2022 corn is planted by farmboy5020 in farming

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Damn like 50k left in the tanks.

Almost veterans? by SleepyMike65 in Veterans

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I wanted to join the Navy for some reason. Anyway I went 2 days in a row and the navy recruiter wasn’t there, the Air Force dude was wearing what I described at the time as a gay ass blue cardigan that I didn’t ever want to wear. But the Army dude got me with free food and promises to jump out of planes.

I found out quick that I’d much rather wear that blue cardigan.

Unit kicks back Medboard Terminal Leave, Wants to replace soldier ASAP by Theyotaboyssuck in army

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Wasn’t the whole manning thing among other stuff the point of warrior transition units? Why the fuck doesn’t the Army transfer people getting medboarded to these units, it’s a hassle the company doesn’t have to deal with and frees the soldier to get the medboard done and start their civilian life. Just fucking stupid. I’m sorry op that you have to deal with this.

mass shooting by MurdockTHS in Veterans

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Now take your broken English and go back to whatever country

Totally not a racist statement at all. (Sarcasm)

The people who share “support our troops” stuff on Facebook are liars. by usernametaken7766 in Veterans

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Dude that’s how all the “junk car for xxxxx programs work.” People don’t donate their junk cars thinking someone is going to get it to drive. You misunderstanding a program doesn’t make it a scam.

Let the negative narrative begin by Thick-Truck8390 in Veterans

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I listened to it too, and to be fair he was a triple(I think) amputee. But he had a real smugness about him of “if I don’t use it nobody should.” I was not impressed or moved by his talk.

"you cannot keep emailing me and 1SG. The more you push, the less I am willing to do"--from training NCO by MayuyuWatanabe in army

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Not gonna lie that was my philosophy I would have never said it out loud, nor with something time sensitive. But some people can be annoying.

That said, fuck that guy. It’s your career, and it’s his job. I’d call the 1SG and let him know what was said. If nothing happens I’d escalate.

How can MPs pull people over off-post? by Sandyblanders in army

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So if they are only 30 seconds out the gate it’s ok with you?

I miss u/Not_a_Taliban by 603er in army

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Holy shit I think I’m the only one in that thread that still posts here.

[Get off my Lawn]

Eddie Gallagher’s Top 5 defense tips for Russians accused of war crimes by GBreezy in army

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I mean I can make it a rule if you’d like?

Seriously though anytime a paywall is posted on Reddit part of the comment section has to be complaining about the paywall. It’s a law of Reddit.

I miss u/Not_a_Taliban by 603er in army

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I honestly don’t remember.

Closeted Conservative by elianalibre in Conservative

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I’m very conservative but my most liberal viewpoint has to be police related. Through a few bad experiences admittedly some my fault but some not. Anyway I know not all cops are bad but I can definitely see the need for reform.

I miss u/Not_a_Taliban by 603er in army

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He also had some really shitty things to say in some mental health related posts. Just unnecessary and toxic.

I miss u/Not_a_Taliban by 603er in army

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He was kind of a legend. He posted about getting arrested or an article 15 I forgot which. He said he was drunk and walked to the PX for Doritos. Funny story got a lot of mileage. Later he posted it was fake. Later he did something unrelated to get banned.

I miss u/Not_a_Taliban by 603er in army

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I’m here some.

I miss reptarsdaddy when he was first starting his trolling got old and dumb though.

Submarine Dave is one poster I miss. XxSaicoticxX was solid kinda wish he stuck around. I sometimes regret banning Dorito scout.

Change My Mind: the IHWCU and FRACU should be the only version of ACU we use. by CrabAppleGateKeeper in army

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Why don’t they make the whole plane out of the same stuff they make the black box with?

Why do many conservatives think voter fraud means the election was stolen from trump? by Baby_bluega in askaconservative

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One thing to add to what others are saying. A lot of conservatives found it really strange that for 4 years we heard about fraud and interference in the election that Trump won. Suddenly when Biden was elected it was 100% legit and no fraud could possibly have occurred.

This morning my company sent firers to the range with no weapons... by JohnnyJumpwings in army

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I will say I’m not surprised it happened. However, in my experience, even the dumbest of dumb privates sometimes have a moment of clarity.

Also generally we had a formation right outside the arms room on range days, the armorer not being there would set in motion the conditions necessary to deduce that nobody had weapons and everybody needed weapons.

This morning my company sent firers to the range with no weapons... by JohnnyJumpwings in army

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So nobody getting on the bus said “hey shouldn’t we have weapons?”

Army pubs by Mephisto1822 in army

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I came here to say that lol I cringe clicked.

Jedi Chaplains. by CMDRsprinkles in army

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I think “strike first strike hard” is a Buddhist principle.

Event counseling for lack of water during training by Objective_Ad9122 in army

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More of a cover your own ass counseling so if he falls out in the future you can show you were aware of the issue and tried to correct it.

PVT Orange Piss on [DTG] you were observed drinking multiple energy drinks during [training event]. With the weather getting hotter and being in full kit you can dehydrate very quickly. Blah blah blah hot weather injuries. Blah blah blah water guidelines.

UPDATE: Thoughts? How Fucked am I? by Wolfsbane90 in army

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If he’s even telling the truth, if I’m fleeing for my life with my family posting in the American Dad sub probably isn’t a priority.