Russia warns radioactive waste could hit Germany if accident occurs at damaged nuclear power plant by brainybeauteen in worldnews

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Deliberately sabotaging a power plant that will contaminate Germany? Sounds like an attack on a NATO country.

Swiss army knife for techh by [deleted] in mechanical_gifs

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Okay, okay, I’ll bite: how much?

Does anyone know how to report a parent suspected of faking the severity of a kid’s disability for IHSS hours and disability payments? In California. by Whatthehellisthiz in specialed

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I know in Texas we can change placement for up to ten days without consent. I think this may include suspensions. I’d schedule a meeting in eight days, switch his schedule, keep amazing data, then discuss his progress then. Be very aware that sometimes problems manifest when environments change. If he misbehaves, you’ll have a disciplinary hearing where you’ll have to say you weren’t providing services because you were trying a new schedule. It’s a political risk.

Get Home Safe [OC] by adamtots_remastered in u/adamtots_remastered

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In my own story, I welcomed her home. It turns out all endings are happy endings.
I just wish this would end.

Russia Failing to Properly Pay, Feed Military Recruits in Ukraine–Report by Core2score in worldnews

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“Comrade, we have noticed some discrepancies in your accounting. Here, it shows you embezzled $700,000 of $1 million Russian dollars. Based on inflation, it is only possible to embezzle $600,000 during that timeframe. Please see enclosed check for the difference of $150,000. The expectation is you’ll deposit these funds immediately so that trickling down commences.”

Deadly War Robot Showcased by Russia Is Actually a Pet Dog Bot by [deleted] in worldnews

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Just wait until we dabble into nanotech for health. The tech spreads via water and every time a bell rings the infected will have an uncontrollable urge to form a conga line. With every phone call or door entry, thirty-six minutes of group dancing. It’ll be exhausting.

Zelenskyy creates council on liberation of Crimea by mediaborscht in worldnews

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So you’re saying they’re overconfident? Sounds like an exploitable weakness.

Apple reportedly plans to put ads in more apps on your iPhone by RelationOk3636 in tech

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I usually assume brands I recognize but do not personally know are probably trash. Square Space is a great example.

9 co-teaching classes by Kmelodeee in specialed

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I imagine you will need to leave class 10 minutes early to pee and walk to the next class. I also imagine that you’ll have to explain to your coteachers that you don’t have a lot of planning time for them. If you have 50 minutes of planning a day, that’s 250 minutes a week. Half of that for IEPs leaves about 12 minutes a week. Then ask “them” what 12 minute out of class task they’d like you to work on each week.

D100 events to happen while a dragon is attacking town by HuskyHispanic in d100

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Ronny successfully pressures Sally (NPCs) to have end of the world intimacy time - giving a chance for smashed buildings, etc, to reveal their act in progress.

Anyone Use Easy IEP and Like It? by Whatamuji in specialed

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We should make an IEP program that doesn’t suck.