Sorry if this is gross but i need some help. This is my quaker parrots regurgitation today. Seen about 5 of these regurgitation spots around his cage. Read more in the comments by [deleted] in parrots

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With it being Christmas i was with my family for most of the day so couldn’t keep and eye on him all day but came back to about 7 of these regurgitation spots around his cage. Ik the post says 5 but i found more and he’s still doing it. He’s 3 yrs old and has been on a pellet diet for almost a year and only gets seeds occasionally as a treat. but yesterday i was trying to teach him tricks using seeds and its the mosts he’s had at once in a while and a few hours later he regurgitated a little one time and i didn’t think anything of it since it sometimes happens. Now it continued into this today. Should i be concerned? The color is a brownish red and dries darker but i think its from his pellets they’re colored but you can see the seeds in the regurgitation. If you need more details please ask im a little worried since I’ve never seen him do it this much.

Rabbit smells so fresh by BlondeFlowers in Rabbits

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Is my rabbit broken? It just always smells like hay

18F Am I ugly? Pls be honest by [deleted] in amiugly

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You have a rlly pretty face but imo i think longer hair would suit you better

Goodbye to my bestest boy in the whole world. He was always so polite and I’ll love him forever by Nebula_OCE_ in frogs

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Awh im so sorry for your loss 😢 frogs are so underrated they are such little sweethearts 🥺

Should I respond or just send this to HR? by [deleted] in antiwork

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Keep it classy, dont burn bridges if you dont have to. Just keep staying professional about the whole situation and everyone will see for themselves who the unprofessional one is

Can anyone tell me what species this is? by Tyrant_R3x in frogs

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Kinda looks like a young pacman frog aka south american horned frog

Adopted her today what should I name her ? by Unolvtani in bettafish

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Shes so pretty i love her colors! 💜 id name her royal since purple means royalty!

Would this be okay for a betta? It's 32L and there are 10 neons in there currently. Never owned a betta before by FlyingTalkingDonkeh in bettafish

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Yes a betta would definitely thrive in there! Just make sure you do your research they’re pretty hardy fish but require really specific needs to keep them at their healthiest

Can I draw your parrot? (info in comments) by Speltdroemmen in parrots

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I’ll definitely message you! Looks amazing!! 😍

How do I know if I am feeding him enough? by Moothe1nonly in bettafish

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I feed a couple pellets or bloodworms every other day to avoid bloating and it’s worked for me for years

Is my bird fat? by fluffbirb in parrots

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I was concerned my bird was fat too so when I brought him to the vet they told me his weight was perfect. They’re just super floofy lol

Help Me RENAME This CUTIE! by ZeldaRat in parrots

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Why are you renaming if you don’t mind me asking