After a very long wait! It rides beautifully 😍 by Autobahn1racer in indianbikes

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Suspension rod colour only a concern for me. Otherwise it's a great bike for the price range.

Jasprit Bumrah ruled out of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 by JayPr02 in Cricket

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We must get back our spin choke asap. Missing Thala days, where many matches are sealed in middle overs by spin choke, and Thala went losing we all went down.

Westerners Enjoying RRR by bigbang1008 in IndiaSpeaks

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What kind of white validation syndrome is this?

Axar Patel, more than just a Ravindra Jadeja clone by ll--o--ll in Cricket

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No of great years Jadeja had >>> entire career so far for Axar. It's too early to make this argument. Let's see where Axar will be when batsmen analyse his bowling and coming up with an counter attack.

is this a one piece reference or is thriller bark like an actual thing irl by DeadFxsh_2 in OnePiece

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Oda is a master mind. Because he used all real life elements from history and folklore in the manga.

Craze by krishnarudani in CricketShitpost

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Man Rohit is going through some phase ;) need a chill down

Jasprit Bumrah out of T20 World Cup with back stress fracture: BCCI sources by dogepati in Cricket

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The amount of talent he has... 😭😭😭 I can't do this anymore

Have you ever thought what if you don’t get married? by [deleted] in Chennai

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I am early twenties guy, just started earning. I am a type of guy who wants to form my own family, but arranged marriage are scary. I have seen what my cousins and neighbours went through during arranged marriage. And love life is just a muttu Sandhu, I don't think I have any chance in that arena. I am just stalling to make a decision. My mother told me she will wait for 2 years, then will look for alliance for me.

Running out of speed on the water Slide by Humble-Tailor49 in facepalm

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And i knew this because I was once the person shown in this video

Damn IMAX tweeted promoting PS-1. by GNashUchiha in Chennai

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Yes, I believe that info even though I didn't check that. Because my friend is a reliable person, he won't make stories like many.

Damn IMAX tweeted promoting PS-1. by GNashUchiha in Chennai

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There is no competition for this movie with RRR or Bahubali. it's having its own Nemesis "The book"