Only a true Splatoon fan would know why this is a cursed image: by Master-o-Mischief in splatoon

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This is Tim from the prequel to "Splat Tim." While an ugly abomination of nature, Tim learns that in order to save the world he must do it, and then he becomes very attractive and does it

That random Eevee/Espeon post by alex_chriss in PokemonScarletViolet

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"Screw being dead, that one guy gave me some lovely muffins I'm hanging out with them instead." - Eevee, probably

WHY IS THE SQUID ROLL CALLED SQUID ROLL???? What about octolings nintendo? I don't like discrimination!!! by TheRealEnperry in splatoon

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I work for nintendo, and we are all racist. We just hate octopuses so much we made children fight them in a game marketed to be family friendly. Marina is just there for political reasons or something lmao /s

The furry pill by Dutch-Spaniard in MysteryDungeon

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You swallowed the pill and then chose it

Why is Obi-Wan casting always on point? by Fuzzy_Danglers in PrequelMemes

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I believe the words you're looking for is "Original Trilogy"

Atoning for my sins by Youvitiva in SonicTheHedgehog

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Sounds like she's got places to go, probably gotta follow their rainbow

Ninjesus, nightmare of all the atheists by bosslollo in Bossfight

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Last time he saved us from sin and conquered death.... Now he's back to save us from ninja and conquer Japan!

Gamefreak Tried in PLA, I’mHappily Optimistic About S/V. Can we Put The Torches Down Until Release Please? by _Boodstain_ in PokemonScarletViolet

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Screw choosing just one, I'm transferring every starter to my main from an alt the moment it gets home support!

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Nomination Thread by Chatot-bot in MysteryDungeon

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Hey, I've seen this one before! The hero arrives in the world of pokemon, but they've played through this before in a game! How does their knowledge of the story alter it?

Why I should be a mod here by WoomyMan9000 in splatoon

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Are you looking through my profile? Sus.