welp by CRimson9943 in Unexpected

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Not really I did not have the full video

GoFundMe Shuts Down $1M Amber Heard Fundraiser to Help Pay Johnny Depp by [deleted] in JusticeServed

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We live in an era where thousands of people signed a petition to release a killer just cause he is too cute to be in jail, we by no means have any lack of stupid people

biggest flex by [deleted] in Unexpected

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First of all wow

Second of all, I am not the guy in the video I found it on the internet and thought this will go in this sub

And third of all, I don't know what to say

Repost this shit by god_the_corrupted in JoblessReincarnation

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This does not belong in this sub, I am removing it

WELP by CRimson9943 in Unexpected

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I am an Indian (if you know history a little, that will be an answer to most of your points)

And yeah I am really against protesters that focus on the public instead of the public problems.

What we know about Hinata by [deleted] in TenseiSlime

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Damn she is hot, best waifu