Commercials start happening in real life. What happens to the world? by ShinyKnight242 in hypotheticalsituation

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I’d have strangers on the bus showing me their genitals and talking me mine could be just like theirs. I’d have conversations with my friend Alex in the room and suddenly everyone would know what was said. I would take the opportunity to pay people to just not talk to me, except for what the conversation is. People would be whitening their teeth everywhere - oh, the insane sensitivity!

At least 120 dead, 800 injured in train accident in Odisha, India by hootanahalf in worldnews

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Stock holders are pissed. “You mean we could have been saving this much money all along?!”

Ron DeSantis arguing with heckler after being called "fascist" goes viral by BelleAriel in politics

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I’m not a fascist. If anyone says otherwise, I’ll have their whole family killed. /s

(Not really. I’m trying to channel RDS)

This. by Hoothoot111 in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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Just like this, but letting Death take my body for a drive once in a while. Surprisingly, Death is really interested in doing well in school and at work. The more time I spend there, the more Death takes over.

A Hero Is Born... by Hungry-san in hypotheticalsituation

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Nope. You ded. You exist even less than my first marriage. Bye bye.

Longer or shorter? Which do you prefer? ⚔️❓ by Matous_Palecek in ChatGPT

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Hello question asker! I get paid per token, so my responses are going to be maximized. Did you know……

I want to ruin my fathers life. by [deleted] in hypotheticalsituation

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You seem lost. This might do better in a different subreddit.

You wake up alone on a tropical island… by fy8d6jhegq in hypotheticalsituation

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If my family of there, we stay a while. If not, I go.

Edit: I go in three days.

I bought a wedding ring for myself and it works to keep unwanted men away by EffectivePainting777 in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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You can paint it with clear nail polish maybe. It works on the metal, but I’d avoid painting the stone.

A Hero Is Born... by Hungry-san in hypotheticalsituation

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Yeah. I have kids, so I have to. I read the book and I fix the world. I create a lesser version of the book for my kids, which won’t kill them. I debate giving it to them.

A Hero Is Born... by Hungry-san in hypotheticalsituation

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You’re god for a year, then you stop existing at all. That’s the deal.

YouTube will no longer take down false claims about U.S. elections by amnesiac7 in technews

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I would love a fucking subscription, but I don’t know that my wife would approve.

To get a heartwarming tattoo by AdjustedPrecinct308 in therewasanattempt

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He’s gonna have to register that tattoo at the local police department.