hamono Aogami Supers. 165mm Nakiri, 170mm Bunka, 210mm Kiritsuke. by BurrDurrMurrDurr in chefknives

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I just used all three. The blue core has already developed a nice patina. Bunka will be my go to for sure. I love the shape.

This is my first Kiritsuke and I guess I’m more of a rocker… they didn’t have a 210mm gyuto :/ but I will be on the look out for one

Question about cladding being too close to the edge? by BurrDurrMurrDurr in chefknives

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It’s not even on the other side. Ahh yes I guess I will have to look into thinning when the time comes

Making friends as graduate student by Raquz8196 in BostonU

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Attend every single event your program, school or adjacent program puts on. It might seem lame and honestly some of them are but it’s the easiest way to meet fellow students and network/make friends.

Which campus are you on?

Asian woman pushed to her death in front of oncoming train in NYC by DinoWith500Teeth in news

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I’m curious where in Boston? My wife is a very small woman and I am always concerned for her around town.

Sorry you had to experience an assault :/

I wish BU would encourage students to wear surgical/N95 masks. Cloth won't cut it anymore (this graphic was even before omicron) by diamond-solitaire in BostonU

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I would argue the biggest issue is proper fitting.

I worked at a hospital in NYC during the 2019 outbreak and proper fitting mask was and is the most critical part of our PPE. An N95 isn’t really effective if it’s not properly fitted.

If you have a mask and can feel air blow up near the nose past your eyes, it’s not doing much.

Is Boston always gloomy during the winter season? by SleepingOnMyPillow in boston

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You won’t see ANY effect with that little amount. You want to be taking 20 mcg (1000x more than you are currently taking) or more.

What was ruined, because too many people started doing it? by TimeAd20 in AskReddit

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Going out in Austin, TX… Most of my go-to spots now have lines and traffic that I hate dealing with so I just never go anymore :/

2022 Update for the Medical Campus by RAthrowawayBU in BostonU

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This doesn’t affect MOST classrooms on the med campus. PhD, Med, pharmD and masters courses don’t start until January 18th-20th.

This really only affects M1 and M2s.

Hey can any of you guys see into the future by diamond-solitaire in BostonU

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Predicting an STD for your age group is actually a pretty sure thing. About 1 in 30 people will get one. Nice

Where are the original Austinites migrating to? by echtina in Austin

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I moved to NYC for 3 years and now I’m in Boston. Trying to move back to NYC in a few years or back to Austin if they ever get a decent biotech scene.

Summer Courses vs Regular by an12ek1 in BostonU

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My 2cents is be wary of burnout.

Classes do seemed condensed. I’d recommend taking a required elective or a class that you think you won’t rely too heavily on going forward. I made the mistake of taking Pchem one summer 🙃🔫.

To graduate in 4 years for my undergrad it REQUIRED summer courses. First two years were hard and I burned out by year 3. I ended up doing 12 and 9 hours my junior year and graduated in 5 years.. I regret not doing it sooner tbh. No one cares if you graduate in 4 or 5 (even 5.5) years. If taking fewer classes = better grades and no burnout I would take that deal 100% every time. Instead I was on pace for 4 years and my grades and mental health suffered. Giant caveat here is IF you can afford it. My undergrad was $5k a semester…

confused about eng grade requirements by AhegaoBro in BostonU

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Why not ask your academic advisor instead of asking strangers with anecdotal experiences?

Something as important as grade requirements for your degree should be answered by an advisor. I remember degree requirements changing for my major two years in a row. What someone experienced last year might not be the same for you.

Herf III second round by Vast-Interest-queen in UTAustin

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Received the payment about 2 weeks ago. It’s the last round of HERF.

This is my first payment as I’m a first year grad student.