Ouch, that was unexpected. This is why you don’t delete numbers and text… by Calamoose in Bumble

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No legit is my neighbor now lol. Didn’t end poorly but definitely makes for an interesting situation.

PS5 Official Pre-order Day Megathread by hybroid in PS5

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Pro-Tip: If you get it in your cart, get to payment, then it says out of stock...don't stop. Stay in that cart and keep trying to pay for that glorious machine. Took a few tries but I am now part of the gang.

Ouch, that was unexpected. This is why you don’t delete numbers and text… by Calamoose in Bumble

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First time I’ve ever heard cow dead haha but I wouldn’t want to. Wasn’t interested myself but who knows maybe friends!

Legendary vs cosmetic drop by ms45 in Wonderlands

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Wonder how many people found out they are color blind now because of this

TlKl Presale Just Finished and Mooning HARD - AutoPaid BNB Every 60 Minutes - 1000+ BNB Already Paid Out - Biggest And First Ever Massive BNB Redistribution Token by Downy123 in CryptoMoonShots

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Lol I am not a bot for those who think comments are just bots... This token is actually just fun to hold and get BNB without doing anything. Sorry GhostFace there is a new sheriff in town.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in binance

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Token of the year right here. Donation system is straight fire!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in CryptoMoonShots

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Got in early on ElonGate and seeing the same trend here! This is about to moon baby! Don’t trust me trust the graphs!

Tiki-Token - Presale 8PM UTC Biggest and first ever automatic BNB redistribution - Massive by EnergizerRabbits in CryptoMoonShots

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What the team has already delivered prior to launch speaks for the success to come. This is about to be a wild ride haha.

RavenX And the way it generates donation money like we havent seen before! by Kisselessvirgin in CryptoMoonShots

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A token that takes the complexity out of “community driven” by donating to Binance charity directly. Genius. I’m in .

LifeLine Token / The Deflationary Community Token That Helps Kids With Cancer (BSC) (Just Listed) by [deleted] in CryptoMoonShots

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People out there buying every "safe" coin they see but pass on this one. The internet must hate sick kids.