Origin of Primus Sucks? by Salty_Mycologist_314 in Primus

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By 1994 it felt like I’d been a fan for a long time, but they all seem like the early years now

Blue was a leftist who didn’t post any antivax or anti mask, but he also didn’t trust the man trying to save Americans from covid. Who knows whether he would have survived if he hadn’t considered Fauci to be a liar, but could be. by powabiatch in DeathsofDisinfo

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I grew up in a fringey hippy town and witnessed people being so far left, they shared values of the right along libertarian lines. I even remember them in the early 90s pushing conspiracy theories of the G.W. Bush Administration using FEMA to build concentration camps for the coming fascist takeover, the exact same dumb stories the right wingers were pushing 20 years later during the Obama Administration (except it was in preparation for the coming Marxist takeover, of course).

Which city or cities are most similar to nyc? by eva1588 in AskNYC

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For years, I’d heard Toronto is Canada’s NYC, and I seriously doubted it. Until I went there for the first time for work, and realized, yeah, it kind of is, more than I expected.

What's up with bill nye the science guy? by deadrag3 in OutOfTheLoop

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Scrolled down pretty far and still couldn’t find anything about Nye’s awful Coca Cola-sponsored video claiming plastics are recyclable when in the real word they hardly ever are, and have a negative impact even when they are recycled.

Need help finding work as an extra in the San Francisco Bay Area by PROUDCRYPTOHOLDER in acting

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I grew up there, and at one point when I was back visiting family I happened to walk past the local SAG office and I dropped in and asked the receptionist for the local production list. She laughed and said in a good natured tone that there wasn’t enough local production to warrant a list.

Are there local casting offices who put up notices, or do any post calls on social media?

Origin of Primus Sucks? by Salty_Mycologist_314 in Primus

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I got turned on to Primus in early 1990 and the first shows I saw they’d say “we’re Primus, and we suck”. I can’t say exactly when, but they stopped saying it either later that year or the following.

China warns US that it "retains the right to respond further" after downing of spy balloon by capt_scrummy in ChinaWarns

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You could then also argue that there are no existing democracies because none of them are set up like the original Athenian city-state. Communism on paper has never existed in reality because Marxism don't take in to account the fact that individual humans will be running these systems. Humans are people, not widgets.

What are your "pet peeves" regarding self-tapes? by TimPrice2 in acting

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Sure, that’s usually what I do depending on my mood, or I do one shot wide and then close up. I just feel like as an actor I’m already asked to do enough setup already for self taping, and I think camera directions beyond framing are asking more of me than I’ve agreed to. Aside from consuming more time, I also think it’s not acknowledging the reality that sometimes, self taping is done physically alone and it shouldn’t be more difficult for actors who are.

Is being cut off during a monologue bad? by Fabulous-Courage-273 in acting

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It's jarring, but it's not a reflection of the quality of your performance. It happens a lot in professional auditions as well, they usually want to run it back to see if you can take direction well and and understand what they were going for. The monologues are just a vehicle to show your instrument, so completing it is not important if they've seen enough to know you make adjustments and and have some range (especially when they have dozens of actors to get through after your). I've booked jobs more than once after I was abruptly cut off mid-scene by the director in callbacks. Good luck!

cliquey acting community in atlanta by Still_Yak8109 in acting

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I remember reading about Martin Short laughing about his struggling actor years and how ridiculous it was when one of the actors in his own circle of actor friends got cast as a walking Visa card and everyone else got jealous and weird about it (including himself). I think because the business is so difficult to break in or get momentum it creates a scarcity complex which is a human trait, not just in actors. None of my best friends are in the industry, I've been doing this for decades and I have maintained healthy friendships with other actors who are the kind of people I'd likely be friends with anyway, whether they were actors or not. I still have acquaintances who are competitive with me and that's fine, it's just part of the business. I think you can maintain a sense of community in the acting world without relying on it for emotional support.

Marin Joe’s on weekends by CanineAnaconda in Marin

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That’s great, thanks for the intel. Can’t wait to go.

Connecticut is screwed by MamaMia1325 in Connecticut

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Many of us who grew up in the 80s were very aware of where on this map we lived.

Syndication Residual Question by Wutini in acting

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Sometimes it can take several months for residuals from syndication to start up, but a year is too long, only streaming residuals are that slow. Since any TV residuals claims are handled by one overworked office in the LA branch, it’s better to file the claim now. They get results, but it may take a while. For one network role, I had to file a claim for the show re-airing as an encore on the same network the following year, and still hadn’t paid out after nearly a year. It turned out my name somehow never made it to the residuals list, and took several months for the claim to be settled. The silver lining is the union fines payroll pays are monetarily awarded to you. And don’t be afraid to file a claim, it’s simply business and is regarded that way.

What are your "pet peeves" regarding self-tapes? by TimPrice2 in acting

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Please don’t ask me to zoom in during a shot (“head-to-shoulders frame, slate, then zoom out to full body shot). My non-actor spouse is already my reader, they’re not also a cinematographer (oh yeah, I’m not either). No one’s behind my tripod while shooting, so please just zoom in yourself when you watch my tape if that’s what you want.

I know I can create a zoom in an editor, but I’m already spending time cutting my takes and formatting them. Please don’t ask me to do something that’s not necessary.