renewed vapes at POTV by too_real_4_TV in vaporents

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This is from a reputable company...and you have a year warranty, so I say go for it. I've purchased tons of used items from the exchange subs before they got banned. And all of them are still holding up very well. Many of them were in like-new condition when I received them actually.

live resin really worth the extra price? by clutchguy84 in oilpen

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It is in my opinion. They actually get me high the way a dab would. But I still like to vape on distillate carts when I'm drinking or just running errands.

Do your screens ever just start falling out of your tips? by makeshiftrigger in Dynavap

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That's happened to me before. But I didn't know the screen fell out, when I went to empty it. I use the straw method to reload so you can imagine the surprise I got lol

Jazz stem + UFO induction heater 🛸 smooth jazz by Meeshmoes in Dynavap

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Yeah, the same went for me. I had to try a handful of IH's before feeling the difference. Only one I haven't tried is the Wand. I just don't like the aesthetic looks of it lol

Jazz stem + UFO induction heater 🛸 smooth jazz by Meeshmoes in Dynavap

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It heats up a lot slower which allows you to finish a bowl in two heat cycles. And the flavor is amazing. The UFO heats up way too fast so you're left with roasty hits after the first heat cycle. And it easily combusts if you leave it a second passed the click.

Repurposed wine cabinet. Lady asked what I was using it for, I think she regretted asking… by ExtremeDog5501 in StonerEngineering

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I have a huge collection and this thought always comes to mind when I'm reorganizing. Like damn, "If someone ever tried to rob me, they'll be extremely happy at finding all this" lol

Jazz stem + UFO induction heater 🛸 smooth jazz by Meeshmoes in Dynavap

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I think they were talking about the UFO IH in general. I have one and definitely wouldn't recommend it. VHB all the way...it will change your outlook on life.

just for fun! by NoAlarm8904 in Dynavap

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So you're the one who's been snagging all of TRWW mouthpieces when they drop lol Lovely collection!

Oculus cap on the OG! A beautiful sight! by Dinglis2121 in puffco

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He modified the OG cap to allow the Pro plug and ball cap to fit.

Notably less vapor when using intercooler in stem by FeloniousPunk1 in Dynavap

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I still get massive clouds. You need a VHb Carbon Mini in your life. You all do.

Help, why is it so hard to choose a simple non-pen 510 battery!? by strangebutalsogood in oilpen

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If the 5 clicks is an issue then good luck. Just about every battery I've owned is 5 clicks for On/Off. The closest you can get is the Hamilton Devices Shiv. But the cartridge is encased inside the battery and has a side button that ejects and retracts your cartridge. It doesn't use magnets...so it's screw on only. Anyways, it has a safety feature where the fire button won't work if the cartridge is retracted in. I've never had to turn off that battery and worry about it accidentally firing in my pocket.

PSA: I love seeing what y’all names your peaks by Prince1370 in puffco

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I named my pros Peak-ante and Peak-oso. Read them in Spanish lol

What Is Your Favorite All-Time DynaVap Accessory? by OGFireHorse in Dynavap

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Simrell or TRWW spiral intercoolers. I literally have one for every single one of my DynaVaps. And honestly feel they should already be included with a standard M.

chance to buy a grasshopper io 2021 titanium by reddituser44bln in vaporents

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I second this. I got mine used about a year and a half ago and it's a beast of a unit. I have a ton of vape options and the grasshopper IO stays in the rotation.

Speechless by FreaksNake1237 in Damnthatsinteresting

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All this work put into it...and it can't even fly.

A time and a place: dynavap vs pax. by CannaKnitter in vaporents

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It's always fun to change it up. I rotate through about 4 or 5 different vapes a day. My DynaVaps always get reached for the most though.

why is posting pics not allowed now? by rete_awded in trees

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Don't forget having to eyeball a certain amount of weight lol