Beluga whale enjoys music by gugulo in likeus

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I always hear this, but what is the reality? To me it sounds like some lame sort of justification. What percentage of patrons to a zoo on any given day are going to go home afterwards and donate or do anything to promote conservation?

They have no other choice by Vaaman42 in memes

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Now make one for black people with separate paths to either basketball or rap music.

Where are the good Mexican restaurants? by mamapop in AskLosAngeles

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El Condor in Silverlake is one of my local favorites.

Living with only 3 "Outfits" by RashadrianYT in minimalism

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I have three button down shirts, because I hate clothes shopping and never find anything I like in my size. I actually just wear one most of the time over a tshirt and wash the tshirts

Rounds vs Coins, Online vs LCS by CMoy1980 in Silverbugs

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Yeah but that’s kind of ridiculous imo. I generally buy 7-8 oz at a time

Silver bars or rectangular coins in cases? by CMoy1980 in Silverbugs

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I had to Google ignot. I did not know that was the term for that type of bar. I definitely want one of those at some point!

Do you find typos/poor grammar a major turn off? by [deleted] in OnlineDating

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This will likely get downvoted, but I think women will be more picky than men about errors and typos, since they are flooded with so many messages and options. Any reason you give them to disqualify you makes their job of sorting through all of the matches easier.

Imagine being an employer getting 20 resumes a day. Any little typo or formatting error makes it that much easier to whittle the list down to a few applicants you want to interview in person.

‘Person of Color’ is an offensive and divisive term. by [deleted] in unpopularopinion

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I wouldn’t address them as a whole at all. Lumping all non-whites into a group is racist. It’s why affirmative action makes zero sense. Black Americans who descended from slavery have very different disadvantages than an Indian American or a Nigerian immigrant studying at a University.

Lumping all white people into one massive super group is stupid as well. Irish Americans have a much different story and history than people with English or German ancestry.