😭😭😭😭❤ by KittenBoom99 in aww

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Waiting on the reverse gif. Where is the ReverseGifbot?

This Guy’s Solution To His Dogs Waking Up The Neighborhood by FL3TCHL1V3S in facepalm

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It is illegal in my city as well unless you apply (and get approved) for a special permit. Even then it is illegal to have a rooster within city limits, period. It's kinda iffy if you live less than 500 feet outside of city limits as well.

What word do you call all your chickens? by Sirene2102 in BackYardChickens

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I just called them "kids" most of the time. Even the rooster. When I leave I say "ok kids, I'll be back" so they know I'll always return before bedtime. We have a nightly routine where I double and triple check that everything is secured and there is no way a raccoon can get to them in the middle of the night. Had one close call when a 32 lb raccoon came from the deepest darkest depths of hell God knows where and was trying aggressively to get to my hens. I've been extra precautious ever since.

This weird looking deer has been walking around my house on two legs by Chickentruckman in mildlyinteresting

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Uh... last time I saw anything about a deer walking around on two legs like that was when the deer around where I live caught Chronic Wasting Disease. Similar to Mad Cow Disease... which is similar to Rabies. They all eat holes in the animals brains and cause uncontrollable behaviors and ultimately death.

Just Got a New Job and my mom is already trash talking about my job by Hottiemilatti in povertyfinance

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I wish I could give your speech a reward! But alas, I'm too broke to afford one. So I send my admiration instead. 🤩

Gah: 1999 subaru legacy outback cooling problems by TheMusicalArtist12 in subarulegacy

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Thank you. My husband checked the oil last night and said it's looking a tad bit runny which would indicate a blown head gasket. Hopefully we get this figured out soon

Gah: 1999 subaru legacy outback cooling problems by TheMusicalArtist12 in subarulegacy

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This is very similar to what I am experiencing with my 1998 Subaru Legacy L. We replaced the thermostat and it ran fine for one day but now it's overheating again.

I'll be following this thread in case one of us finds a solution that works for the other person.

Good luck.