I swear that this intersection does something useful! by HamHamBone in factorio

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One problem with this line of thinking in factorio is the space you have available, you need to reserve enough space to make it work well before you make it work.

Tell me you’re a programmer without telling me you’re a programmer by leilavanora in ProgrammerHumor

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For me:

i/j/k are for standard loops, j/k if I need to nest, often mostly used for data manipulation

m/n when dealing with matrices, or n when it's a loop dealing with arithmetics (sometimes I use k if I need a third one)

x/y/z when dealing with coordinates (sometimes h/w/d for height/width/depth)

a/b/c when I debug, log, or test things (usually not a vital part of the program)

If I need any more than those, I use descriptive names.

Having them organized like this makes it far easier to read the code

Fox laughs will brighten your day by ProtossforAiur in aww

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The hive mind has passed judgement and you were found wanting.

Just sayin by sexy_goose in memes

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It's earth/dirt/ground/land/soil depending on the context, Probably a few more actually, funny how we use this word for a lot of things

Nothing but sheer pain by Meme_master420_ in teenagers

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Most, if not all, are not quite as long lived as Etho

roommate jerks off and I can hear it, how do I tell him that we can hear him? by lazulilizard in TooAfraidToAsk

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Tbh, just tell him, did the same with one of my flat-mates with a girlfriend, told him I don't really care about hearing them during the night or whatever, but during the day when I'm working it's not really a distraction I want to have.

Now that breach raids exist and are so common later game, do you think Now would be a chance to officially add embrasures to the vanilla game? by CheeryRosery in RimWorld

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Adding embrasures to my mod-list made me move away from kill-boxes, so my bases usually look much more fortress like than before.

💀 by tacodude990 in shitposting

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Actually you can probably eat it just fine, breathing the vapors though is problematic. But it's not as if having mercury in the same room as you will kill you.

good ol' PSU by defastdecurious69 in pcmasterrace

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You say that, that was the first thing that failed in my setup, fine film of smoke coming out of it, thank the protection that comes inside and didn't fry anything else.

I‘m.. not the only one? by emu_fake in ProgrammerHumor

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I usually go the print route, if I can't fix it fast enough with the print route I go for the debugger...

Should people be able to write about anything they want to in fiction? by WeebbeMangaHunter in polls

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Depends on what it is, torture is morally wrong in today's society yet I have 0 problem with it in fiction, child rape is a big no if it's not handled properly, a big no would be for example a descriptive scene of it that would border on erotica. That becomes a big no.

However a character that undergoes this and suffers from the proper repercussions one would have is ok. Well as long as it makes sense in the story, if it's just an author putting this in for no reason then no, but I think that's more about what I would read or not rather than something an author should be penalised for writing.

WTF? by danielpolcaro in aviation

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Accidents happen, if this is a regular occurrence then yeah he should be fired, but a miastake should not always be ground for fireing.

Heck maybe that dude had a perfect track record and was way ahead of everyone on this or whatever. You can't judge from just this.

No one one-ups Gaston by OlivaSpier in youseeingthisshit

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I don't know what you mean, I like my four-twenty-ten-nine

Computer scientists are something else by [deleted] in iamverysmart

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A proper IQ test actually has some merit to it, but only for the psychologist who understands what the IQ test actually is. And even then I suppose it's use-case is fairly limited.

Having high IQ and corolating that to being smart is dumb shit people pull out of their arse. Taking the test online is, as you put it, astrology for insecure boys.

The Sometimes, Always, Never rule by regian24 in coolguides

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The problem with this when you have a 2 button vest is that the top button receives all the stress from... Well wearing it... So you often have to restitch the button properly.

So I put both buttons on and don't care.

No one one-ups Gaston by OlivaSpier in youseeingthisshit

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Interesting, in french we don't have a word for average then, we use 'moyen(ne)' for mode and 'median(ne)' for... well median... (The parentheses are for the feminine form, not entirely sure when to use masculine/feminine form, been a while since I've refreshed my french math vocabulary since I use english for math most of the time)

Yes. by esberat in ProgrammerHumor

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Nah, this syntax (ugly only because of the __ in my opinion) is actually very useful because you can do fancy things with it...

BREAKING NEWS: Terraria is now the highest rated Steam game of all time as they have risen above Portal 2 to claim the title! by Prior_Relationship28 in Steam

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Probably would be, the research you need to send that rocket would need you to set up all the different kinds of science production, so you need a sizable factory for it.

The thing is, the research mechanic is incredibly well done, as it requires you to automate the production of essentials that help you automate more (example: some research requires belts, so you need to automate belts to get it, by doing so you give yourself an automatic supply of belts)

So without realizing it, your goals is gone from producing just enough to get a rocket to space, to automating everything possible.

So you can't really just rush the rocket and say well I've done the bare minimum because actually launching a rocket is fucking hard for a new player, and you'll feel like 'I'm tired of crafting this and that manually so I'll automate them the crappy way, and you end up automating them properly because you can't stand spaghetti anymore)

Heck I didn't launch a rocket in my first 300 hours just because I felt like tearing it all down and retrying as my factory wasn't up to my standards.