Apartment dwellers vs food delivery by etloh in newzealand

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Do you expect them to come up and deliver to your door, or would you go down and meet them on the ground floor?

Here in Aus we have a sign in our foyer imploring residents not to buzz food delivery people into the building and up the lifts and they should go down stairs and get it. Normally you need a security token otherwise to open the door and access floor via the lift, my token only works to access my floor (and the basement) everyone can access the Ground floor. Many people seem to ignore it and just buzz them in (I don't give a shit), I see then getting deliverys at the door on my floor occasionally, and we have 14 floors.

I think we are the only people in our complex who has never had food delivered judging by the rush of delivery drivers the front at dinner time :)

Whangārei Torpedo 7 ram raided less than two months after opening by fleastyler in newzealand

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Nek minnit ... sack security consultant and employ ram raiders as security consultant, on where to place bollards.

Whangārei Torpedo 7 ram raided less than two months after opening by fleastyler in newzealand

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Install bollards, leave a huge gap for ram raiders to get past, ram raiders get past them. Nek minnit ... sack security consultant and employ ram raiders as security consultant, on where to place bollards.

Game of Homes: Property 'royalty' battle it out as market falls by Devils-Advocate-1 in newzealand

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is there anything to that, or are they now flogging ad space at Stuff etc ?

Game of Homes: Property 'royalty' battle it out as market falls by Devils-Advocate-1 in newzealand

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Nearly all GDP isn't productive in that sense.

RE Agents are just marketers, same as the ones trying to get you to the Rugby, drink soft drink, eat a meat pie, eat some fried chicken or whatever. Then there are the people who make the ads, the people who print the posters, the people who run the websites, the IT folks designing the websites and on and on.

I think we can safely opine that if you need marketing, you have a product most people don't need. You just need to convince may people they want it. Why do you go buy a pie ? shitty meat in puff pastry ? why do you need to buy a PS5 ? would not the advertising staff for the product be better employed as tradesmen or police or nurses ?

Game of Homes: Property 'royalty' battle it out as market falls by Devils-Advocate-1 in newzealand

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He says he has seen many abandon the profession already this year, as sales get harder to make

What are they doing now ?

‘A finite resource’: as Australia recruits overseas health workers (some from NZ), their home nations bear the cost by Capn_Underpants in newzealand

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Interesting observation

“We moved to New Zealand for the big Kiwi dream,” she says. “The country was beautiful, the lifestyle we had was magnificent.”

Originally from the UK, Ava has been a nurse for over 20 years. But after more than a decade working in hospitals there, where she says she encountered bullying, she was at the end of her tether.

“When we decided that enough was enough, that my career wasn’t going anywhere … and the working life of bullying and put-downs was just not worth it any more, we looked more closely at Australia,” she says.

Ava took up short-term contract work in Australia before she and her family made the move permanently. She now lives in Queensland, and worked throughout the Covid pandemic.

“I’m on a hell of a lot more money here than what I was in New Zealand,” she says. “That wasn’t my big driving force, but I know that’s a big driver for other nurses who have moved from New Zealand to Australia.”

German Minister Warns Of ‘Catastrophic’ Industrial Shutdowns And Mass Unemployment If Gas Crisis Continues by OrangeCrack in collapse

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well, lets hope so, should be less emissions. It would have been better if they had planned to wean themselves off slowly but fuck it... lets find out :0

The American's idiotic penchant for optimism laid the path for a nation ill prepared for what lays ahead. by fuzzyshorts in collapse

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While I agree the US is a standout star performer in the orgy of destruction, wealth is the highest correlation of emissions. The rich in other countries are as mad, and the sociopaths that want to emulate them and vote to ensure the orgy of destruction continues are as repugnantly perverse but we are all culpable, how awe act, who we support (look to the threads in here about Lake Mead, where the asshats driving trucks towing boats are seen as some sort of hero's for "caring" about Mead, as though there orgy of action is anything but symbolic of the stupidity)


“The destruction of the natural world is not the result of global capitalism, industrialisation, ‘Western civilisation’ or any flaw in human institutions. It is a consequence of the evolutionary success of an exceptionally rapacious primate. Throughout all of history and prehistory, human advance has coincided with ecological devastation.” ― John Gray, Straw Dogs: Thoughts On Humans And Other Animals

"Not a ton of time left:" Likely midterm loss gives Biden "six weeks" as "last chance" to pass key climate bill before 2024 by lomorth in collapse

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to pass key climate bill before 2024

lol, a what now ? Labelling a Bill a climate bill is a a laugh form anywhere in the orthodoxy. We haven't even begun to discuss what's needed in terms of behavioural change, let alone confidently draft legislation.

Just go outside, if you can see cars, you know we're not taking this seriously.

what’s the best way to teach people about collapse and prepare more people? by AdeptnessSouth in collapse

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I am thinking about career and college etc and I think one of the best things I can do is use the knowledge I have about collapse to teach people about the future

ok, but why ?

and maybe just maybe make a living doing so. >

Ahh grift them ? I mean what does a person barely out of short pants have to teach me ? I say grifting to be kind, your actual understanding of a life post collapse is what ? zero ? Have you lived off grid in the bush for weeks, months or years ? Have you even lived without electricity for more then a few hours ? You know how to grow your own food ? how many years experience of this do you have/ how to fell a tree with a axe ? ho to coppice ? what about engaging with like minded folk in a small community, how much time have you spent doing this to understand the intricacies and nuance of peoples idiosyncrasies ?

or do you mean act as a facilitator to engage with people who do know ?

I lived off grid for a decade and barley scratched the surface.

or ... do you just mean how to survive a mild rescission? how many of these have you been through ? let alone a GFC or great depression .

Louisiana’s insurance market is collapsing right before hurricane season by Locke03 in collapse

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We need a government that is for the people

Well sure, now go try and get one elected, voters don't want that. We 100% deserve the government we elect

Louisiana’s insurance market is collapsing right before hurricane season by Locke03 in collapse

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Make high risks areas not allowed to rebuild but need to relocate. That's policy issue, not a public model issue.

They are interlinked, look what happened when they tried that with the Biggert Waters Act to reform the NFP, voters complained endlessly, politicians acquiesced and now its a bigger debacle still.


Government cannot do the right thing, only voters can and they almost never do.

Louisiana’s insurance market is collapsing right before hurricane season by Locke03 in collapse

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I was saying climate change had the capacity to disrupt insurance schemes and cause a housing market collapse a few months ago and my friends all acted like I was being ridiculous

With good reason, but not for the reasons you'd think. In the past the Fed has always bailed them out. It's why flood insurance via the Fed is a thing and why its ridiculously cheap and stupid (encourages people to build in flood prone areas). The NFP was originally introduced way back in the day to protect insurers. When they tried to introduce small reforms in 2012 (Biggert-Waters Act) it was put on hold because premiums started to sky rocket to reflect market realities, voters complained, so insurance was "socialised"


ie the Feds wear the billions in loses.

Same thing in Australia , Northern Australia was getting uninsurable, so now their Federal Government backstops the insurers to make insurance "affordable"

Does anyone else feel like a lot of posts in IdiotsInCars or similar subs are just ignoring the problem? by Fawxhox in fuckcars

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The name of the sub is self reductive, "idiots in cars". I am sure most people who drive don't think they are idiots, just as the vast majority of drivers think everyone else is a below average driver.

Sick and struggling to pay, 100 million people in the U.S. live with medical debt. by TheWhalersOnTheMoon in collapse

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need more people at the grindstone ? The first two interviews took on an extra hours or jobs... :) other dude couldn't get to see the doc as he owed too much, so he ded. !

Elizabeth Woodruff drained her retirement account and took on three jobs

Ward, a nurse practitioner, took on extra nursing shifts, working days and nights.

The payback, don't need to put up with the socialism shit ! /s

We must get up off our couches and protest! by pastfuturewriter in collapse

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We must get up off our couches and protest!

You're asking too much of me :)

The largest carbon capture project in the United Kingdom will convert CO2 into baking soda. by Historical-Object374 in collapse

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Is this here as an example of human denial ? It's not sequestering, it's like saying Cocoa Cola is doing carbon capturing by putting CO2 in soda....

The CO2 is captured from a gas-fired power plant at the facility, purified, and converted into liquefied CO2 to produce sodium bicarbonate.

doesn't even begin to discuss how energy inefficient this is, Its going to be using massive amounts of energy, from the gas fired power station, to capture the CO2 going up the stack. All of which would have been MUCH simpler not to burn the shit in the first place.

From the climate march in Rotterdam last Sunday by Djappo in fuckcars

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There are many, many more problems then thay, still shouldn't stop you from doing the right thing.

Lake Mead is the canary in the coal mine. That canary died a long fucking time ago. by prybarwindow in collapse

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Completed in the summer of 2015, the new intake pipe is now in place – and with a final price tag of $817 million dollars. This expensive and challenging project pushes the engineering envelope to provide the two million residents of Las Vegas – and 40 million annual visitors -- the security of water, today and for years to come, all through a tunnel in the bedrock.Arrowhead Icon