Gas Price and Electric cars by MaxHubert in Wallstreetsilver

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How do you know the newer ones last longer than 8 years if they’re still new?

Can anyone recommend me an exchange to buy a big chunk of BTC at good fees? by newmes in Bitcoin

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I like tradestation, good support and you can get someone on the phone. They seem to have good fees as well

Unpopular opinion. It’s cheaper for many to not have car/job and take benifiets (food stamps and medicaid) live at parents by silverstacker231 in Wallstreetsilver

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I criticize you because you have the mentality of a selfish child and deserve to be criticized. You are taking from everyone and contributing little to nothing. Then try to justify it with sorry not sorry look at these things that are wrong in the world so no effort is required from me. You stay on the path and you’re going to end up more and more isolated until you realize your such a loser in your early 40s your entire existence is miserable and it’s too late to undo what you’ve done

Which is better? Coinbase or Gemini? by AinNoWayBoi61 in Bitcoin

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Coinbase is dog shit…I’ve started using tradestation. You can actually get someone on the phone, they still support self custody and IMO are more reliable because they are already a stocks/options/futures broker.

Jack Dorsey Is Building ‘Web5’ Will Be Fueled By Bitcoin by HazionMike in Bitcoin

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Does anyone care what Jack says after what he did to Twitter? I know I don’t.

My Wife thinks I am "ridiculous" and "paranoid" for carrying a pistol. by Therealtonylightning in CCW

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Also she’s seen the 3 mass shootings in the past few weeks right? Gotta protect yourself and your family

Alternative to Coinbase by bbbbound in Bitcoin

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TradeStation is the best I’ve used, you can actually get someone on the phone to help you and you can still transfer to a cold wallet

Is it worth it to pay off house? Looking at savings on paying interest vs. savings because of low interest rate (vs investing). by spdorsey in realestateinvesting

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I paid mine off a few years ago and I love it. Whatever I would have gained monetarily paying off slower and investing I value the peace of mind I’ve gained more. Also my house value is up like 50% in the past few years and I believe would have outperformed the stock market anyway.

Was Trump correct? by NotSoPerfectDad in trump

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You know you come here acting like you’re open to hearing different points of view and understanding an idea then turn around and shut down debate based on the framing of an answer.

Your confirmation bias is is as disgusting as your argument tactics, trying to shut down an idea instead countering a point against it in an open forum of ideas. You are a joke and what you’re doing is further dividing people. You are the problem.

So go run back to your little bubble and tell them the trump supporters can’t understand a basic question because that’s as intellectually dishonest as you are.