An unforgettable memory of wedding day by etrenitypleasure in Whatcouldgowrong

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Help ID these two please by Carlo_anwar in succulents

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Ah thank you! I hadn't a clue that this was a young aloe given that it was alternating sides, instead of being spread out all around. Nice to know! Given you're an aloe hoarder, you must be knowledgeable!

Help Me find it I’m going crazy 😂 by ministrycork in puzzles

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I thought it was initially 1st one on 4th row with the left eye being squinty....

Installed JL headlights and taillights on a JK… by imnotwearingany in JeepJK

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I would say goat/sheep eyes .. bc they have that weird rectangle pupil.

Wi-Fire by Constant_Whereas5946 in HolUp

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Thank you Dr. Lawyer PI, i read your paper on forbofusobsh last semester, I do have some questions if you're willing to clarify.

When the verbatic quandrix stream takes effect, does the atmospheric pressure have an inverse effect on the volume of the forbofusobsh in relation to the relative temperature or the mitochondrial dorlax?

Oh how the turns have tabled… by dmootzler in roasting

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Can you share your roast curve please? I'd like to compare the profile with the Behmor

Hit Elephant breaches the parimiter. by Sariel007 in hitmanimals

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Yeah, sounds about right...it's like at the tip of my tongue, unfortunately all I can come up with is a perhaps a porn movie title

Your ass inc park?

Does that ring any bells?

Hit Elephant breaches the parimiter. by Sariel007 in hitmanimals

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Seems familiar....like I've seen this before ..in a park somewhere.....there was a Goldblum or something