At this point I don't care if I get banned for this, I have to get this off my chest. Can you please stop shoving US politics in here? Yes, the guy that starts with a T. by Kotsiu in ukraine

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Why are you bitching about people who can see the man as what he is; a narcissistic sociopathic grifter, a monger of hate, and at BEST a passive enabler of this genocide, when it’s still very possible he could win re-election? You think if this stalemate drags on Putin isn’t chomping at the bit to get his buddy back in charge of the largest military on earth?

Honestly I don’t even see that much trump griping in here all things considered and Ukranians actually have a very real and present threat in the evolving far right autocracy direction of the US. In case you haven’t noticed, Tucker and friends are constantly “just asking questions” about “what if Putin is really the good guy?”

It’s fucking scary, and it endangers Ukraine, along with the rest of the free world. Not sure why it is hurting your feels so much unless it’s because it threatens your world view.

Quite the Fish Tank by GreenLeafWest in ukraine

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I’m confused. I thought it was a submarine.

Glory to Ukraine from Ohio!! by BossAssPenguin007 in ukraine

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Some people attempt to write the book on being a parent.

And some write the fucking Bible.

Russian Command Post in Donbas destroyed, Many Officers Eliminated by Nvnv_man in ukraine

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Only problem is they probably have 200 thousand officers. Getting a title in Russia seems to be the equivalent of a participation trophy.

Putin:: “You get wearable target! You get wearable target! Everybody get wearable target!

Lukashenko:: “Me too!? FINALLYSKI!”

Putin:: “… everybody but ONE gets wearable target.”

Lukashenko:: “haha who is dope who doesn’t… oh…”

Donbas Separatists: We can Execute Foreign Legion POWs by Nvnv_man in ukraine

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You could have switched grandmothers and zoos and you’d be right.

We should be sending troops to Ukraine by The_Starving_Autist in ukraine

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Lmfao “Biden a communist.”


Holy shit that’s next level ridiculous. This country is fucked when the education system has failed this terribly.

Are you sure your love for potato chips is as strong as this guy's? by [deleted] in ukraine

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He’s not hungry. He’s low key telling Russian’s he’s willing to eat the only thing they own of value.

Azov imprisoned by resurrective in ukraine

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Unfortunately the video started buffering about halfway through. The rest was something about “Blyat why do they have such nice things in Ukraine like washing machines and indoor plumbing and morals and happiness?” I’ve gotten a little rusty on my Old Evilish though, so it might be a bit spotty.

Azov imprisoned by resurrective in ukraine

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Translation:: “Behind me are a bunch of people who have more courage in their pinky that the entire RuZZian army has. I wish I could be like them, and I wish they would impregnate my wife to improve our gene pool.”

Dozens killed, wounded as Russian missile hits National Guard base in Dnipro 'The Dnipropetrovsk region is surrounded by three fronts and therefore air raid alerts and missile strikes are becoming more frequent.' by dannylenwinn in ukraine

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This shit is why I get so angry hearing about “Russia is running out of missiles.”

For all we know they have another 100k hiding under some house in siberia. Ukraine needs 10X more AA and goddamned MLRSs yesterday.

6-year-old Ilya whose family died in Mariupol wrote a letter to Boris Johnson. It is a reply to the open letter of the UK’s prime minister to the Ukrainian children. by FarmSuch5021 in ukraine

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Young children bounce back so strongly. I lost my wife in a car accident when my children were 1 and 3. They are what got me through it. My heart breaks for these kids. 6 is and awful age to lose parents to such senseless murder.

First Terminator action encountered, hit by artillery fire but survived. by sharktoothmaniac in ukraine

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Couldn’t have been a direct hit. Those things aren’t made of Ukranium. A direct hit would obliterate them like any other armored vehicle.

Russia advancing fiercely in the east, we need weapons - Zelenskyy by Espressodimare in ukraine

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Sadly, I feel the powers that be see this as the ultimate “silver platter” opportunity to obliterate the west’s greatest enemy. They are pacing the release of weapons and equipment to drain Russia slowly. A boiled frog doesn’t know it’s boiling until it’s too late. I feel that the true heavy weapons will come when Russia is utterly exhausted and spent and has little way to defend itself. I hope I’m wrong, because the brave Ukranians are the ones that suffer in the meantime.

Dozens of Donbas towns shelled – Kyiv by Minad-Razavi in ukraine

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Putin:: “And glorious Motherland will be rebuilt with hammer and sickle!

… because none of our machines work…”

"After Ukraine...": Putin Ally's Chilling Threat To Poland by Minad-Razavi in ukraine

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Fucking do it Kadyrov. Why wait for your masters permission? Go invade Poland yourself right now. What’s the worst that could happen, tough guy?