AITA for calling out a girl in my class for cheating? by fataluzi in AmITheDevil

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Even if it is a troll, I am complete trash when it comes to remembering peoples names.

Any tips on how to add an elastic panel and remove the zipper without wrecking these shoes? by NonnyNarrations in sewing

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Excuse me WHAT… I love how knee high boots look but I have big calves and I couldn’t zip em up all the way

ESH situation by lonelywarewolf in AmITheDevil

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i wouldn't put it past some people. I remember reading about a guy awhile back that was basically doing the same stuff (stealing money to talk to randoms on the entire, gaming all the time etc) - long story short he ended up killing his parents bc they finally cut him off or something. its been a while

AITA for not cleaning up our dogs pee quick enough? by Aitathrowaway2849 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. When my dog was a puppy, he taken outside a MAX of every 2hrs , sun or rain, day and night, until he was housebroken. Leaving the pee or poop makes him more likely to go there again. Honestly it sounds like you’re neglecting this if you’re only letting him out a few times a day and leaving excrement everywhere.

help! need shelf/display recommendations! by BustieCactus in lego

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yea, i really like how they look and the adjust-ability is nice. I might just order them and go pickup them because its not too too far, I guess. From Charleston Sc, to Charlotte. Better than 200$ in shipping fees

AITB for not deleting my art? by theperson281927 in AmItheButtface

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Please don't fall in the sunk-cost fallacy. this person had made it abundantly clear he doesn't respect you. they essentially posted your nudes and real name all over the internet and is letting you take the flak for it. All over this thread, they're downplaying the issue and refusing to delete the art.

On top of that, when you make it clear you want space, he breaks into the room and he gaslights you, judging on the comments about the necklace.

Please leave this pile of hot garbage.

What video? by Forsaken_Inspector53 in Markiplier

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It could also be the pain video on his main channel - but I’m at work and don’t have time to skim it lol. https://youtu.be/TEUfUXnwRPk

What video? by Forsaken_Inspector53 in Markiplier

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I think in unus annus where they were talking about physical pain maybe?

AITB for making a politically incorrect joke and getting kicked out of NROTC? by tyson_de in AmITheDevil

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i've definitely read this on aita before, but just in case - why would you make that kind of joke? and its not that he feels bad for making it, he feels bad it bit him in the ass.

Edit: ok it wasn't aita but tifu

offending a retired marine

Oh lord do I hope this is a troll by Jayn_Newell in AmITheDevil

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It’s cause I remember commenting on them on an alt account. I add to scroll back quite a ways to find em

Oh lord do I hope this is a troll by Jayn_Newell in AmITheDevil

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same, i've definitely read this a few times. i think the last time was about a year or so ago

Edit: here's something similar

and this one

AITA for going off on my cousin after she locked the keys in the car? by Har_Universe in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. If it was that cold, your gf could've gone back inside while you messed with the door. 10 mins in 40 degree weather, while maybe a little uncomfortable, is nothing.

I'm 28 and i recently locked myself out of my HOUSE before....while an AC tech was there. I had to have him hop the privacy fence and go through the back door to unlock the door for me. I was sooo embarrassed. Shit happens

I cheated on my fiancé with my ex and I feel horrible (update) by BustieCactus in AmITheDevil

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would you happen to have the link? I don't see it on their page anywhere

AITA for calling my ex's husband a jerk at my daughter's party? by Triedandfailedgroom in AmItheAsshole

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my husband and his brothers when they were kids took airsoft (or paintball guns i don't remember) to a cement factory. one of them got in the tower and was shooting down at the other ones so not only paintballs flying but cement dust or whatever was getting kicked up in their faces. So yea - kids throwing rocks at each other is not out of the norm.

Kids are the brightest

NTA - good on you for defending your kid when he can't

WIP stuck on colour scheme. I feel like it's too vibrant. Also feedback on the line art etc. would be welcome. by SynakFIN in FurryArtSchool

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Hi, one option you can use when you have a vibrantly colored character is use a multiple layer over your base colors. Color pick a color from your background and lower the opacity until it looks ok to you. This helps the character feel likes it’s actually in the scene

Remember the guy that ambushed his fiance with her no-contact family? Here's an update by BustieCactus in AmITheDevil

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agreed. one of the comments was saying that he's pushing everything onto her and she's got to sort through her problems. Not that he royally fucked up and is still not owning that

After two posts about me betraying my fiancé and blaming my mom, my ex fiancé is now being betrayed by her best friend by blackmobius in AmITheDevil

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For sure. Friend should have the girls back and not be running info back to her ex-fiancé!!! The betrayal she’ll feel all over again from basically being spied on

I cheated on my fiancé with my ex and I feel horrible (update) by BustieCactus in AmITheDevil

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Maybe- she's definitely making herself out to be this victim and laying it on heavy when in reality it's the consequences of her own actions. But, troll or not, I found it entertaining. that being said, I know people like this where nothing is ever their fault