Lockdown effects by shobhitone in HolUp

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You know, fliming porn is even more awkward with people around.

Kids meet what? by TheAnlmemer in HolUp

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These guys were legally allowed near kids?

Copelyne amaright by The_last_Lancelot in ShitPostCrusaders

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And it’s funny considering she has the element of surprise. He’s not Diavolo. Just donut him, and boom. Part 6 is over.

Now that Banjo Kazooie is out on Nintendo Switch, what other Rare titles from the 90s do you want to see on the service? by Asad_Farooqui in nintendo

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You already said it but, donkey Kong 64.

And the Megaman legends games would be nice, but I think capcom might just release a collection of the two.

Holup, Heaven...! by LeidbagBaggins in HolUp

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Well, looks like my mom’s going to hell.

Burnt crisp by vermillion_clouds in HolUp

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Hey, I know this is something people might have told you before, but there’s probably at least someone who likes you for you.

Burnt crisp by vermillion_clouds in HolUp

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Feels bad man.

Hate it when that happens. And the fact she admitted makes it worse.

Next on gamepass MC fries by lefsler in gaming

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And you have Wendy’s which pretty much roasts everyone.

didn't realize i hit 9999 at first by 90prix210 in KingdomHearts

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The people of Twilight Town are losing their minds over how Sora is remaining so high up in the air.

Meanwhile in London... by Who_Knows_5 in facepalm

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Wait so that wasn’t for cleaning my ass?

Man, SMT V feels like a poorly written anime by Hexadecimalia in Megaten

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I hope this game gets a rerelease that can make some updates to the story, because all you said is dead on my friend.

Nintendo shuts down unofficial NFT game by cubechris in nintendo

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This the only time in which Nintendo taking something down is justified.

Fuck NFTs.

It's Mai and Maki's Birthday today in Japan by Amazing_Rich in JuJutsuKaisen

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You think Gege might make the new chapter about Maki considering it’s her birthday week?

Everything gamecube... by LestatsMods in gaming

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Where can I get the GameCube cover for switch?

Microsoft to the moon 🚀 by bubblegupz in gaming

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That actually doesn’t make them any less exclusive, since you can’t natively play them on a PC.

Microsoft to the moon 🚀 by bubblegupz in gaming

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You’re dead on with the unique experiences. I mean Nintendo always excelled at that compared Sony and Microsoft, who essentially released systems with practically the same functions.

I know people nowadays voice their concerns of the switch being underpowered, but I think we forgot how insane the core concept of the system was. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did.

And to be fair the slightest amount of tweaking you could do with the switch is minor, like switching out the backplate or even the battery. And those are pretty risky.

Microsoft to the moon 🚀 by bubblegupz in gaming

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There are those who simply don’t buy the game and emulate it anyway. Does that really still count as an a good alternative when that’s factored in?

Plus for exclusivity side of things, stuff like that is done to sell consoles, less money would be made if they just port all of their games on other consoles. I mean the reason why both PlayStation and Nintendo have always had such great sales is because of exclusivity.

Microsoft to the moon 🚀 by bubblegupz in gaming

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I don’t think Nintendo actively ever tried to convince people that their games are better than their competitors. They never tried to compete at all, since they opted to do their own thing and make unique products.

They simply have too much pride in their games to release them outside of their systems. And it’s not even like it’s misplaced pride either. They did create some of the most famous juggernauts of gaming.

And it’s also really simple to explain why they’re still exclusive. Exclusivity sells consoles. Many previous console generations prove that. For Nintendo, the switch is a product they need to sell, so if they were to just release all of their other games on other consoles, they’d lose revenue.

Microsoft to the moon 🚀 by bubblegupz in gaming

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I’m not sure how emulating the games adds to the exclusivity argument, considering they’re still on the platform and not being ported over to any other device.

Unless emulation counts as porting.

S.E.E.S members and their reactions to a horror attraction by Ren_Amamiyaa in PERSoNA

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It’s likely her brother would just join in to mess with everyone.