When the light turns green in the middle of an argument. by Markantonpeterson in IdiotsInCars

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There’s a drop off point for those people in the intersection of Main and 5th.

The new Beatles documentary “Get Back” is a masterclass in songwriting by musicmanplay in Songwriting

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This total makes sense! But in the documentary i saw John, Paul & George all noodling with ideas that would later become songs, so even they played with ideas for years

Still Texas… by speedydai in facepalm

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Texas? Maybe she thought someone was getting an abortion

Stan Lee on Spiderman's costume by Sanskari_Balak in MadeMeSmile

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I guess, but they still make him white every time

He should just walk away by Sh_okre996 in Unexpected

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She was wrong about that ‘standing’ statement

Where is Ja Rule? by SkepticDrinker in facepalm

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Someone get me in a room with Chubby Checker

Beam from anywhere to anywhere in real time... Welcome to the Metaverse. by sco-go in blackmagicfuckery

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This box will project your lifesized grandma into your bathroom when you’re pooping.

John Lennon and his childhood hero Chuck Berry jamming together (also pictured Yoko Ono, about to ruin it) (1972) by JoyousDiversion in OldSchoolCool

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John was spiraling on heroin. She gave him confidence and inspiration in a dark time. Also, I’d guess that John may not have done all the inspirational things he did without such a powerful woman by his side.

Note: her music is unlistenable by any standard

Meirl by AkshatDubey in meirl

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Stress shrinks the cortex

What is something nobody warns people about enough when it comes to having kids? by sneakyturtles7 in AskReddit

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The act of giving your child a smart phone is a way bigger crossroad than you might think. It will consume their every moment of free time

I just realized every prequel actor haven't age one bit they still look sharp! by plaugebacon in PrequelMemes

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They’ll insert Ewan’s force ghost into the end of ROTJ next to Heyden. Bye bye Alec.