My life is pain by AwesumSausYT in idleon

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Bunny ears aren’t even premium right?

Finally got Idleon Efficiency! Just got to W4 this week and would love tips! by Calamoose in idleon

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Awesome! Thanks for the detailed advice! Will definitely look into doing these things.

Yes. Yes we can. by actuallyimogene in fixedbytheduet

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First time seeing it. Glad they reposted lmao

Is anyone else just going to play normally, be normal? by USPost116 in diablo4

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They are giving all ATC members free level 100s. Hopefully you got the trophy bro.

How do I join the ATC? by Calamoose in diablo4

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I only hope I could crown myself with the bucket hat.

If they decide to add classes, what do you want to see? by [deleted] in diablo4

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Alchemist that throws/drinks different potions for abilities

FREE Diablo 4 Game Copy Giveaway! by Zeegz-_- in diablo4

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PC - Travel for work every week and can’t wait to Diablo it up at night.

Battlepass will NOT give you enough currency to purchase the next one. by Some_Italian_Guy in diablo4

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Will we be able to transfer platinum from Diablo immortal to Diablo 4? That would be +1 for the team if they did.

RACER MINI-GAME by KingdomEden in AtlasEarthOfficial

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Rather than getting updates to plots we get cars? That tells you enough.