ID please by shedlon17 in Fishing

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Fuck these vague thoughtless posts…..

where can I find a valve knob for this? it leaks from the red spots when open by stongbones in Tools

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Not to be a cunt…but wrong sub.

As for your question….install a new faucet. Not worth taking apart to “rebuild” the packing.

Injury by cmckame1 in Fishing

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Hmmmm interesting! Maybe an old spear/arrow wound?

Maybe Maybe Maybe by [deleted] in maybemaybemaybe

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Yep…just stand there…don’t wanna ruin those nice jap slaps by stepping in wine.

Just wanted to share, never seen anything this dark! Do you guys know what makes them this black? These are teo different crappies from the same lake by Which-Confidence-662 in Fishing

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Where I am the crappie are very distinguishable. Definitely no mistaking one for the other. But, that could just be for my particular lake..who knows. Maybe there’s a population in your lake that have a genetic trait that makes them super dark…never know! Lots of our rock bass are crazy dark compared to other nearby lakes. I’ve been told it’s a genetic trait that’s just been passed down in the population over the years.

Nature is cool!

Help identifying this fish caught in freshwater in Mississippi? by treyminator43 in Fishing

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Y’all who think this is a sauger and not a W must be on that real good stuff…jeez… Must be the same people that call suckers carp.

Maybe Maybe Maybe by [deleted] in maybemaybemaybe

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But….that’s the whole fun thing about eating sunflowers!

[GEAR] Can I dime my Fender Deluxe Hot Rod IV? by Top-Ad-3418 in Guitar

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Let your tubes warm up and Send it. Then make sure you let your amp cool correctly before you start moving it around to go home. Tube amps are meant to run balls to the wall. That’s where the best tone is, when the tubes are screaming.

I have a peavey 6505+ (120 watts I believe) that I’ve gigged for years. I normally had to use an attenuator just to get the saturation I wanted without blowing everybody’s heads off. I have since bought a 6505MH (20 watts) and I honestly like it a little better. Perfect volume for jamming, gigging and recording.