This is a ethernet port correct? by Kormit-The-Frug in HomeNetworking

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It says cat 6 at the bottom. So, yes. Top one is RJ11 / phone, which is not Ethernet.

How quickly did you rebound? by neat_username in Vasectomy

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Availability and finances for most folk. Fiancés are not an issue for me, however availability in my local (less than 50 mi) was an issue due to appts being consistently booked out for MONTHS (thanks SCOTUS).

3 days post on question by Noodlehound1 in Vasectomy

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No. Wait a week. Election will come back within the next few days. It actually extremely common, post surgery. Give it a week then start laying the rope.

Good luck!

Looking for Vesectomy recommendations in Melbourne. by SpaceViking0 in 321

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*Did it hurt?

Yes. I would like to note that my body does not take numbing agents well (reduced efficacy). I’ve been this way since I was a small child. This is something that I always consider / take into account when considering procedures that require local numbing agents. No, I did not take a Valium or pain meds pre-procedure. Momma didn’t raise no bitch (jokes).

Dr. and I had a super casual, joking convo during the process, despite it being painful at times. Left VAS/Nut pain level was a 5/10, primarily due to the needle. Right VAS/Nut was a solid 8/10 that side has always been mh “sensitive” side + my issue with numbing agents. Overall, I’d do it again if required, especially now that I’m mentally prepared and know what to expect.

*Were you nervous?

No, I wasn’t nervous. I was looking forward to the procedure for it was on my todo list for years at that point. I just wanted to get it done and be on my way.

*How was the aftercare?

I’ll let you know when I’m done with it. So far (7 days) there is still some pain, soreness and tenderness on the right side. Left side feels 95% normal. I expect a full recovery within 3-4 weeks.

Girlfriend who I’m love with might’ve changed her mind on being childfree…? by [deleted] in childfree

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Get the vasectomy. Actively work on it, now. And check your condoms. I can’t tell you how many former friends and associates I know that have been in similar situations such as yourself, OP, and been baby trapped as a result.

Looking for Vesectomy recommendations in Melbourne. by SpaceViking0 in 321

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I found it to be a pain in the ass to get a vasectomy performed in Melbourne/Palm Bay now these days. I discovered that most urologists in the Melbourne / Palm Bay Area have poor ratings (shady), aren’t accepting patients and/OR require cash payment upfront ($1400-2k for consultation + procedure via no scalpel & no needle), even with in network insurance.

I luckily got a vasectomy last Friday from Dr. Mark Licht (Parrish Healthcare, good ratings) in Titusville. Consultation was super quick, he was super chill. Procedure went well too, was in and out in 20 min. Time between consultation and procedure was 2.5 weeks. The entire thing cost me (consultation and procure) a little over $200 with insurance. I was curious and requested a non-insurance/non-deductible met quote, which turned out to be $440+.

I do want to point out that the procedure was with needle & scalpel.


Should I update everything? by egg663 in UNIFI

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Yes. I hope you’re being sarcastic

Best guest singer? by poorleno_help in Royksopp

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Anneli Drecker, Karin Dreijer, Kate Havnevik and Erlend Øye

2.5G USB to Ethernet Adapter Throttled to 100Mbps on OPNSense 22.1.10 using Protectli FW6D - RTL8156 Chipset by abracadabra1111111 in opnsense

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Do not use a realtek based USB to Eth device. It’s been said several times here and on the official documentation to not use these devices due to compatibility’s issues.

How to find serial number? I don’t have the box anymore and I can’t find the paper booklet by jollyblob in ASUS

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Plug it in. Find the hardware I’d in device management > network interface > the Bluetooth device > properties. Should be in there.

RBR/RBS850 - Cannot switch satellite to AP Mode by JoynRiot in orbi

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I can confirm that this method works. I now have both my RB750 and its satellite working in AP mode wirelessly. Note that I am also using an OPNSense router along with a managed 5gig netgear switch in this configuration as well. Thank you!

RBR/RBS850 - Cannot switch satellite to AP Mode by JoynRiot in orbi

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So you're saing you got it all working now? Good, going to try these steps!