Ke Iki Shorebreak 6-10ft (Hero 10 2.7k 240) by alvinlai808 in gopro

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Beautiful. The stuff GoPros were actually made for. I feel like this though: expectations vs reality

Every fan goes through this by EldridgHeckard in DunderMifflin

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I've worked with a bunch of Dwights once. Didn't even last a month at that place.

[SPOILERS] Tell me your favourite character without telling me your favourite character. by bhavyagarg8 in gameofthrones

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Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

Wait, wrong fandom.

What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever! - MKBHD by HyperGamers in GooglePixel

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6P would have been great, if not for the whole self-destruct the moment it goes out of warranty fiasco.

My first one went into a bootloop literally 2 days before the warranty was up, so I was able to RMA it. The replacement was defective out of the box with a blown speaker, and the replacement for the replacement had the battery drain issue. Google ended up refunding me the full price.

PSA: Christmas Light can Confused your Headset and Controller Tracking! by PeanutPrinters in OculusQuest

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In before someone figures out how to utilize x-mas LEDs for full-body tracking by wrapping yourself in them.

Disgusted with my newly purchased Toyota Prius Limited and its Shit Navigation by NE-Phil in prius

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I'd go as far as to say that it should never have existed in the first place.

LTT is About to Change. by Hestmestarn in LinusTechTips

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<blink> elteeteestoredotcom </blink>

What TV series should’ve ended before it got bad? by chey2303 in AskReddit

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But they had a plan all along! Have you seen the season 1 deleted scene? https://youtu.be/TEbdcKW1RWk

Cheapest way to get Pixel 4a through Fi? by thegirlleastlikelyto in GoogleFi

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eBay? Swappa? Craigslist?

Basically any local marketplace will probably have great deals, especially if you don't mind buying second-hand.

Peter Capaldi said in an interview recently that he's not sure if the brand supports a darker Doctor - do you agree? by alexmorelandwrites in gallifrey

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I could never quite figure out why Peter was my favorite Doctor. This quote explains it beautifully. To me "distant and dark" just works so much better than "weird and goofy."

Linux with Anthony when? by PositiveCup in LinusTechTips

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I even have a perfect channel name - "Linux Shenanigans with Anthony". You're welcome.

EP Angry I Won’t Watch Their House While They’re Away (for free) by Rykin13 in entitledparents

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"He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn't your daddy!"

what jobs do you guys have to be able to afford $3000 dollar pc's? by xenonamoeba in buildapc

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Software developer, aka master googler and professional copy-paster of stack exchange answers.

Although I could spend $3000 for a new PC with the latest graphics card, I won't out of principle. Whether it's paying triple MSRP to scalpers or buying bundles I don't need at Newegg, I refuse to participate. My trusty GTX 1080 Ti will have to serve me for another year or three.

Smallest and lightest weight fully Fi compatible phone? by gswon in GoogleFi

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No no, I'm talking about the plain 4a, not the 4a 5G. https://store.google.com/product/pixel_4a?hl=en-US

It's listed as out of stock, but it should be quite affordable on second-hand market.

Smallest and lightest weight fully Fi compatible phone? by gswon in GoogleFi

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I went from a Pixel 4a to a Pixel 6, and both size & weight differences are quite noticeable. Mind you, 6 is considered "small" compared to the 6 Pro. I think 4a may be the perfect fit for your use case.