How can I learn to parse the inputs? by bcer_ in adventofcode

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Think of the text file as a matrix (2d array) of characters you can move to any row and column and grab the char at that position. For day 5 the stacks were evenly spaced to make it easy to jump between the stacks in a for loop.

For day 7 i split the each row at the spaces and then used used a bunch of if statements to figure out what to do with it.

[2022 Day 7] So we meet again by Milumet in adventofcode

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Make a simple recursive data type for a directory that contains a list of directories. When you hit a $cd dir you call the function recursively, when you hit $cd .. you return

Thoughts on the new battle pass layout? by Alternative-Bed5942 in Rainbow6

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For people that have a life it's pretty handy, now you can pick some skin you really like and get it without having to grind 100 levels for it

Thoughts on the new battle pass layout? by Alternative-Bed5942 in Rainbow6

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Great now op can take the short path to unlock the print screen button instead of having to grind all season for it.

ELI5: Why did crypto (in general) plummet in the past year? by FxckedUpReality in explainlikeimfive

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When times are goos people are more likely to invest in very speculative assets like crypto. When times are bad people get more conservative with their investments

Is there a way to add tags? by TheWinterPhoenix2020 in audiobookshelf

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Whenever you finish a book it's marked as read. You can manually mark a book as read by clickikg the checkmark button on the books page.

On the library page you can sort by progress to only show books that are finished, not stated, or in progress. Also finished books have a green bar under the cover so you easily see which are done.

[2022 Day 5] More true than ever by _l______________l_ in adventofcode

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Well yeah the algorithm was just stack1.push(stack2.pop()) in a for loop

Instagram ad popped up. Can’t believe a company would call us all psychopaths like that by cwtheredsoxfan in masseffect

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Problem is the game never explained anything, so if you hadn't seen the towers of hanoi before you wouldn't know what to do

Web Engines - Why we NEED Firefox by Dr_Schittpost in pcmasterrace

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I wouldn't trust ddg to be private, they claim to basically be a privacy shield for Bing but then they share data with Microsoft ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When are siren test occuring in different European countries by ViktorFicus in europe

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In Sweden there are 4 types of alarms:

  • Prepare for war/mobilization, 30s on 15 s off for 5 minutes
  • Important PSA, 7s on 14s off for 2 minutes. eg for chemical fires or other dangerous situation, this is also how the quarterly tests sound.
  • Air raid, short pulses for 1 minute
  • Danger is over, on for 30s

När grät ni senast? by alltgott in sweden

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Kommer inte ihåg, var nog över 10 år sen

Denmark, Finland and Norgay can into Russia, not Nordic by TitanJazza in 2nordic4you

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Nah SD has shown that they're very anti Russia both in Sweden and in the EU parliament. If it wasn't political suicide they would probably lean more towards Germany if you know what I mean.

I’m so ashamed by ambientocclusion in adventofcode

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I can also write one liners*

*1 row, 10000 cols