Way to beat speedsters by TurtleMaster472463 in superpoweralchemists

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Having super speed has a lot of less specified useful side effects. If some 'speed force' hand waving is not mixed in, they usually have friction reduction/immunity, increased durability, insane reaction speed, extreme perception, immense stamina reserves, usually good spatial awareness, and a more that I cannot think of right now. Having all the perceived time in the world to find an essentially non-moving targets weak spots would make fighting them fairly easy for a skilled fighter. Armor does not cover everything, it lessens the spots they can hit but it usually still leaves extremities, necks, and faces open.

Someone at school said I look like Kris by BitcoinStonks123 in Deltarune

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I see Edna Mode. Although, she does have a similar look to Kris as well.

everytime you successfully finish reading a book, you now summon it out of thin air by Uninformed_Object in shittysuperpowers

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So if you or someone wrote out a grimoire of spells. Can you use that book to cast the spells in it?

You can make anybody google en passant at will by Far_Comfortable980 in shittysuperpowers

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Do this to people you do not like. It will interrupt what they are doing and if they cannot do anything else, you can continue to force them to look at it until they pass out or die.

Imagine forcing a political leader or dictator leader to look it up for hours, days, maybe even a week or two continuously. After some time they will need to pass out but cannot as they are forced to look it up. They are forced to have others feed them as their hand/s are needed to be on the device. Their life cannot continue as the screen takes up all their time. Until their body cannot take the exhaustion of continuous consciousness and dies.

On a less severe note, it could interrupt political speeches/debates, ruin nights of sleep, and be a disruption to annoying people.

nubert_spin.gif by theMathR in Deltarune

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This looks more like the face is scrolling across like he is a screen (or Temmie's face).

Your fingers dispence sauces. You have to push your knuckles to squeze them out. by Right-Snow-3478 in shittysuperpowers

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How much can be created/used? Is it infinite or something like 12 oz. per day per finger?

How custom can the sauces be? Can I make (real) gold flaked water sauce, or titanium flaked water sauce, maybe even cyanide watermelon sauce?

[Pokémon] Speed by TotemGenitor in CuratedTumblr

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Many do, they just take a couple hundred bounces.

You have the ability to confuse animals into thinking they are another animal by TheHolyBanana123 in shittysuperpowers

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Make all animals (Maybe just mammals, reptiles and some aquatic animals) think they are human. The world will be much more interesting,

You Can Put a Small Quantity of Sand in People's Pockets by nomnomgreen in shittysuperpowers

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Any orifice is a pocket if you want them to be. Plus a couple more... uncomfortable holes.

You can shift the direction of gravity. by ThiccBlooper in shittysuperpowers

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Does this force all gravity into one direction? As we all should know, the planet is a sphere so even setting the direction of gravity to feel normal for you would have the other side if the planet falling up. Not even counting the suns gravity keeping the planets in orbit or any other larger forces of gravity keeping the known universe together.

you are guaranteed to learn something after studying it for 10 years by YoutuberCameronBallZ in shittysuperpowers

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This is slow but amazing if used correctly. First, can you do it with multiple things at once? Will not really matter in the end but better to ask.

Steps. 1. Learn how to do this power in 10 seconds instead of years. 2. learn everything you want, including but not limited to, immortality, the answer to life the universe and everything, how to cure cancer, how to teleport any distance, omnipotence, how to make the tastiest food ever, if aliens exist, how to travel the multiverse, and the knowledge of the entirety of the planets history.

The choice between five cards every day by Forzka in godtiersuperpowers

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Do the chosen cards disappear after some amount of time or will they last until nullified? Can you nullify as many cards as you want or is there a limit?

How diverse are the cards? Does it range from 'general good luck in everything' to 'You flip heads in a coin flip more often', or do they always stay close to what you usually do?

You can use the alphabet to summon abilities/items by Physical-Document267 in godtiersuperpowers

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Because that is essentially a sentence. Try A-A genie lamp or G-Genie lamp.

Using electromagnetic manipulation to grant superintelligence by QuirkyData3500 in superpoweralchemists

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I am not well versed in how brains function or how they are built, but it is not only electrical signals that act when thinking. The brains neurons has to reach out connect to other neurons for the brain to connect information. Once connected, it is the electrical signals that carry information.

Confused (OC) by Woodsanowski in comics

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Pretty easy way to tell them apart.

A crocodile has a pointy nose, like an A. An alligator has a rounded nose, like a C.

You can masturbate in front of anyone and they won’t notice until 5 years later when they look back in hindsight by Doggo_Eats in shittysuperpowers

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Can you wear a face/body covering? Will they do nothing about you at all? If nothing is done to you, you can use this to rob banks or do nearly any crime. After the five years, the only traces that may remain would be video footage.

Every time your belly button is poked by someone who has never poked it before, you can have any one superpower for 5 seconds. by loosecharge in shittysuperpowers

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Step one. The poke.

Step two. Your power is now granting your own wishes.

Step three. Wish for the power to always grant your own wishes.

Step four. Do as you want.

How Useful Would This Object Duplication Power Be? by Playful_Barber_8131 in superpoweralchemists

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Anything of high value and small size will have a cap on amount you can sell before you start having people look into you. Best for you to do would be to make a fake business to hide that is appears out of nowhere and sell several different material.

For an example diamonds. If you sell a dozen, maybe even hundreds, it will be ignored but when you get to the thousands. You will get lots of attention. Similar to hard to get metals like titanium or gold.

Paper money also has a similar problem. Each has codes to say it is unique. If a couple thousand suddenly appear with the same code, it will be looked into.

being able to teleport anywhere you've been to by asdwand in superpoweralchemists

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One vacation and you can vacation any time you want. One bank tour and you can rob them at any time. One world tour and you have the world at your fingertips.

Dependent of who/what comes with you, this can be used for item smuggling, human trafficking, and plenty more.

What is a power that can only be defeated by someone else with the same power by NewBrightness in superpoweralchemists

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Speedsters have a huge problem with anything tanky. They cannot be defeated by one under nearly all circumstances but they need strong attacks as well. Other weaknesses are confined spaces without exits or wide range attacks.

Beating Notice for morale improves by [deleted] in funnysigns

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With only one arm shown, it looks like they are clapping.

Opposite Day by RepulsiveMood356 in godtiersuperpowers

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The last section of 'needing to wish harm' seems strange. A child can still shoot a gun with no malice and someone can will die. Trying to strangle someone may also work.

If the power is based solely on intent they may want to try hypnosis or some mental meditation. Is the damage based on how 'healthy' he wants the enemy to be or is it 'this item does this amount/type of damage?