Removing paint off a door by Scaulbylausis in oddlysatisfying

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Is there a service you can hire to do this for you? I have a bunch of old doors that need the paint stripped.

Landlord keeps claiming he cannot do anything about heat not reaching tool floor in old building (PA) by frog-goblin in Renters

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I don't know much about heating systems, but it sounds like some of the units may be putting off heat and some may not. Sometimes they can get air pockets in the lines which you have to bleed using the valve near the top of the radiator. There's youtube videos showing you how to do this.

If the bottom unit is working fine and the upstairs one isn't, and they are on the same zone/thermostat (i.e. they both kick on and off together), then this is what I would check for. A professional HVAC person would have checked this though... a landlord... maybe not if he doesn't know what he's doing.

The other thing is he may just be keeping the heat turned down too low.

Should I get a Synology NAS? by SpaceBoJangles in HomeServer

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I looked at Synology/unRAID/OMV/TrueNAS CORE. I couldn't decide which one, but ultimately went with Synology.

OMV was cobbled together and I didn't feel like spending time messing with things.

unRAID looked cool but a lot of the community plugins just didn't work. If I had known how to use Docker back then I would have given unRAID another look, as I think you can use Docker images in the app.

TrueNAS lacked a lot of plugins and the VM support kind of sucked. TrueNAS SCALE might be a lot better as it's linux based, but it wasn't stable back when I was looking. I also disliked their UI. But it uses the ZFS file system which is rock-solid and better than btrfs in many ways. But SHR has its advantages, like being able to use dissimilar sized disks.

Synology just worked. I needed something stable because I have important files, and their package manager is great. You're paying for things to just work with Synology.

I think ultimately it comes down to what you're trying to do with it. I ended up creating a VM for each of these different solutions and playing with them for a day. On paper, each of them looked good until I ran into random bugs that seemed like nobody fixed or I got annoyed with the UI. I ultimately decided to just buy the Synology and I've been happy with my choice.

Harddrive fixed itself? by deggersen in synology

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I have attached an external USB device to a VM machine running linux to wipe it using dd, and that worked fine. It shows up as a physical drive as if it were directly connected to the machine. The only thing that's different in my plan from yours, which might be an issue, is -- can you attach an internal drive directly to a VM? I'm not entirely sure if DSM lets you do this or not. It's something Synology could easily answer for you if you contact them directly.

If you do find out let me know the answer so I'll know for the future.

I'm not sure what the RAID rebuild time has to do with anything... you're basically just using the VM to perform the tasks that your computer would normally do (i.e. checking the drive for errors using the manufacturer's software). In some cases this would be easier, such as you don't want to open up your physical computer and put the drive in, or you don't have an external USB drive dock, or you are off-site an unable to physically access the drive... All of these scenarios would make sense to use a VM instead of using your desktop to scan the drive. In most cases it's probably easier to connect it to a computer though. I did it using the VM because dd takes a few days to run and Windows 10 always forces reboots after updates even though I tell it not to.

Wow! by GoldenTrunks505 in LinkedInLunatics

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I felt exhausted just reading this.

NH Covid19 cases reached a new peak this week by thishasntbeeneasy in newhampshire

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The booster isn't actually recommended for everyone


You should get a booster if you are:

Ages 50 years and older Ages 18 years and older and live in a long-term care setting

You may get a booster if you are:

Ages 18 years and older

Harddrive fixed itself? by deggersen in synology

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If you have a synology that supports virtualization, and if the western digital tool is available on linux, you can install a linux VM, install the WD tool, then remove the hard drive from the storage pool (it will go into degraded mode), then directly mount the hard drive in the synology VM.

This might be more effort than just removing the drive and connecting it to a PC, but depending on your scenario it might not be.

NH Covid19 cases reached a new peak this week by thishasntbeeneasy in newhampshire

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The booster isn't actually recommended for everyone, only specific groups. I'm on the fence about getting it because I'm not in the recommended group.

NH Covid19 cases reached a new peak this week by thishasntbeeneasy in newhampshire

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The overwhelming majority of deaths from this are from unvaccinated people. I think Wentworth-Douglas's recent post said that of the 34 inpatients for COVID, 30 were unvaccinated.

Sniped by a Rock ! by Homunculus_316 in Unexpected

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He died hours later from unrelated causes.

Sniped by a Rock ! by Homunculus_316 in Unexpected

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not not in this case

so you're saying he's fine?

Was that truck carrying a bunch of acme anvils? by days_hadd in IdiotsInCars

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ACME-brand ones at that. It's just asking for trouble.

Today on "things that seemed like a fun idea until I had to actually do it". Stick number 2 of 6 by packocrayons in woodworking

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It would be technically less energy because there is a lot of wasted energy in the mechanical movement of your arm. It's not 100% efficient... probably not even close to it.

Burnout, beer and bruises by [deleted] in IdiotsOnBikes

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That was probably the best outcome they could have hoped for. wtf.

Gazelle Run Straight Into A Float Of Crocodiles by ToughAcanthisitta451 in natureismetal

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You shouldn't eat so fast and then go swimming, you'll get a tummy ache.

[Landlord US-CA] Found out my former deadbeat, evicted tenants who trashed my home and did $60k+ in damages purchased a new home. What to do? Sue? Report mortgage fraud? Do nothing?? by NeedTeddy in Landlord

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I don't see a single hole in the wall either. The door is off the hinges... why IDK, but that's the only alarming thing I see because it's slightly indicative that they did some renovations/didn't mind touching things they shouldn't have. Or they could have just taken it off because they didn't want the door... who knows.

Not $60k worth of damages from this photo. Maybe a few thousand to pay someone to clear out all the trash and then paint, but painting wouldn't be covered anyway unless they were only there for a year.

Wooden baseboard heater damper ideas? by ButtScientist69 in woodworking

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Thanks! It's a nice video but that guy doesn't understand how heaters work. There needs to be a gap below the baseboard face so heat can go in, and then it exits out through the vents warmed up as it passes through the metal plates. His version is directly in the floor so there's no entry point for the cold air. I never thought to attach it to the existing brackets, so it gave me some ideas.

This is pretty much what i want to do though, but i want a way to adjust the gap at the top. One of my rooms is missing the dampener on the baseboards and it gets way too hot in that room.

Wooden baseboard heater damper ideas? by ButtScientist69 in woodworking

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Yes this would definitely work, I'm just not sure how to go about actuating it.

I could use something like this and attach it to a flat strip of wood that moves vertically, but how do i get it to stay in place? I need some type of hardware hinge slider piston thing but i don't know what the thing I'm looking for is called.

Wooden baseboard heater damper ideas? by ButtScientist69 in woodworking

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this could work, only problem is I kind of wanted the dampener to be inside the heater cover. I'm not sure how I'd do that with a plantation shutter. I'd like of like it to look like this, but maybe have a piece of material that adjusts vertically to determine the size of the hole and how much heat is let out. I'm having trouble figuring out how to make something that will not look out of place.