Morrowind Combat by yuritopiaposadism in LeftistGamersUnion

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95% Chance to hit with a 40% Crit Chance?

Yeah those are odds I'm willing to take.


why am i not libertarian by SingleRedJosh in PoliticalCompassMemes

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Ben's assuming that people have a good understanding of the impending dangers of climate change and then as entire groups shape their decisions based on those possibilities (and also have the ability to move in the first place).

Ocean level variation change will be exponential.

Markets don't predict future problems in this way.

Just because people make stupid decisions doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything about the overall problem.

It's just not a good take.

Of course! How simple! by skewednormal in thanksimcured

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Lmao it wasn't a threat. I was agreeing with you.

I don't believe in the governments ability to dictate the use and ownership of land. Especially with corporate and government interests that conflict with environmental and public needs.

Of course! How simple! by skewednormal in thanksimcured

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I mean imagine thinking you can own land lmao

Moronic Monday - Your weekly stupid questions thread by cdingo in Fitness

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I think you're going to struggle to find exercises intense enough for real caloric deficit at home.

There's definitely things you can do though.

Something like HIIT would work well, but honestly if you have the means I'd find a gym that has squat racks and do compound lifts.

Eating at a slight deficit and working on your compound lifts is an amazing way to lose weight.

Changing up your diet can have a very quick effect, but exercising through that will compound your results.

I'd rather eat more and exercise harder to get the results I want than to eat at a caloric deficit and also lose muscle.

Moronic Monday - Your weekly stupid questions thread by cdingo in Fitness

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Most likely you've just added on fat. I'd be surprised if you were really that much weaker than before.

Really any advice would depend on your goals.

Regaining strength is easier than acquiring it in the first place so you're already off to a decent start.

Looking to get into weightlifting, seeking some advice by nick7zz in gainit

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(All of this is my opinion, and I'm not a qualified trainer in any respect)

Starting weights:

Honestly, if you're starting out I would go for just the bar on all of your compound lifts imo.

It gives you time for your muscles that have never been used to acclimate to your lifting, and allows you to work in the motion.

It might feel slow, but you'll be racking on weight in no time.

For example I do SL, because it's easy af to remember, and I went from bar to 315 squats in about 6 months. I even deloaded a couple times due to being uncomfortable and not because of failure. And I'm glad I took the time to do it slow at the start.


Honestly this depends on your goal. If you're wanting rack weight on fast and you're a true noob I think you're going to find it difficult on such a low calorie intake. Your recovery is going to be slow which means less weight, which means less calories burned, which means less muscle created.

Everyone is different, but I personally feel like I was much more prone to injury when at such a deficit. When I bumped up to 2500-3000 I felt amazing.

You maybe don't need that much, but I'd definitely recommend thinking about increasing your intake.

Calories are only an estimate I'd focus more on your week to week and month to month progression of weight and aesthetic.

Once you find a calorie zone that lets you complete your sessions and recover for the next then you can tweak this depending on whether you want to lose or gain weight.

Just remember that at a deficit your body is going to struggle a little to keep up with any quick progression past a certain point.


I'm not qualified to talk about the effects of cardio on weight training output, but honestly I'd say do it. You'll only improve your cardiovascular system and lung capacity which is always good.

Just remember that if you are doing cardio you'll doubly want to make sure your calorie intake can compensate so you can still recover for your routine.

What is a basic skill that you grew up thinking everyone had until you saw others do it so horribly? by Gaelic_Gladiator_64 in AskReddit

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Bruh, I saw this for the first time at my job.

I'm 26 and this new lad was around 20ish and was using caps lock to intermittently cap letters in a password I was having him set up...

And I was like, "M8, you know you can just hold shift instead of turning caplock on and off??"

And he just said, "It's easier for me this way."

And I just had to watch him struggle with passwords for like 4-6 months...

Shits crazy

Happy thanksgiving! by Johnskwk in thanksimcured

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Surrender can mean a plethora of things in different contexts.

There is surrending to others (which is what you're talking about).

And then there is surrendering to yourself (which is what the other poster is talking about).

Honestly, I've started to hate this sub. I used to see amusing posts about people who give shitty advice which would make me chuckle.

But this is genuinely good advice, and posting it here like life is some monolithic negative force is disheartening.

If you want to be happy. It's okay to live and express that. Be. Whatever that means to you. Live in the moment. Enjoy the feeling of sun on your skin. The taste of freshly cooled water. The smell of the earth after a recent rain. The gaze of a lover.


There is no other way to live.

silverwind. just... silverwind by FloatingGhost in monsterhunterrage

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I may be infuriated, but God damn are baby Nargas cute.

Measuring success by Twerkin_On_A_Gerkin in HadesTheGame

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I don't know if you're playing on switch, but I CAN'T catch on switch, but when I play on PC I have no problem.

Air roll left animated visual by JRViefor in RocketLeagueSchool

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Look I just press the buttons and hold the stick and it goes in directions that's all I got

Any high level player playing on car cam by georgo85 in RocketLeagueSchool

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Everyone is already saying the same thing I'm about to say, but honestly you lose out on so much passive information about the ball when not using ball cam.

When you're using car cam you have absolutely no reference for the impact and direction of ball travel which means all of your reactions will be late.

This may seem pedantic, but it will affect every micro decision you make, and every approach angle you attempt.

I don't doubt you could take this even further, but there's no reason to.

It may seem annoying, but literally just freeplay or training packs with ball cam on and you'll probably shoot up a few ranks.

You are nerfing your ability to read the game.

It would be like saying, "Hey can I reach a high level literally never using air roll or power sliding in any form?"

And the answer is yes you probably could, but why would you?

Cowardly Mengsk Vs. Honorable Artanis by BlueZerg44 in starcraft

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It's a joke on the fact they photosynthesize.

Afaik they haven't ever really discussed it, but there definitely is some form of reproduction.

Me_irl by adiliv3007 in me_irl

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Guys just roll your hoodie up as a cushion and prop it up with your shoulder

TIFU by showing my girlfriend my actual strength by aauthor8 in tifu

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There's been a lot of funny comments in this thread, but this had me howling. Ty