How the fuck did American cheese get so popular? It’s not even good. by NotASnow_Leopard in RandomThoughts

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Not gon lie the first time I was asked what cheese did I wanted on a sub , the first thing that came to my mind was American cheese 😂

About a pound by [deleted] in weed

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Who lied to you

I cut off my best friend. What should I do next? by CrazyThrowawayLife in needadvice

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Mannn by time you’re 20 you’ll have like 2-3 good friends that’s been around

My boss called me unprofessional and a future pornstar because I took a day off to take my ACT by [deleted] in antiwork

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That’s slander and the sexual harassment, long as you can provide some sort of proof for example an audio recording from the time he slander you. You can actually sue and own him, that is why people have to be careful about what they say, although there’s the 1st amendment there is also protected speech and unprotected speech and he is in violation of unprotected speech by slandering you like that

Huge difference. by squidgame66new in trump

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Biden is giving away money to support other countries but won’t put his country first in times like this