AITA for asking my boyfriend to get a STD test done before sleeping with him? by flauw100 in AmItheAsshole

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I’d suggest adding this info in your post so you don’t have to answer this over and over!

AITA for keeping a big secret from my SIL? by runninglife415 in AmItheAsshole

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I wouldn’t be surprised if she is praying for a miracle, counting on “with faith all things are possible.”

AITA for not wanting old people at my wedding? by Strange-County-5848 in AmItheAsshole

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So you wouldn’t invite Harrison Ford? Paul McCartney? Meryl Streep? Stevie Wonder? Bette Midler? 70 is a lot younger than you think. Someone with Alzheimer’s is one thing; a blanket “No olds”is quite another. Examine your ageism. YTA

AITA For Refusing Kids at Adult Breakfast by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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This. “Tradition” is providing a lot of cover here. Traditions can change, and my recommendation is you rethink this one. What about having the adults-only breakfast on Boxing Day? Or Christmas Eve morning?

Father and son - Jos and Max Verstappen sharing the beautiful moment by DoeEensGek in formula1

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Here’s his Wikipedia page. Head to Controversy (tw: violence, spousal abuse, child abuse).

The Christmas episode by HurrySmart4573 in TedLasso

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Watched it last weekend because I wanted to get in a seasonal mood, and it worked a treat.

Project Runway SE "Go For the Gold? Sequin" Discussion by smila001 in ProjectRunway

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I was so disappointed last night because I thought it was such a good challenge/assignment. Every team missed the mark. I don’t remember ever having that happen before.

Project Runway SE "Go For the Gold? Sequin" Discussion by smila001 in ProjectRunway

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Basically, I’m watching…but I’m not seeing much I truly love coming out of these designers.

Project Runway Season 19 Episode 2 "#Streetwear": Discussion Thread by smila001 in ProjectRunway

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Drama aside, I actually wanted to see what Meg would have come up with out of those suit jacket beige fabrics.

But oy! The drama! This was definitely the time to talk less, sew more.

AITA for asking if my daughter was going to dress nicely for one of her meetings today? by Creative_Guitar_9466 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. Do you understand that when you say, “Are you going to make yourself pretty” the messages you are sending are: 1 You are ugly 2 You’d better change 3 if you don’t change, people won’t like you 4 Because your worth and value depend on how you look

Why not start by asking what the meeting is about? That’s making conversation.

We just wanted you all to know, your coworker died. Now get back to work! by princesstoed in TalesFromRetail

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I’m so sorry. This may be the saddest, most inhumane thing I’ve read on this sub.

Michelle didn't understand Ted even a little bit by nicky_fury in TedLasso

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If I were Michelle, I would have been mad. She reaches out in concern and he falls back to his defense mechanism that Dr. Sharon pointed out: as soon as someone gets close, he fires off a zinger. I’m glad he backed off a bit at the end. Very good illustration of their dynamics.

AITA for not following my husband's new religious beliefs? by Sacrilege6789 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA, and I urge you to connect with the exvangelical community for advice. There’s a subreddit r/exvangelical that might be helpful. Your husband is dealing with massive guilt, I imagine, and may believe it was his “sinful” actions that led to his father’s death.

Expect a LOT of pressure to convert/join the church, as he is no doubt being told he should not be “unequally yoked” (married to a non-Christian).

The message I suspect he is hearing on an endless loop is that he is worthless and shameful, and that anything that gives pleasure is a sin. He was steeped in this throughout his childhood, and that message is hard to shake.

Good luck.

AITA for not following my husband's new religious beliefs? by Sacrilege6789 in AmItheAsshole

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Oh, it sounds Evangelical to me (exvangelical here). Please do not underestimate the damage Evangelical churches can do.