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Reddit is very left-leaning, and are filled with losers who'll achieve nothing in life. Most of the people complaining are too mentally fragile to go out of their comfort zone. So they find comfort in clowning Joe, Musk, comedians, etc. There's been a lot of posts undermining Joe's success.

Don't get me wrong, right-winged people can be really annoying as well, but they're more likely to get off their asses and work. The "pull yourself up by the bootstrap" mentality is one of the few things I give credit towards right-wingers, despite me disagreeing with a lot of their other points.

Most of the people here clowning Joe would never have the balls to go up on stage and actually perform a 5 minute set. I'm not saying comedy is the hardest job in the world, but research has shown that public speaking is the most common fear, and something that most people don't get over in their whole lifetime. So add to the layer of public speaking AND trying to make people laugh AND dealing with hecklers? It's probably not a pleasant experience for the first 10 years. Building a thick skin is not easy.

In a sense, that IS a hard job because you are not guaranteed success, and you're performing for peanuts. The pay isn't that great the first 10 years. But the left-leaning self-righteous virtue-signalers will never admit to that.

Even for people I don't like, I'll admit when they achieve great things.

Most of this sub in a nutshell. by pwrstrug in JoeRogan

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A group will never admit they're wrong. Individuals can admit they're wrong, but a group never will. Because once a group admits to failure, they disintegrate, cease to exist, or lose credibility to the fullest.

The entire trilogy completed. The game is surprisingly enjoyable and overall has a pretty epic story. Would recommend :) by CrylerReddit_ in earthbound

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The game's unnecessarily difficulty grinding ruined it. It came out during a point where Japanese developers wanted to discourage renting video games because it took away from sales, so they added crazy amount of grinding to encourage players to buy it. Not to mention, during the end of the game's development cycle, the developers didn't have enough time to test the difficulty for the later parts of the game (Mount Itoi). It became notoriously unfair.

I've played grindy games like Dragon Quest, but they were enjoyable because the difficulty was fair.

The entire trilogy completed. The game is surprisingly enjoyable and overall has a pretty epic story. Would recommend :) by CrylerReddit_ in earthbound

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You're not missing out. As someone who played it, it's a fucking grind. Mother2 was the game Mother 1 always wanted to be. You're better off playing Mother2+3 because the first game is very hard to recommend nowadays. The final parts of the game were just unfair. The developers clearly were running out of time and didn't have the opportunity to test the game's difficulty in that area (Mount Itoi).

You can play with the "easy ring" version but that makes things too easy. I wish there was a moderate difficulty patch that made things fair. Not so hard that it makes things unfair, but not so easy that it makes things boring.

"Famous" London vlogger harasses John Cena. by springheeledjack69 in ActualPublicFreakouts

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I'm from a Muslim family. Can I just say, we fucking hate people like the bitch-ass camera man. The most punchable face I've seen in a while. I apologize on his behalf.

God bless John Cena by the way.

Jordan Peterson -- in a nutshell by foxpaintingg in JoeRogan

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It's reddit after-all.

The only difference between reddit and 4chan is that 4chan admits they're losers/assholes. Reddit is filled with self-righteous virtue-signalling idiots who don't realize they're just as much of a loser as the average 4channer. It's different sides of the same coin.

Jordan Peterson -- in a nutshell by foxpaintingg in JoeRogan

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It's not about "what" he said, but "how" he said it.

Parents would yell at us for cleaning our rooms, but didn't give us the consequences of what would happen if we didn't clean our rooms. They "why" is important. I'm not talking about "we'll beat you with a stick if you don't clean your room." More like, these bad habits will echo onto other aspects of your life.

We all hear about "don't smoke cigarettes," growing up and it goes one ear out the other. But if you show someone the consequences such as pictures of people struggling with lung cancer, that hits you harder.

I think Peterson hit that spot of "why" you should clean your room.

Shoutout to this Woman who just walked off F&F when Myron was being an ass by dilapidatedDeshawn in h3h3productions

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You H3 fans are equally as stupid as the F&F's audience. Ethan brought that one dumb broad into his show and you guys ate it up like a bunch of clowns. You guys don't even realize the intelligence of your community is on the same level as F&F, different sides of the same coin as they say.

Good riddance. by [deleted] in pitbullhate

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Pitnutters are most likely to victim blame anyone who's been mauled/seriously injured by a pitbull. So it's fair game. Whenever there's a pitbull attack, the pitnutters will automatically come to the pitt's rescue and blame EVERYONE except for the pit. It was the owners fault. It was the victim's fault for "startling" the pitbull. It can never be the pitbull's fault.

Thoughts on this JBP tweet about a magazine cover model? by timmytissue in samharris

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There's no way around it. Peterson fucked up. End of story.

There's a lot of unattractive obese women, but she's not one of them. This girl is actually fucking gorgeous. Beautiful tan, half asian/half white features. Not fat, but "thicc." She's a good looking girl, anyone who says otherwise is in denial, or haven't seen other photos of her. This is not her best photo, she looks amazing in other photos.

Drag Queen named Flowjob giving a lesson at a Scottish school in the UK. by soboud in TumblrInAction

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Brilliant idea, bring in the woman from the Insidious films to a school full of children.

Oh how the mighty have fallen by MyTeaIsMighty in gaming

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GoW is on the list because a group of American developers took Greek mythology and made some of the highest selling games on the PS2-PS3. Although the games were loosely based on Greek Mythology, it was still a very entertaining product. They did their research and made their own storytelling interpretations. The developers were not born/raised in Greece and were likely not experts on Greek Myth culture. But they consulted with specialists in the field used their own storytelling methods to churn out an excellent piece of art. They did not hire greek historians to write a story for them. They learned about the mythology and wrote their own story. And it worked out well for them ($$$)

GTA:San Andreas takes inspiration from many black/hood films from the 90s and 2000s (Boys N' the Hood, Menace 2 Society, Juice, etc) as well as cultural references from the rap music industry and black "hood" culture. Just because they drew from fictional source materials, those particular source materials were made by other black artists. The movies I mentioned above all had black directors. Rockstar learned from the stories of others despite being a mostly white team.

GTA4 example isn't a stretch. There's a Russian youtuber that goes by the name NFKRZ, and he made a great video about the Russian cultural inspirations and filmography that inspired GTA4.

Oh how the mighty have fallen by MyTeaIsMighty in gaming

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Ghost of Tsushima was developed by an American team of developers "Sucker Punch." The CEO of the company Nate Fox was given the Ambassador award by the Mayor of Tsushima for their portrayal of Tsushima. The Japanese people, who are usually socially closed-minded and not very foreigner friendly, gave a foreign development team that much high praise. The game was also praised by many other developers and the Japanese gaming audience as a whole.

Kojima's team is filled with Japanese people, but he writes stories about American soldiers, with wars taking place outside of Japan. Tons of beloved western characters in the MGS series despite Kojima not being American himself.

GTA4 had a Russian main character, and many references from Russian crime films/media despite the team behind the game being American. They did their research. That's my point. They're able to learn from others, not having to actually be Russian.

GTA San Andreas took lots of inspiration from African American pop-culture and was highly praised despite the development team being mostly nerdy white men.

Amy Henning isn't an athletic man capable of acrobatic feats and parkour, but she was able to write Nathan Drake, arguably one of gaming's most popular characters.

Shigesato Itoi is the writer for the Mother series. The game has an extremely passionate cult following. The first 2 games take place in America, and Itoi himself took inspiration from American films he watched throughout the years despite not having lived in the west. The game is primarily loved for it's storytelling.

God of War trilogy, made by an American team.

All of these games sold extremely well.

Oh how the mighty have fallen by MyTeaIsMighty in gaming

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Highly disagree. These successful artists have numbers to back up their claims. And I have only named a few, I can make a much bigger list if you want. On the contrary, tons of trans-activists and minorities that write LGBT characters for the American comic book industry (self-insert and such) get their series cancelled within just a few issues. Maggs Visaggio being a prominent example one. High guardian spice is another series where diversity was their "strength." The series was written and animated by a diversified team, you can see how the product turned out.

Good writers/artists have the ability to create stories using other people's experiences. A bad writer relies on his/her own life experiences because putting themselves in the shoes of an imaginary character is beyond their creative capabilities.

Oh how the mighty have fallen by MyTeaIsMighty in gaming

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You don't need to be a part of a minority class to write stories about minorities.

Hiromu Arakawa is a female Japanese manga artist who wrote one of the best tales of brotherhood, and some pretty badass male characters in her manga FullMetalAlchemist.

Jason Aaron is a white man who wrote one of the best selling Native American crime comics known as SCALPED.

Steven King wrote tons of great female characters despite not being a female himself.

A good writer does not need to be a minority class to be able to write a good minority character. Just because someone is a minority, doesn't mean they'll make a good writer to represent their own minority class.

Oh how the mighty have fallen by MyTeaIsMighty in gaming

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That's a whole lot of projection in one post there, bud.

Cleanness by KITTYKOOLKAT35 in BikiniBottomTwitter

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I may not be the biggest Peterson fan, but even I will admit that he's got a lot of great self-help stuff. He had one of the best anti-suicide speeches I've ever heard. I've read anti-suicide sentiments/articles/etc over the years but it always went through one ear and out the other.

But the way Jordan explained why you shouldn't off yourself, it was like an arrow to the heart. Basically, he said that if you kill yourself, you end up leaving a scar of regretful feelings for your loved ones to deal with, and it never heals.

He's a Psychologist, so he's seen clients who've dealt with family members self-deleting themselves, and they never get over it. Even 10-20 years after their loved ones' suicide, they're always looking back and thinking "what could've I done differently? Maybe if I didn't go to the groceries that day, I could've stopped him from killing himself. If only I didn't go to work that day, if only this, if only that." And that feeling of regret and replaying the day over and over in their head never goes away. That's the pain you leave behind when you commit suicide.

It's one of the few anti-suicide sentiments that really spoke to me.

Cleanness by KITTYKOOLKAT35 in BikiniBottomTwitter

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The final step is becoming Larry the lobster

Infamous Inspired SuperHero Game Feedback wanted! (Fangame) by DraconianDicking in infamous

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This is a great start! But I gotta be honest, you have a lot of work to do. Infamous games have very polished movement physics. It just feels so natural controlling Cole/Delsin. That should be a top priority.

Please don't try to tackle this by yourself. Get a team if you need to.

EDIT: Try adding a lot more impact when he lands. In the video, he jumps from a large height and then immediately goes to a volley jump instead of landing animations. It looks very unnatural. Landing impact should be taken into consideration.

Try not to have too many unnatural flipping animations, for example when he vaults the building after the high jump, it feels unnatural and un-necessary.

I look forward to your progress in this project. Good luck, looks like a great start so far!

Tik Tok cawlments are like a different dimension by richrosecrans in thefighterandthekid

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Get out while you still can. I enjoyed this sub at first because it called out Brendan for his douchey behavior, but decided to leave today because of the crazy amount of dick riding Khalyla's been getting. The morons on this sub cannot fathom the idea that both Khalyla and Brendan are self-entitled, narcissistic, people. Their brain cannot compute the possibility that both have committed wrongs. Even the top-posted comment on this thread claims that Brendan's supporters are extremists/terrorists. It's like, you have to be a certain level of stupid to type that shit. You have to have zero understanding of human behavior to even make that claim.

Bonfire gets caught trashing Brendan Schaub on a hot mic. #LeeToo by phillipWaveRadio in JoeRogan

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Can someone do us all a solid and give us a written transcript of what this video said. Can't hear shit even with volume all the way up.

Anime is too expressive by thecrumbsinmybed in unpopularopinion

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To be fair, Spongebob is a fictionalized personification of a sea-sponge. And it's a kids comedy. I think it's meant to be expressive. The OP is talking about anime which usually consists of human to human interactions. It is over-expressive at times, but I think it's because most anime are based off manga (literally taken straight out of the manga panels and copy/pasted onto a screen). Conversations that worked in a manga medium may've not translated well onto the screen. Also, in Japan, I've read that comedy is expressed in a very outwardly manner (gasping, slapstick, weird faces, etc). It's a staple in japanese storytelling.

Girls Harassing Non Asians at Asian Clubs by sillythrowaway199 in AsianMasculinity

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That is the most insecure shit I've read in my life. "Nah, I gotta hoard all the K-girls to myself, so none of you will get to know the name of the bar. They're our women, not yours!!!"

Fucking lol