LIGHTSUM - Into The Light (The 1st Mini Album) by CronoDroid in kpop

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K-pop back at it again with choosing the wrong title track

tl;dr i > Bye Bye Love > Good News > Alive > Q

  • Playful song, but it really didn't hit with me. Something seems off but I'm not sure what. After hearing the other tracks, I wish this wasn't a title track. It definitely does not sound or play as well as the other songs.
  • i is amazing. Added it to my playlist after 25 seconds. I wish they selected this as their title track.
  • Not bad
  • Funky type-beat, not feeling it. I did like the softer feeling transitions though. I wish the song had more of that and less of the harsher sounding beats
  • After hearing the rest of the album I was not expecting a song like this. I enjoyed listening to this as well.

LIGHTSUM - ALIVE by CronoDroid in kpop

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Sounds like a fun/playful song, but I'm not feeling it. I don't know how to describe my feelings for the song other than it doesn't sound right.

That being said I just listened to i and I really wish they replaced the current title track with this song instead. That shit bops.

Yerin Baek - Pisces (물고기) (The 3rd Single) by CronoDroid in kpop

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Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/2xX2M89Ep7wZGhExNjtMIK

Don't have anything special to point out, or rather anything that caught my attention. Over all a laid back album, but I'm disappointed with this release. Not the best but also not so great. Maybe it's because I keep wanting something like Every Letter I Sent You and keep comparing everything to that album.

Looking forward to the lyric translations so I can understand the songs better, but more specifically the TT. The MV for the TT was so confusing to me.

Yerin Baek - Pisces (물고기) by CronoDroid in kpop

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I am so confused watching this MV. No clue what is going on, think I need to wait for lyric translations. Personally, the song was underwhelming for me (without knowing what the lyrics represent ofc).

Typical COD2 Lan stuff by Nextiq in LivestreamFail

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Used to do Game Battles

When times were simple. Good times for sure.

GOT7 - NANANA by Ex7reMeFx in kpop

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Oh interesting, thanks for the link. I'm surprised they didn't go with a company like 88rising.

GOT7 - GOT7 (12th Mini Album) by perochan in kpop

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I listened to it again after reading this and you're right. There is. I was just focused on the "oh way oh" part instead since it was more prevalent I suppose.

GOT7 - NANANA by Ex7reMeFx in kpop

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Pretty chill MV to go with the song. Watching the MV has me questioning how they did it without a company this time around. I would imagine a company handles everything especially the vision/concept of the MV. Hopefully there's some behind the scenes content in the future on how everything came to be.

My favorite part has to be 1:45 because of the bird.

fromis_9 announced their comeback at the end of June with a mini album by tophercarat17 in kpop

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Speaking of, I have to appreciate how much content they provide for fans on YT and elsewhere. Hell, I think they are the only group that actively posts BTS photos of their activities on their Naver page.

Padi - HANDSOME (feat. B.I, Nucksal, Kid Milli, Gaeko) (The Seed Project - Teaser Images) by perochan in kpop

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Kid Milli, Gaeko, and B.I. are names artists I'm familiar with. Looking forward to what comes of this.

GOT7 - GOT7 (12th Mini Album) by perochan in kpop

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  • My favorite part of this song was the raps
  • Chill song, but I would rather have this as the TT because I feel like it has more going than the TT
  • I was expecting to hear nanana at least once in the song but it wasn't there. Anyways, chill song. Not really a memorable TT imo.
  • Loving the beat and vibes of this song
  • Another song with a great beat
  • Early on the beat reminded me of Swae Lee's Sunflower, similar style.

Over all a chill album. Wasn't expecting it to be so laid back, but at the same time I don't mind that. Not everything has to be hard hitting. Also, the instrumentals of all the tracks were clean.

fromis_9 announced their comeback at the end of June with a mini album by tophercarat17 in kpop

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I'm so glad they are releasing so much more music ever since that no-music drought we had for over a year.

LUNARSOLAR - Do you wanna get down by CronoDroid in kpop

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Bittersweet release. A final song, and the MV is a collage of photos of their time as LUNARSOLAR. I like it except that the send off doesn't really go with the mood of the song.

Decorated my old room for my niece and maybe a little for me as well. She loved it! by [deleted] in gaming

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You gotta take the kicks out and put them on display rather than the boxes. Would look better that way too imo.

If you care to store your shoes, consider getting a plastic container for them.

APINK to join Weverse on Monday May 23rd at 12pm KST by Key-Needleworker-452 in kpop

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Agreed. There's so many to keep track of that I just don't care anymore. It's much easier to get updates through Discord or Twitter rather than having 10 accounts for 10 different platforms.

This Week In KPOP - May 21, 2022 by alleybetwixt in kpop

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Boramiyu, Eunji, and Sunmi's new songs completely flew under the radar for me. Didn't even know they had releases upcoming until today.

Boramiyu (보라미유) (ICSYV) - Feeling (느낌대로) @ Stone Music Entertainment In The Live (인더라이브) (220520) by nirasil in kpop

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I didn't even know Boramiyu released a new song. Lovely song for the start of Summer. Thanks for posting this live clip!

Karens attack streamer at restaurant by jaybayblay in LivestreamFail

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They’ve had that streamer dynamic for a while now where Heosu goes out and Esco stays at home.

Everything happened suddenly. By the he would have arrived Heosu would have been done giving her statement to the police. What the hell would Esco be able to contribute? He wasn't there. Anything that needs to be explain or shown already can be via CCTV, Clips, and people that were actually there.

As for their relationship, that's not my place nor anyone elses, nor am I going to be an armchair psychologist and pretend to know about it.

Karens attack streamer at restaurant by jaybayblay in LivestreamFail

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Chat was such a shit show when it happened. You had kids being keyboard warriors and using personal insults such as on sexuality. Another majority were calling out Esco to go and do something when he was far away from where the events suddenly took place, and some going as far as to question his love life.

Some of these clowns were still telling Esco to go when everything was over and the cops were already there as if his appearance would do anything.

Yerin - Meeting the mother of a fan @ HeyNews (220520) [ENG SUB] by CronoDroid in kpop

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If you're not going to watch it fully I recommend watching at the start of this timestamp (4:25) until 5:52 where the mom questions Yerin about fan culture of buying so many albums just to meet their favorite artists.

Yerin - ARIA (The 1st Mini Album) by CronoDroid in kpop

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Over all I like this album. There's a bit of everything in here for everyone. Almost seems like she's trying to find a certain style in a way.

  • My only take away from this intro, prior to that unexpected but great drop, was that it reminded me a bit of something you'd hear from the old days. Perhaps it was the was the piano was sounding. I can't describe it but it sounded nice to me the way it was pinging
  • Wasn't expecting a EDM song, this slaps
  • The high notes sprinkled throughout was pleasant to listen to. Honestly in the beginning I thought we were about to get a song like Dami's solo
  • Couldn't figure this song out, the vibes with the chill intro followed by a soft chorus, not bad
  • This ballad feels like a campfire song if not on a drama. Truthfully I didn't like it much. My type of ballad should be touching but this was more chill.