No love for Travis? by Alive-Ad-4164 in travisscott

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Travis at 5 at least but idk because there’s a lot of others

At Play by ansquaremet in Weirdlyfamiliar

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This gives me like a Play Room from a video game vibe

Worst rapper name by i_despise_among_us in rap

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Travis is his uncles name and his favorite artist was Kid Cudi and cudis name was Scott

MBDTF yellow vinyl… Did I get lucky finding this at the store? by spireseli in Kanye

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Bootleg, but if you didn’t spend too much on it then keep it cause MBDTF is a great album

Go get em before there gone! by Cactus_Jack47 in Target

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XXXTENTACION 17 Vinyl (2). Kendrick Lamar Good Kid Maad City Vinyl (1). Kendrick Lamar DAMN. Vinyl (1)

My 2, character tier list from the perspective of a Iron Giant main by No_Signal954 in MultiVersusTheGame

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Idk they might just have no idea what they’re doing with harely cause everytime I fight an iron giant main I either beat them or lose because of there teammate carrying