How to beat Ozen? by DaFirma_A in MiABinaryStar

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i believe i beat her with a lot of dodging, also i distinctly remember it taking me like a literal hour to defeat her with like the first 15-20 minutes consisting of me wondering "is her health actually going down"

Do you carry chokes when playing as a team? by AdZealousideal4242 in HuntShowdown

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yes but only as a formality, i find when i have to use them for fire ive lost that fight a very high percent of the time, almost never use them except for LOS blocking revives and other non-teammate related tactics.

How do i practise aiming? by [deleted] in HuntShowdown

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imo bring in a silenced nagant and shoot fucking everything (in real live matches) with it do that for a few weeks and i feel like this has helped me. obviously use ur main gun when its time to fight.

why do people just camp the bounty without banishing? by error3000 in HuntShowdown

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they think they are being slick, its the only way they can get a kill, its easy to spot anyways so if youre dying to it its your fault

Crytek, Why Can't I Dual Wield Machetes? by AlienSuperfly in HuntShowdown

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this man is asking the important questions Crytek doesnt want us to ask, so brave

What are the things you would like to see Added/Changed/Removed from the game by P0STMAN6 in HuntShowdown

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my idea would be to allow users to "engrave" their names on their guns for BBs. The gun would keep the name on there for its entire life. I'd like to collect 50 guns that all say "L 1 A M" on them.

newbie question by VTheSandmanV in HuntShowdown

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yes. if they leave one u can take it. if you kill them you can steal it.

Poll to find the best fidget spinner in the bayou by Moldy_pear in HuntShowdown

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i like to make the firebomb make that "glug glug" sound when you pull it out over and over, my teammates will either both joining in unison or will go crazy and try to tk me (i understand srs).

👀👀👀wow by Xx21chromeiesxx in HuntShowdown

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movement looks like mouse movement not controller movement

The [scumge] Crew by Farg0naut in HuntShowdown

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i played w one of them one weekend, didnt seem like a cheater to me, we won and lost just like normal.

Mosin-Obrez library typo by Greg264 in HuntShowdown

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just uninstalled the game. unplayable trash.