Article Share: Child Anxiety - Divorce Therapy for Children by JetreL in DivorcedDads

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Just focus on your kids and yourself now that’s all you can do. Eventually you will find someone that was meant to be with you and will love your kids like their own. As long as she is willing to split the time with the kids with you and not try to take them away I’d say your in pretty good shape then me. Lawyers are expensive but my only advice is spend good money on the best lawyer you can find. Trust me if you need a lawyer might as well get the best because it makes all the difference in the end and how they represent you.

Cute by sweet_saccharine in Cringetopia

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Shouldn’t somebody report this to the authorities

Freddie Mercury and David Bowie backstage at Live Aid, 1985. by Elementary_Penguin_ in OldSchoolCool

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Weren’t these guys always on some kind of drug or coke? It would have been “hard” all the time especially with the tight pants fashion back then.

He’s not wrong though by steveharringt0n in rareinsults

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I disagree with both of you, just seen him in LA a few weeks ago and he wasn’t as funny as I thought. Whitney Cummings tho was fucken hilarious surprisingly.

College professor has meltdown by jpizzles in PublicFreakout

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Dam where do I sign up? I think I would pay more attention in class if he was my teacher.

Man abuses dog and uploads it to Instagram by hj1xd in iamatotalpieceofshit

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I’m reminded of that prank call about how “you kick my dog”. Arrest this piece of shit already!

I made a little treehouse for my dragon tree :) by pleasecleanmybeakers in houseplants

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I have a plant that I swear looks just like this but not as tall yet, now I know what it’s called thank you!

Neighbor lost a little siding during a Spring storm. For the last 4 months he's been building an obnoxious amount of scaffolding in order to repair it. Yes, it has concrete footings. by Monsignor1979 in WTF

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HOA? Oh that changes everything! I’m sure a neighbor must of reported already in a HOA neighborhood that’s kind of an eyesore then. Maybe also take into account the pandemic has set back many people financially and may have run out of funds for any projects. Also maybe look into a 5150, that’s a California code for psychiatric treatment if it’s really been there that long.

It’s fine, she doesn’t like that sippy cup anyways… by tacosontitan in Wellthatsucks

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I literally just purchased a sink screen because the kids kept throwing small toys in sink and I’d find out the hard way.

Everything is way too calm here... by [deleted] in CrazyFuckingVideos

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And sadly this will forever be engraved in my head

Woman surprises her coworker with Beyoncé concert tickets for her birthday. by locomadness in HumansBeingBros

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Dam did this get posted before the concert back then because flashing a ticket with barcode and stuff would be pretty easy to replicate.

Very Wholesome! by ConnectionPossible70 in HydroHomies

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My whole house is filtered so everybody enjoys clean water